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Press Release Archives
Third Quarter 1999

Fourth Quarter 1999

September 1999

Drinking Study Shows Many Young Men at Risk (9/30/99, EurekAlert)

Action Needed to Improve Effectiveness of Laws That Govern Mineral Mining on Federal Lands (9/29/99)

NIEHS Urges Safety Workers to Prepare for Y2K False Alarms and Malfunctions (9/29/99, EurekAlert)

A Burning Bush Could Smite New York's Mosquitoes (9/29/99, EurekAlert. Source: New Scientist)

Jefferson Study Shows Women with Inherited Breast Cancer Gene at Greater Risk for Recurrence and New Tumors (9/29/99, EurekAlert)

Eating Soy Can Lead to Dramatic Declines in Cholesterol, Wake Forest Study Shows (9/28/99, EurekAlert)

Untold Story of Drug-Drug Interactions with Over-the-Counter Medicines Focus of New Initiative (9/28/99, PR Newswire)

Treatment of Insulin Resistance May Have the Potential to Reduce Long-Term Complications of Type 2 Diabetes (9/28/99, EurekAlert)

ITV: 'Depression: Beating the Blues,' a 'Cutting Edge Medical Report' TV Special, to Air on FOX's The Health Network (9/27/99, PR Newswire)

BAI Helps Manage the Multiple Dimensions of Risk (9/27/99, PR Newswire)

Failures Following HIV Post-exposure Prevention Provide Valuable Lessons for Warding Off Future Infections (9/27/99, EurekAlert) Launches World's First Index Trading Web Site Allowing Individual Investors to Trade on the Movement of Global Equity Markets, Commodities, Currencies and Bonds (9/27/99, PR Newswire)

Single Motherhood Doesn't Hurt Schoolwork (9/27/99, EurekAlert)

SEMI Dispatches Earthquake Reconnaissance Team to Taiwan (9/24/99, PR Newswire)

EPA Announces Significant Actions to Reduce Toxic Chemicals in Great Lakes Basin (9/24/99, PR Newswire)

ICI Reports: New Study Profiles Mutual Fund Investors; Typical Fund Investor Is Middle-aged, Married and Saving for Retirement (9/24/99, PR Newswire)

As Groundbreaking Law Takes Effect, Kaiser Permanente Provides VanishPoint(R) Retractable Syringes (9/24/99, PR Newswire)

Cautious Evidence of Third Generation Pill Link to Increase in Thromboembolism (9/23/99, EurekAlert)

Millions of Children in the World's Largest Cities Are Exposed to Life-Threatening Air Pollution (9/23/99)

WellMed, MediVation Partner to Set New Standards for Physician-Patient Communication (9/23/99, PR Newswire)

dotNow! Free Internet Service Alerts More Competitors of Potential Patent Infringement (9/23/99, PR Newswire)

eFunds Introduces QualiFile (9/23/99, PR Newswire)

Elron Software to Speak on Cyberliability at Upcoming Conferences (9/22/99, PR Newswire)

SGI and Cornell University Open First Financial Industry Solutions Center (9/22/99, PR Newswire)

Group Interventions for Troubled Adolescents (9/22/99, EurekAlert)

Early Discharge Appears Safe for Medicaid Newborns (9/22/99, EurekAlert)

Women at Risk Television Program Informs and Inspires; Episode 2: Women and Cancer Explores Breakthroughs, Busts Myths (9/21/99, PR Newswire)

DCR Examines Title Insurers' Risk-Adjusted Capital Adequacy at Yearend 1998 in New Report (9/21/99, PR Newswire)

Stress and Social Support Linked to Prostate Cancer (9/21/99, EurekAlert)

Family Physicians Get a Head Start on Flu Season (9/21/99, PR Newswire)

Condom Use in Young Adults Motivated More by Pregnancy Than AIDS (9/21/99, EurekAlert)

New Database on Soy Products, Isoflavones Gives Consumers, Scientists Access to Health Reports (9/21/99, PR Newswire)

Parents Serve as Models for Adolescents' Health Behavior (9/20/99, EurekAlert)

Substance Abuse Impacts Co-workers (9/20/99, EurekAlert)

VIRUS ADVISORY: Network Associates Places Medium Risk Assessment on New Suppl Virus (9/20/99, PR Newswire)

Canadian Survey Uncovers Concerns About Air Quality, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (9/20/99, PR Newswire)

Ultrapowerful Laser System Performs Difficult Industrial Task on Tabletop (9/20/99, EurekAlert)

Newsweek Cover: 'Where Health Begins'; New Research Suggests That Roots of Adult Health Problems Could Exist in the Womb; Casts Doubt on Role of Genes (9/19/99, PR Newswire)

USGS Releases Assessment of Nation's Biological Resources (9/17/99, EurekAlert)

Moore, KPMG ISI, and C&FPI Join Together to Help Companies Combat Fraud (9/17/99, PR Newswire)

FDA Approves New Chemotherapy Agent to Treat Breast Cancer (9/16/99)

NFPA Says New Food Safety Estimates "Will Help Better Target Real Risks" (9/16/99)

Ovarian Cancer Advocates Gather to Fight for More Research Funding, Earlier Detection of Disease (9/16/99, PR Newswire)

Alabama Coalition Asks Interior Department: 'Lift the Muzzle' from Scientist in Sturgeon Controversy (9/16/99, PR Newswire)

Please Pass the Disease Prevention (9/16/99, EurekAlert)

Technology with a Human Touch for the Financially Distressed, Secret Algorithms Streamlining the Supply Chain, and Specialists in Risk Analysis Featured on 'Business Now' at 10 A.M. Sunday, September 19th on WJLA-TV, Channel 7 (9/15/99, PR Newswire)

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis Opens Digestive Resource Center (9/15/99, PR Newswire)

New York City's Plan to Protect Drinking Water Should Focus
More on Controlling Dangerous Pathogens
(9/15/99) Introduces New Way to Find 'Backyard' Hazards (9/15/99, PR Newswire)

StayWell Online(R) Brings Award-Winning Health Improvement Programs to Employees Anytime, Anywhere (9/15/99, PR Newswire)

Education May Help the Fight Against High Blood Pressure (9/15/99, EurekAlert)

AstraZeneca Announces a New Challenge to the 'Gold Standard' Tamoxifen in Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer in Post Menopausal Women (9/15/99, PR Newswire)

Study Suggests Why Estrogen Not Helpful Against Heart Disease (posted 9/15/99)

New Study Finds Obesity Costs Over $200 Billion; Obesity Tied to Costly Chronic Illnesses That Make Medical Bills Skyrocket (9/14/99, PR Newswire)

Research Finds U.S. Adolescents Inactive; Blacks, Hispanics, Asians at Biggest Risk (9/14/99, EurekAlert)

Genetic Variants Linked to Higher Risk of High Blood Pressure in African Americans (9/14/99, EurekAlert)

The Financial Technology Expo to Showcase the Hottest Financial IT Solutions for Banking, Insurance and Securities in New Dedicated Pavilions (9/14/99, PR Newswire)

HealthMagic, Inc. Enters the Wellness Arena Through Strategic Partnership with Triwell Group, Ltd. (9/14/99, PR Newswire)

Chicago Center for Clinical Research's Dr. Michael H. Davidson Leads Study for New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug with Fewer Side Effects (9/13/99, PR Newswire)

DPR Drafting Regulations for Methyl Bromide, Chloropicrin (9/13/99, PR Newswire)

E.W. Blanch Co., Inc. Announces Alliance with WeatherData, Inc. (9/10/99, PR Newswire)

Featured Articles from S&P Personal Wealth (including "Dow 36,000 vs. Greenspan, 1999: It's All About Risk") (9/10/99, PR Newswire)

Jewish Women Worldwide Warned of Health Risk on Upcoming High Holy Day (9/10/99, PR Newswire)

New Test Can Better Uncover Hidden Breast Cancer (9/10/99, EurekAlert)

Minnesota Soccer Dads Introduce Headband to Protect Children's Brains; Sons' Concussions Prompt Dads to Think About Protecting Heads in Popular Sport (9/9/99, PR Newswire)

Branching Out Through Band Width; Specialists in Successful Risk Analysis; and Promising Developments from a 'Virtual Drug Company' Featured on 'Business Now' at 9 A.M. Sunday, September 12th on WCVB-TV (9/9/99, PR Newswire)

Merck Launches Preservative-Free Hepatitis-B Vaccine (9/9/99, PR Newswire)

First Link Demonstrated Between Multiple Concussions, Neuropsychological Deficits in College Athletes (9/7/99, EurekAlert)

Lowering Your Homocysteine Level May Help Reduce Risk for Heart Disease (9/7/99, EurekAlert)

UB Scientists Find Breast-Cancer Risk May Be Influenced by Gene That Regulates Serum Triglycerides (9/6/99, EurekAlert)

More Evidence: Natural Vitamin E, C Supplements Reduce Dangerous Pre-Eclampsia in Pregnant Women by 76 Percent, Benchmark Study in Lancet Finds (9/3/99, PR Newswire)

GMA: Agencies Must Spell Out How New Research Will Enhance Food Safety (9/3/99, PR Newswire)

Low Doses of Aspirin Help Prevent Some Strokes; High Doses May Increase Risk for Others (9/3/99, EurekAlert)

Transportation Experts Warn: Biggest School Danger Is When Students Don't Ride a School Bus (9/2/99, PR Newswire)

States Get 2nd Annual Report Card on School Bus Safety (9/2/99, PR Newswire)

Diabetes Mellitus Is Major Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease, Says Joint Statement from Two NIH Directors (9/1/99, EurekAlert)

EQE International Engineering Team Surveys Damage in Turkey; First Evaluations Reported (9/1/99, PR Newswire)

New Study Examines Cholesterol Reduction and Stroke Risk in Patients with No History of Heart Disease (9/1/99, PR Newswire)

First Gene Defect Identified for Precursor to Adult Diabetes (9/1/99, EurekAlert)

Patients with Severe Psoriasis Suffer Daily, Study Finds (9/1/99, EurekAlert)

August 1999

September Is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: What Women Need to Know to Lower Their Risk; Information from the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (8/31/99, PR Newswire)

Penn Researchers Find Ovary Removal Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer in Women with BRCA1 Mutation (8/31/99, EurekAlert)

Control Risks Group Expands Investigative Services with Opening of San Francisco Office (8/31/99, PR Newswire)

Raytheon Control-By-Light Technology to Prevent Truck Rollover Crashes to Be Unveiled at NTSB Hearing (8/31/99, PR Newswire)

Cigarette Brand Switchers More Likely to Quit Smoking (8/31/99, EurekAlert)

Selective and Nonselective Beta-blockers Equally Effective in Preventing Sudden Death (8/31/99, EurekAlert)

Lahey Cardiologist Advocates Aggressive Treatment of High Cholesterol in Elderly (8/30/99, PR Newswire)

3-D, Virtual Man Simulates Radiation's Effect on the Body (8/30/99, EurekAlert)

Light Alcohol Use May Protect Against Sudden Cardiac Death (8/30/99, EurekAlert)

New Study Finds a Mouthful of Reasons to Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy (8/30/99, EurekAlert)

Scientists Suggest Genetic Shutdown Links Estrogen, Heart Disease (8/30/99, EurekAlert)

50% of Americans May Need Long Term Care, But Few Prepare for It; Prudential Debunks Common Myths and Offers Tips for Consumers (8/30/99, PR Newswire)

Take Five with '5 a Day Across the USA'; Government and Produce Industry Partner for Educational Health Message (8/27 & 8/30/99, PR Newswire)

University of Maryland Study Links Vitamin B Deficiency to Risk of Stroke in Younger Women (8/27/99) (8/27/99)

Virus Advisory: Network Associates Places Medium Risk Assessment on New Toadie Virus (8/27/99, PR Newswire)

Changes for Chickens? New Hybrid Corn Helps Reduce Phosphorus in Poultry Litter, UD Scientists Report (8/26/99, EurekAlert) Calls for Balanced Reporting Regarding the Internet and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (8/26/99, PR Newswire)

Lukens Consulting Group, Inc., Expands Decision Science and Environmental Studies Practice Areas (8/26/99, PR Newswire)

Healthcare Providers Face Challenges of Risk Agreements (8/26/99, PR Newswire)

Prostate Cancer Awareness Week September 20th to 24th; Free or Low-Cost Screenings Available Nationwide (8/26/99, PR Newswire)

International Channel Original Series Explores Cultural Aspects of Breast Cancer (8/26/99, PR Newswire)

Trouble for the World's Turtles (8/25/99, EurekAlert)

Actuarial Group Looks to Millenium on Health, Investment, Other Topics (8/25/99, EurekAlert)

New DNA Vaccine Could Fight Fish Disease (8/25/99, EurekAlert)

Researchers Find High Rates of Mental Disorders in Oklahoma City Bombing Survivors (8/25/99, EurekAlert)

The Year 2000 Date Problem and Medical Devices (8/24/99)

Kimberly-Clark Donates New Product to CDC to Curtail Infectious Outbreaks in Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia (8/24/99, PR Newswire)

Political Risk Insurance As a New Approach for Asian Issuers to Breach Sovereign Ceilings (8/24/99, PR Newswire)

Mayo Clinic Researchers: Family History Identified As New Risk Factor for Heartburn (8/24/99, EurekAlert)

Industry Can Gain Competitive Advantage by Improving Environmental Performance (8/24/99)

Ethylene Oxide and N-nitrosodimethylamine Assessments Reviewed (8/23/99)

Food Irradiation Coalition Petitions FDA to Allow Use of Irradiation on Variety of Ready-To-Eat Foods (8/23/99, PR Newswire)

E-Commerce Leaders Form the First Internet Fraud Prevention Advisory Council (8/23/99, PR Newswire)

Flea Collars May Expose Children to Insecticides (8/23/99, EurekAlert)

You May Be an Aggressive Driver and Not Know It (8/23/99, EurekAlert)

New Research Indicates That Ultra-thin Magazine Models Do Not Have a Long-term, Negative Impact on Adolescent Girls (8/23/99, EurekAlert)

WellMed Introduces Industry's First Comprehensive Personal Health Management System Including Online Health Record (8/23/99, PR Newswire)

Michigan Menopause Action Team Warns Women About Risks Related to Menopause and 'The Silent Killer' (8/20/99, PR Newswire)

Lockheed Martin Demonstrates Streamlined JSF Production Capability (8/20/99, PR Newswire)

Return to Play Not Determined by the Numbers (8/20/99, EurekAlert)

Physical Fitness Isn't the Only Activity to Help Prolong Survival in Older People (8/20/99, EurekAlert)

Decline in Awareness and Treatment of High Blood Pressure Could Pose a Serious Public Health Threat (8/19/99, EurekAlert)

Milestone Study in Development of Xenotransplantation (8/19/99)

New Study Calls Hepatitis C 'Most Common Blood-Borne Infection in U.S.' (8/19/99, PR Newswire)

Migraine Medications Are Linked to Heart Valve Disease (8/19/99, PR Newswire)

Ridge Administration Shares Pennsylvania Anti-Violence Initiatives with Community Leaders in Littleton, Colorado (8/19/99, PR Newswire)

Mayo Clinic Study Reports That Centenarians Do Well Following Surgery (8/19/99, EurekAlert)

New Study from Researchers at University of Georgia Suggest Condom Use Sends Positive Message to Partner (8/19/99, EurekAlert)

EPA and BP Exploration Reach Clean-Up Agreement (8/18/99)

Steady Support of Research on Toxic Airborne Particles Urged (8/18/99)

Oral Health America Disgusted by Tobacco Companies' Latest Manipulation of Young People (8/18/99, PR Newswire)

U.S. EPA Approves Historic Owens Lake Dust Control Plan (8/18/99)

American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine: Sleepy Boomers in for Rude Awakening? (8/18/99, PR Newswire)

CEC Seeks Public Comment on Its Draft Phase II North American Regional Action Plan on Mercury (8/17/99)

EPA: Report on Status of Lake Erie Management Plan Available (8/17/99)

New Data Published in JAMA Show Effects of Evista(R) (raloxifene HCl) on Spinal Fracture Risk in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis (8/17/99, PR Newswire)

Vitamin E Deficiency in 27 Percent of Adults; African-American Population at High Risk at 41 Percent (8/17/99, PR Newswire)

Don't Take Your Vision for Granted! Vitamins with Lutein Can Protect Your Vision and Your Independence; Doctors Tips (8/17/99, PR Newswire)

'Thick' Blood May Increase Stroke Risk (8/17/99, EurekAlert)

Being Long in the Tooth Doesn't Have to Equal a Shortage of Teeth (8/17/99)

Pittsburgh to Host First Financial Planning Public Forum; Launches Beginning of Financial Planning Week in Pittsburgh (8/17/99, PR Newswire)

Jury Finds Georgia-Pacific Acted in Malice; Awards $4.6 Million for Causing Asbestos Cancer (revision) (8/16/99, revised 8/17, PR Newswire)

Women Find Physician Guidelines on Estrogen Replacement Therapy Are Lacking (8/16/99, EurekAlert)

Latest in Computer Security Revealed at WPI International Workshop (8/16/99, EurekAlert) (8/16/99, EurekAlert)

Energy Commission Report Highlights State Ethanol Benefits, Risks (8/16/99, PR Newswire)

Avandel Forms Research Partnership with Partners Healthcare System (8/16/99, PR Newswire)

Day-Trading Expert at Technimentals.Com Offers Steps to Remedy Current Industry Woes: Issues Challenge to Industry for Major Changes (8/13/99, PR Newswire)

UCSF Researchers Report New Risk Factors for Non-Hodkin's Lymphoma (8/12/99)

Patients' Rights & Tax Bills Pending: How Tax Changes Might Affect Health Coverage Assessed in New Book by EBRI (8/12/99, PR Newswire)

Genencor and Eastman Announce Major Success in Their Chemicals from Corn Program (8/12/99)

Households That Include a Person Who Smokes Are Less Likely to Test for Radon, Despite Being at Greater Risk for Radon-related Lung Cancer (Also see report Radon Testing in Houses with a Residential Smoker - United States, 1993-1994.) (8/12/99)

Response to Cocaine Linked to Biological Clock Genes (8/12/99)

Prevention and First Aid for Heat Related Emergencies (8/11/99, PR Newswire)

HRM Launches New Interactive Web Site; State Healthcare Quality Custom Reports Now Available Online (8/11/99, PR Newswire)

EPA, Environment Canada Target Lake Superior Pollutant Reductions (8/10/99) (8/10/99)

When Diversifying Portfolios, Should Investors Buy Individual Bonds or Bond Funds? (8/10/99, PR Newswire)

Advanced Diabetes Disease Management Software Supports Clinicians in the Delivery of Quality Care (8/10/99, PR Newswire)

Miss America 1999 Nicole Johnson Brings the Search for the Missing Millions -- National Diabetes Action Campaign -- to St. Louis (8/10/99, PR Newswire)

GM Asks Court for New Trial; Says 'Something Went Very Wrong' in Trial That Led to $4.9 Billion Judgment (8/9/99, PR Newswire)

The Bank of New York Releases Second Generation of RiskManager, Its Value at Risk (VaR) Application (8/9/99, PR Newswire)

AccuMed Systems Announces New Approach in Assessing Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease for Primary Care Physicians (8/9/99, PR Newswire)

Aon Ergonomic Services and Magnitude Information Systems, Inc. Renew Strategic Alliance to Expand Sales of Magnitude Ergonomic Management System(TM) (8/9/99, PR Newswire)

New Acceptance of Chemoradiation Will Help Boost Head and Neck Cancer Therapy Market, Reports Decision Resources, Inc. (8/9/99, PR Newswire)

Zocor(R) (Simvastatin) Gains Exclusive Indication to Raise `Good' (HDL) Cholesterol in People with High `Bad' (LDL) Cholesterol (8/9/99, PR Newswire)

New Data Shows College Dorm Students Are at Risk for Meningococcal Disease (8/6/99, PR Newswire)

Cincinnati Financial Corporation Supports Policyholder Safety Net (8/6/99, PR Newswire)

Chocolate May Have Potential to Reduce Heart Disease Risk (8/6/99, PR Newswire)

Researchers Warn Bottled Water May Contaminate Contact Lenses (8/6/99)

Primary Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis -- Ivanovo Oblast, Russia, 1999 (8/6/99)

Achievements in Public Health, 1900-1999: Decline in Deaths from Heart Disease and Stroke -- United States, 1900-1999 (8/6/99)

University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Researchers Study Effectiveness of INTRON A (Interferon alfa-2b) on Patients at Intermediate Risk of Melanoma Recurrence (8/6/99)

Chemical Manufacturers Association Launches '' to Provide Public Easy Access to More Industry Information (8/5/99)

U.S. EPA Risk Assessments Confirm Exposure to PCBs in River May Increase Cancer Risk, Other Non-Cancer Health Hazards and Threaten Fish and Wildlife (8/4/99)

New England Journal Of Medicine Study Highlights Importance Of HDL Cholesterol (8/4/99, PR Newswire)

Let Food Safety Council Finish the Job, Grocery Manufacturers of America Tells Senate Panel (8/4/99) (8/4/99)

High HIV RNA Levels Major Risk Factor for Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission (8/4/99)

Consumer Products Safety Commission, Mealane Corp. Announce Recall of 1,000,000 Star Fire Sprinklers (8/4/99)

Committee OK’s “Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 1999” (8/3/99)

Research Needed to Reduce Scientific Uncertainty About Effects of Hormonally Active Agents in the Environment (8/3/99)

U.S. EPA Acts to Reduce Children's Exposures to Two Older, Widely Used Pesticides (8/2/99)

New U.S. Food and Drug Administration Ads: Selling Tobacco to Kids Is Illegal for a Reason (8/2/99)

Historically August Is Busy Month for Tropical Storms (8/2/99)

July 1999

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tightens Standards for Air Emissions from Hazardous Waste Combustors (7/30/99)

Greenpeace International Welcomes Major Global Steps to Get Out of Genetically Modified Food (7/30/99)

U.S. Department of Agriculture Expands Dairy Options Pilot Program; also see correction (7/29/99)

MTBE Blue-Ribbon Panel Presents Final Recommendations on Use of Oygenates in Gasoline (7/27/99)

USDA Sets Trap for Invasive Asian Beetle (7/26/99)

Risk Scale Released for Cosmic Collisions ( (7/26/99)

Consumer Product Safety Commission, EKCO Housewares Inc. Announce Recall of Utility Lighters (7/26/99)

Update: Summertime Flu Outbreak Among Alaska Tourists (7/22/99); see also Media Advisory (7/2/99)

Daily Supplements of Vitamins C, E Are Recommended; University of California Group Also Targets Diabetes (7/21/99, PR Newswire)

Plant Pathologists to Discuss Anti-Crop Bioterrorism and Food Security, August 1999 (7/21/99, PR Newswire)

HMO Research Network Receives NCI Funding to Establish Cancer Research Network (7/20/99, PR Newswire)

Environmentalists Urge Ridge Administration to Keep Its Promise as Pennsylvania DEP Secretary Seif Attends Closed Meeting on Nation's Right to Clean Air (7/20/99, PR Newswire)

SSPC Initiates California Distribution of Biodiesel Fuel Through 4 Million Gallon per Year Biodiesel Production Agreement with NOPEC Corporation (7/20/99, PR Newswire)

American Standard's DiaSorin Discovers New Virus Linked to Liver Disease (7/20/99, PR Newswire)

Peer Review Meeting on Ethylene Oxide and NDMA (7/19/99)

Technology Managers in Charge of Year 2000 Fixes Fear Flying on December 31, 1999 (7/19/99, PR Newswire)

Cambridge Pharma Consultancy Warns Against Escalating Risk In Pharmaceutical R&D (7/19/99, PR Newswire)

STC Technologies, Inc. Receives FDA Clearance to Market Cryosurgical Treatment for Actinic Keratosis, Lentigo (7/19/99, PR Newswire)

Warning Issued on 'Chalk' Pesticide; Dangerous to Children (7/16/99, PR Newswire)

New EBRI Analysis: Alternatives to Job-Based Health Insurance May Help - or Hurt (7/16/99, PR Newswire)

'Good Morning America' Cites Benefits of Soy Foods; Isoflavones Promote Health, 'Evidence Worldwide' Finds (7/16/99, PR Newswire)

Takeda's ACTOS(TM) (Pioglitazone HCL) Approved for Marketing: The Only Once-A-Day Insulin-Sensitizing Agent with Four Indications to Benefit Wide Range of Patients with Diabetes (7/16/99, PR Newswire)

A New Tool Expands the Public's Right-to-Know about Pollution in Local Communities (7/16/99) (7/16/99)

University of Pittsburgh Researchers Demonstrate Metabolic Link Between Large Waists and Colorectal Cancer (7/15/99, PR Newswire)

European Study Confirms Link Between Persistent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and the Development of Cervical Cancer (7/6/99, PR Newswire)

Media Advisory: Summertime flu outbreak among Alaska tourists (7/2/99)

June 1999

Independent Peer Review Meeting Discusses RfD for Barium and Research Program on the Teratogenicity of Arsenic (6/29/99)

RiskWorld started its press release department at the end of June 1999.

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