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Society for Risk Analysis-Europe 1997 Annual Meeting

The Peculiarities of Mental and Behavioral Disorders of the Children with the Thyroid Oncopathology Exposed As a Result of the Chernobyl Accident. S. A. Igumnov, The Department of Psychotherapy, Belarus institute for Postgraduate Medical Training, 73 Uborevicha str., Minsk, 220096, Belarus; and V. V. Drozdovitch and V. F. Minenko, Research and Clinical Institute of Radiation Medicine and Endocrinology, 23 Masherova ave., Minsk, 220600, Belarus

The dynamic examination of 116 children operated on the oncopathology of thyroid gland included the application of standardized clinical psychiatric interview as well as psychological testing has been conducted. The children operated on the oncopathology of thyroid gland manifested an increase of mental and behavioral disorders such as adjustment disorders, hyperkinetic disorder and others. When making an estimation of a level of intellectual functioning, we found no significant distinctions between average-group IQ of the children operated on the thyroid oncopathology (mean IQ score was 95.9 0.9) and the children belonging to the control group (mean IQ score was 96.5 1.5; p>0.05). At the same time the subgroup of children with decompensated postoperative hypothyrosis had (as compared to the control group) a significantly lower average IQ score (88.17 1.23 vs 96.5 1.5; p<0.05); moderate negative correlation between IQ score and decompensated hypothyrosis (r = -0.57, p<0.001) was registered.

The individual thyroid doses for children with thyroid cancer included in investigation were reconstructed. According to the data obtained, the tendency to decrease of IQ score was shown depending on the thyroid doses from 131I (r = - 0.48, p<0.01). It was found, that in spite of conducting of substitutional therapy, the moderate correlation between postoperative hypothyrosis and values of thyroid doses from 131I is exist (r = 0.55, p<0.001).

On the basis of the data obtained the three-level system of prophylaxis and correction of mental and behavioral disorders in the children suffering from thyroid cancer has been developed.

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