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Society for Risk Analysis - Europe 1998 Annual Meeting

Attitudes and Opinions About Seat Belts Use in CEE Countries. Eva Roskova, PhD, Department of Psychology, Comenius University, Wolkrova 39, 851 01, Bratislava, Slovakia, telephone 00421 7 326 398, 00421 7 843 723, e-mail eva.roskova@fphil.uniba.sk

Seat belts are a proven countermeasure for reducing the injury and mortality associated with traffic accidents. The effects of seat belts is well documented. Recent studies (e.g. Evans, 1986) estimate the effectiveness of seat belts about 50%, that is, for every 100 unbelted motor vehicle occupants seriously injured or killed, about 50 would not have been seriously injured if using seat belts at the time of accident.

As regard adaptation processes in response to car - safety measures, seat belts wearing showed overall positive effect often presumed on the basis of accident comparison (Pfafferot, Huguenin, 1991).

The main goal of the study is to present the principal results of SARTRE 2 ("Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in Europe") regarding seat belts wearing in countries of Eastern and Central Europe (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic).

More specifically, the results will cover the following areas:

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