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Society for Risk Analysis - Europe 1998 Annual Meeting

The Methodology of Determination of Public Safety Based on Identification of Industrial Contamination and Transport Risk. Vemir Hambartsoumjan,125829, GSP-47, Moscow; Leningradski Prosp. 64 MARI Russia, Moscow Automobile Road Institute, telephone 8 (095) 307-14-031 or 8(095) 275-34-89, fax 8(095) 151-89-65 or 8(095) 151-03-31, e-mail info@madi.msc.su; Vitaly A. Eremenko, D.Sc., professor, Russian Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute” Russia, Moscow, Centre, Novaya Ploschad 3/4, ICES, telephone (095) 275-34-89, fax (095) 924-68-52, e-mail vitaly@ glas.apc.org; and Djouliet O. Hambartsoumjan, Moscow Auto-Road Institute; 111578, Moscow, Str. Molostowych 5, build I, app. 112, telephone (095) 307-14-31, fax (095) 151-03-31, e-mail info@madi.msk.su

The analysis of the accidents in different regions of Russia shows, that the governments of regions must carry out active policy themselves to provided public safety.

The typical industrial region, in general, includes huge number of industrial enterprises (oil-chemical, radio-active, chemical, metallurgical etc.) and transport systems, therefore take constant source of pollution and dangers.

In this case, we prefer to introduce in regions the methodology identification of risk from road transport and industrial incident materials.

We consider in report groups of purposes on regional public safety policy: the collection of necessary information, and data of accidents analysis; to formation the plans and principles of regional policy and their legislative base; to realize the plans and programs - provision of stable and security development of the region for reduction accidents and risk management.

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