Abstract of Meeting Paper

Society for Risk Analysis-Europe 1997 Annual Meeting

Health Risk Analysis in Post-Accident Management and Other Related Applications. V. F. Demin, RRC "Kurchatov Institute", Kurchatov sq. 1, 123182 Moscow, Russia; and P. Hedemann-Jensen, Ris National Laboratory, P.O. Box 49, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Necessities to go beyond the current radiation protection approach in assessing nuclear accident or nuclear weapon test off-site consequences and decision making on countermeasures are discussed with using some health risk assessment illustrative results. Both radiological and non-radiological protection factors will influence the level of protective actions being introduced after a major nuclear accident or nuclear weapon tests. Social psychological countermeasures are a new category of action, in the sense that social protection philosophy has not yet been developed to fully include their application after a nuclear accident. To meet these needs a methodology (RAM) and a computer complex (BARD) for risk assessment and management have been developed. Some results of BARD application both to assessment of the nuclear accidents and nuclear weapon tests consequences and to risk management are given and discussed. Tasks and directions of further development of RAM, BARD the regulation are considered.

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