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 Risk Consultants:
 Political Risks
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Brijot Imaging Systems Inc.

Brijot provides checkpoint screening systems that help commercial and government organizations worldwide detect concealed objects on a person in order to identify illegal activity, prevent inventory loss, and protect lives and property. Brijotís imaging solutions, based on our patented passive millimeter wave technology, are safe and preserve peopleís privacy and civil liberties. For more information, visit (Posted January 2010.)
Control Risks Group
Control Risks is a leading, specialist, international business risk consultancy that operates in four specialist areas: political and security risk analysis, confidential investigations, pre-employment screening, security consultancy, crisis management and response, and information security and investigations. (Posted October 2000; updated June 2003.)
Firm Futures
This strategic consultancy offers to position for the future organisations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Based in the United Kingdom and having particular expertise in the international security and defence sectors, the company's services include political risk analysis, analysing trends and drivers relevant to a client's market, helping clients to develop new markets or to seize opportunities before competitors, introducing fresh thinking into business models, and training in futures methodologies. (Posted May 2012.)
Fronteira Global Consulting
Fronteira Global is a specialized consulting firm with a focus on the globeís frontier markets. The firm provides political risk analysis, market strategy, trade barrier solutions, due diligence, business matchmaking, and other international business services. Primary regions of focus are Iraq (including Iraqi Kurdistan), Afghanistan, and sub-Saharan Africa. (Posted May 2009.)

Global Risk Assessments Inc.

Global Risk Assessments Inc. is an international business information and intelligence service company providing research, consulting, publishing, and training in international business environment assessment, political risk assessment and management, and investment and trade risk analysis. The company is a global network of practitioners, researchers, and scholars headed by Jerry Rogers, a former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer. (Posted December 6, 1996.)
Harmattan Risk
Harmattan Risk is a specialist advisory focusing on helping clients to develop sound organisational competencies around socio-political risk management, and supporting risk management strategy development in complex emerging markets. Our primary remit is working with organisations who need to have a direct presence in complex emerging markets. We emphasise an approach balancing acceptance and social integration with more traditional risk management models, including security, but we decide on the right mix with the client in their unique context. We address client requirements through a combination of project-based consulting, structured and contextualised training, and advisory input. We can call upon trusted networks for local intelligence and specialist skills where necessary, as an integrated part of our strategic solutions. We are located in London, United Kingdom, telephone +44 (0) 77 89 86 67 43, e-mail address
IHS Energy
IHS Energy enables oil and gas companies worldwide to create and maintain best-in-class decision-making processes by providing and integrating essential exploration and production (E&P) information, including knowledge about risk issues; intuitive software, including tools to compare, rank and assess economic impact of political, fiscal, and environmental risks; and consulting services.
International Legal & Political Risk Consultancy
IL&PRC is a risk information brokerage, helping companies large and small since 1985 to compete ethically, wisely, while minimizing risk in the global marketplace. The company provides ethical, international legal, and political risk audits and compliance assessments for domestic and foreign ventures, including guidance under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the OECD Bribery Convention. (Posted October 2000; updated June 2003.)
International Risk Limited
International Risk, headquartered in Hong Kong with additional offices at strategic locations and a network of seasoned investigative professionals worldwide, provides corporate investigation, business intelligence, brand protection, corporate security, crisis management, and risk mitigation services to leading corporations, law firms, and other official organizations worldwide. Their 24-hour crisis hotline number is (852) 9196 2350. (Posted January 2003.)
Investigation & Intelligence Limited

Investigation & Intelligence Limited is a premier private investigator agency based in London, UK, with a global reach. The agency provides specialised political risk reporting, to include academic research and hard/soft intelligence at diplomatic level if required. (Posted July 2009.)
Kreller Business Information Group
The Kreller Business Information Group provides services that assist business executives in mitigating the risks associated with multinational trade and compliance. Serving a global client base, including Fortune 500 companies, Krellerís team is comprised of worldwide investigators and analysts with experience in law enforcement and financial risk analysis. The company specializes in FCPA Due Diligence, Credit Risk, Business Intelligence, AML (Patriot Act) Compliance, and other investigations that are essential in uncovering fraud, managing risk, and maintaining compliance. With 20 years of experience and first hand knowledge of the laws and political climates in each country, Kreller provides reliable, compliant, and accurate information around the world. (Posted October 2000; updated September 2010.)
Kuranga & Associates Global Consultancy
Kuranga & Associates Global Consultancy specializes in economic and political risk analysis, primarily servicing active investors in emerging economies. The primary region of focus is Africa, with an emphasis on West Africa and Nigeria. (Posted October 2010.)
Marvin Zonis + Associates, Inc. (MZ+A)
Marvin Zonis + Associates, Inc. (MZ+A) provides analysis, tools and solutions for political risk management. The company is a trusted advisor to leading international investors, traders, and lenders, helping them to identify and manage their political risk exposures. MZ+A is a global thought leader in political risk, with a substantial media presence. MZ+A's management team has extensive training and experience in political risk consulting. (Posted October 2000.)
Morris & Morris
Morris & Morris is a private political risk and crisis mitigation consulting business that provides short-term analyses of critical issues in the Middle East and Greater Islamic World. The primary partners are experienced researchers and analysts of Middle East issues. Their backgrounds include academic, commercial, and military experience in the region. (Posted October 2000.)
Nicholls Steyn & Associates (NSA)
A leader in global security services, Nicholls Steyn & Associates is a South Africa-based specialist provider of complete security solutions that include executive protection, sport and event security, security training, security consulting, threat assessment, political and investment analysis, investigation, and risk management to clients in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere. (Posted October 2012.)
Political & Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd. (PERC)
PERC is a consulting firm specializing in strategic business information and analysis for companies doing business in the countries in East and Southeast Asia. The company produces a range of risk reports on the countries of Asia, paying special attention to critical socio-political variables like corruption, intellectual property rights risks, labor quality, and other systemic strengths and weakness of individual Asian countries. (Posted October 2000.)
Political-Risk.Net is the internet home page for a variety of professional consultation services, offering political risk assessment for corporations, investment firms, and individuals considering investing or expanding operations in the international business environment. Great expertise in quantified and comparative risk assessment world wide, by both country and industry sector, is also offered. (Posted October 2000.)
S. J. Rundt & Associates, Inc. 
S. J. Rundt & Associates is a consulting and publishing firm dedicated to helping multinational companies, exporters, importers, banks and investors assess risks and opportunities in their international strategies and transactions. Rundt provides an essential source of information, independent judgment and forecasts on global developments in trade and finance, economic and political trends, and government regulations.  (Posted October 2000.)
Smith Brandon International Inc.
(en EspaŮol) (nos PortuguÍses)
This Washington D.C.-based firm provides its clients worldwide a comprehensive range of investigative services involving the acquisition of information and intelligence that allows for effective strategic planning and supports decision making in the international environment. Their services include security consulting, risk avoidance counsel and plans of action, and political risk assessment. (Posted February 2002.)

Summit Analytical Associates

Summit Analytical Associates, LLC, is a strategic information consulting firm specializing in political risk assessment and public policy analysis and supported by an international network of analysts, researchers, and scholars with a broad range of expertise. The firm publishes Political Risk Report: Latin America, a resource designed to assist personal investors in minimizing risk exposure associated with investment in the emerging markets of Latin America. (Posted October 1997.)
Trojan Securities International
International security corporation Trojan Securities provides a wide range of very specialized security solutions and risk management services designed for hostile environments. The business is divided into four specific key areas: high risk security operations, risk management, specialist training services, and confidential investigations. (Posted October 2012.)
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