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Society for Risk Analysis - Europe 1998 Annual Meeting

Concept of "Unit Scenario" in Risk Assessment. Sosuke Hanai and Takashi Ito, Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA) Tokyo Club Bld., 3-2-6, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda, Tokyo, JAPAN, 100-0013, telephone +81.3.3580.0756, fax +81.3.3580.2665, e-mail hanai@pc.highway.ne.jp

At JCIA (Japan Chemical Industry Association) a system for assessing and managing chemical risk is being developed under the sponsorship of Ministry of International Trading and Industry. The system has been designed for the last three years by the experts from academe, government, and industry, and is now in the final stage of development. When completed this year it will be used by Japanese chemical industry for the user-specific situations.

The system consists of subsystems for quantifying physical, human health, and environmental risks and when risk reduction is needed, the risk management subsystem helps the user in choosing management tools, e.g., some exposure control method.

For the assessment of human health risk, especially for direct exposure at workplace or consumer usage, some methods for quantifying exposure for the various situations are necessary. We propose a concept of "Unit Scenario". The specific conditions of a scenario is divided to the finest level, and the two steps description of the process defines a Unit Scenario.

A: Pathway from source to media, giving the concentration in the media example:

Use of hair spray in a room

Evaporation of solvent while preparing paint solution

B: Route of the contact between media and human body, giving uptake example:

Inhalation of chemical substance in air

Dermal uptake through skin contact

In step A, concentration of chemical substances are estimated by using mathematical models. In step B, uptake by inhalation, ingestion and dermal contact are calculated. Combination of the two steps can describe the diversified situations which are necessary for the flexible assessment. Method of exposure control is linked with a Unit Scenario, which makes discussions for risk reduction easier.

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