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 Risk Consultants:
 Safety & Reliability
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AEA Technology Consulting

United Kingdom-based company providing consultancy and technical services in safety, engineering integrity, and risk management to defense, aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas, processing, service, utilities, and engineering industries worldwide, enabling them to manage the impact of safety and risk on performance and on the bottom line. The company is owned by AEA Technology plc. (Posted January 2000.)
Advance Engineering Sciences Corporation (AESC)

Leveraging its extensive engineering expertise and know-how, Advance Engineering Sciences Corporation (AESC) assists its clients in meeting their critical safety and risk analysis requirements. The corporation's industry specific knowledge of reliability and safety engineering, systems engineering, and risk assessment can provide a client and its team the fastest way to pinpoint and address its mission critical system’s challenges. AESC is committed to helping and supporting an organization before and after its analysis and to making sure that the organization meets and complies with its targets or governments mandates. AESC provides services to medical device manufacture, military, defense, and aerospace companies. (Posted May 2007.)

Delta-V Experts (DVE)
This leading forensic engineering and safety solutions consultancy offers a wide range of specialist services to the legal, insurance, workplaces, and transport industries and to the world at large. The services include accident investigation and reconstruction, biomechanics, injury and ergonomics, engineering consulting, vehicle and fleet services, and safety solutions. (Posted June 2009.)
Industrial Safety Integration

Industrial Safety Integration was established in order to provide assistance to industrial establishments in dealing with the requirements of section seven of the Regulation for Industrial Establishments, Ontario Regulation 851, in Canada and of 29 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1910.212, in the United States. The requirement to assess the likelihood of an injury in the work place can be a very complex task. Industrial Safety Integration provides industrial hazard risk assessment software and training to help their clients meet their regulatory obligations. More information about Corporate Industrial Risk and Safety Management Application (CIRSMA™) is available in RiskWorld's software page, or read this news release. (Posted September 2004.)

Novigen Sciences, Inc.

Novigen Sciences, Inc., is a scientific consulting company specializing in human health and safety assessment. Novigen conducts dietary, non-dietary (residential and occupational), aggregate, and cumulative exposure risk assessments using a variety of methods. The company conducts safety assessments for food additives;  provides toxicology services; assists in the design, placement, monitoring, documentation, and interpretation of contracted studies; utilizes statistical methods to both design powerful studies and derive scientifically defensible conclusions from available data; and works closely with clients to assess the advantages and disadvantages of options available to resolve their specific issue(s) and provides them with the necessary technical support to ensure successful implementation of their chosen course of action. (Posted January 2000.)

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc.
O'Donnell Consulting provides engineering services worldwide to a range of industries, including petrochemical, manufacturing, construction, and power-generation. Their services include engineering design and analysis, hazard and operability studies, assembly/weld engineering, and failure analysis and design-of-repair services. Contact their U.S. office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or their European office in Madrid, Spain, for more information. (Posted August 2003; updated October 2003.)

Risk, Reliability, and Safety Engineering Inc. (en Español)

The international consulting firm RRS Engineering specializes in providing high-quality, cost-effective safety and risk management services, including pipeline integrity, process safety, risk assessment, safety management, industrial fire systems, industrial management, investigation and expert witness support, and training. (Posted January 2002.) (

Safety Performance Systems

This safety  management consulting and training firm specializes in improving safe work performance through safety scorekeeping applications. Based in the region of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the firm has provided safety services in the chemical, petrochemical, power-generation, pharmaceutical, and construction industries since 1994. For more information,  contact telephone 866-446-2396 or e-mail (Posted June 2002; updated February 2008.)

Strategic Safety, LLC

This "partnership dedicated to promoting safety and injury reduction" provides research, investigation, analysis, and education on safety issues, including product safety and product defects, and delivers strategies that address product hazards. Strategic Safety specializes in motor vehicle issues but is also experienced in areas including safety policy and regulation, injury biomechanics, liability, environmental dangers, and consumer, industrial, and medical products and practices. The company's web includes news articles and special investigations sections, as well as samples from Strategic Safety News, a bimonthly newsletter. (Posted August 2000.)
System Reliability Center
The System Reliability Center (SRC), an Alion Science and Technology Center of Excellence, has served the reliability and maintainability (R&M) community for more than 35 years as a technical focal point for information, data, analysis, training, and technical assistance in the engineering fields of reliability, maintainability, supportability, and quality (RMSQ). SRC undertakes a variety of government organization and industrial support projects each year. The center's 50-plus local engineers are backed by Alion Science and Technology resources at 44 locations, with more than 2,600 employees of various technical backgrounds and expertise.

SRC is ready to provide its customers with total, turn-key solutions, including training, consulting services, publications, and tools for both government and commercial businesses. For more information, contact SRC at, or browse its products at and its services at (Posted September 2006.)

The Technical Group, LLC

This environmental, health, and safety consulting firm offers regulatory, policy, and technical expertise--providing training, compliance assistance, and advocacy--in environmental regulatory areas, including RCRA, EPCRA, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, CERCLA, and OSHA. (Posted January 2000.)
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