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Press Release Archives
Second Quarter 2000

June 2000

Smoky Barbecue Sometimes Linked to Cancer (6/30/00, PR Newswire)

New Crash Test Result Available on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's World Wide Web Site (6/30/00, NHTSA)

Senate Committee Approves Bill That Could Void State Food Safety Laws (6/30/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Third of African Malaria Deaths Due to Conflict or Natural Disaster (6/30/00, World Health Organization)

Conferences in South Africa to Focus on the Role of Drug Use in HIV Transmission (6/30/00, National Institute on Drug Abuse)

New Issue Paper Provides Guidance on Use of Soil Tests to Protect the Environment (6/30/00, Council for Agricultural Science and Technology)

EPA Proposes Making Ethanol Easier to Use in Cleaner-Burning Gasoline (6/30/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

American Electric Power Reports Chemicals Released from Its Coal-Fired Plants (6/30/00, PR Newswire)

Beyond 'The Perfect Storm': Preventing Death and Injury in the Commercial Fishing Industry (6/29/00, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health); also see IFISH conference

Real Estate CEO Urges National Commitment to Recycling Brownfields; Senate Bill Would Encourage Smart Reuse of Abandoned Land, Buildings (6/29/00, PR Newswire)

Aspirin May Cause More Harm Than Benefit in Preventing Coronary Heart Disease (6/29/00, EurekAlert)

No Risk of Developing Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease from Blood Transfusion (6/29/00, EurekAlert)

International Investments Don't Reduce Risk for U.S. Firms (6/29/00, EurekAlert)

Human Genome Sequencing a Boon to Cancer Research and Understanding the Role of Genes in Cancer Is a 20th Century Phenomenon (6/29/00, American Cancer Society)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Publishes New Vaccination Recommendation Against Meningococcal Disease for College Students (6/29/00, PR Newswire)

Novartis Stands Behind Safety of Atrazine (6/29/00, PR Newswire)

Miss America 2000 Shuts Down Times Square in Honor of the American Hero - New York Is Next Stop for Hepatitis C Awareness Campaign (6/29/00, PR Newswire)

Trade Agreements Help Prevent Military Conflicts, Study Shows (6/29/00, EurekAlert)

Construction Companies That Test for Drugs Reduce Workplace Injuries, Cornell Student's Study Finds (6/28/00, Cornell University)

More Information Necessary to Establish Health Effects of Mobile Phones (6/28/00, World Health Organization); also see More Research Needed on Cell-Phone Safety, WHO Says (6/28/00, Nando Times)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Reminds New England Employers and Workers of Hot Weather Hazards; Offers Tips and Information on Reducing the Risk of Heat Stroke (6/28/00, OSHA)

Fatal Falls of Contractor, Teen Workers Highlight Safety Concerns in Telecommunication Tower Work (6/27/00, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health)

New Public Health Service Guideline Calls on Health Professionals to Make Treating Tobacco Dependence a Top Priority (6/27/00, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services); also see American Heart Association Statement on Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Smoking Cessation Guidelines (6/27/00, AHA)

Significant Losses from Coastal Erosion Anticipated Along U.S. Coastlines; also see FEMA director's opening statement at the Coastal Erosion Study briefing (6/27/00, Federal Emergency Management Agency)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Galoob Toys Inc. Announce Recall of Sky Dancers® Flying Dolls (6/27/00, CPSC); also see other June  recall releases.

FTC Issues Annual Report to Congress for 1998 Pursuant to the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act (6/27/00, Federal Trade Commission)

Genomics Advances Expected to Aid Growth of Biotechnology Industry (6/27/00, Biotechnology Industry Organization)

Teen Worker Fatalities in Diverse Industries Show Importance of Injury Prevention Efforts (6/26/00, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Vote Regarding Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (6/26/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium Announces “Working Draft” of Human Genome (6/26/00, National Institutes of Health); also see President Clinton Announces the Completion of the First Survey of the Entire Human Genome (6/26/00, White House), Scientists Develop Rough Map of Human Genome (6/26/00, Nando Times), and Rough Draft of Human Genome Sequence Is Complete (6/26/00, GeneLetter)

Human DNA Sequence Advances Biotech Research; Creates New Bioethics Challenges (6/26/00, Biotechnology Industry Organization)

FTC Announces Settlements Requiring Disclosure of Cigar Health Risks (6/26/00, Federal Trade Commission); also see Cigar Makers Agree to Health Warnings (6/26/00, Nando Times)

Guidelines Issued on Risk of Driving with Alzheimer's (6/26/00, EurekAlert)

Rum and 'Coke' Combo Far Worse on the Brain, Study Shows (6/26/00, EurekAlert)

Local Safety Task Force Has a Short Fuse When it Comes to Illegal Fireworks! (6/26/00, PR Newswire)

Dietary Guidelines Encourage Americans to Eat, Drink, Exercise, and Be Healthy, but Legislation Is Set to Expire, Says the Food and Nutrition Science Alliance (6/26/00, PR Newswire)

Smoking Associated with Other Risky Behaviors (6/25/00, Center for the Advancement of Health)

Home Smoking Policy Related to Adolescents’ Decision to Smoke (6/25/00, Center for the Advancement of Health)

President Clinton and Vice President Gore: Major New "E-Government" Initiatives (6/24/00, White House)

Reducing Arsenic in Water Supply Will Reduce Disease, Death, Wayne State University School of Medicine Doctor Says (6/23/00, PR Newswire)

Nelson Issues Cease and Desist Order to Block Huge Increases in Windstorm Rates (6/23/00, PR Newswire)

Cord Blood Treatment Reduces Risk In Transplants(6/23/00, UniSci)

The Chocolate Paradox: Just Because It Tastes Good Doesn't Mean It's Bad for You, Says American Society for Nutritional Sciences and American Society for Clinical Nutrition (6/23/00, PR Newswire)

New Release of Leading Scientific Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines Software Delivers Major Enhancements (6/23/00, PR Newswire)

House Votes to Fund Federal Tobacco Lawsuit (6/23/00, Nando Times)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Publishes List of April 2000 Recalls (6/23/00, NHTSA)

House Action Reverses Course on Environment, Public Health Progress (6/23/00, U.S. EPA)

Successful Pregnancy Is Poor in Older Women, Irrespective of Reproductive History (6/22/00, EurekAlert)

Ford Motor Company Helps Set the Standard for New Voluntary Side Air Bag Testing (6/22/00, PR Newswire)

A Textbook Example of How to Fail at Risk Contracting (6/22/00, PR Newswire)

'Treasure Map' of Inner Space Shows Orbits and Sizes of 900 Large Asteroids, Some of Which Could Threaten Earth (6/22/00, Cornell University)

Can Heavy Alcohol Use Lead to Some Kinds of Cancer? (6/22/00, EurekAlert)

Global Brain (6/21/00, EurekAlert)

U.S. Codex Office to Hold Public Meeting on Precautionary Principle (6/21/00, Food Safety and Inspection Service)

Radon Gas Confirmed as Second Largest Risk Factor for Lung Cancer (6/21/00, American Cancer Society)

Federal Trade Commission Launches New Appliance Web Site (6/21/00, FTC)

World Health Organization Assesses the World's Health Systems (6/21/00, WHO)

Media Advisory on Hartz and Dursban® (6/21/00, PR Newswire)

Remedies for Medical Errors To Be Discussed at Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology Session (6/21/00, PR Newswire)

Congress Shortchanges American Public with Decision to Cut Off Department of Justice Funding for Tobacco Litigation (6/20/00, American Heart Association); also see American Heart Association Urges Congress to Protect Nation's Health, Not Tobacco Industry

Independent Community Bankers of America Applauds Signing of Farm Aid Legislation; President's Signature Makes Quick Farm Relief Certain (6/20/00, PR Newswire)

Senators, Victims of Tired Truckers, Safety Advocates Warn: U.S. Transportation Department Plan to Give Truckers More Continuous Driving Hours Will Increase Highway Deaths (6/20/00, PR Newswire)

Risk Management Agency Set to Deliver New Benefits (6/20/00, U.S. Department of Agriculture RMA)

Office of the Inspector General Releases Draft of Its Fraud and Abuse Guidelines (6/20/00, American Medical News)

Santa Monica Sues 7 Oil Companies, Alleges Water Contamination (6/20/00, Nando Times)

New Study Examines Who Is Behind the Wheel When Children Are in Accidents (6/20/00, Ford Motor Company)

DaimlerChrysler Corporation Program Saves Child from Harm (6/20/00, PR Newswire)

Study Finds Marijuana Ingredient Promotes Tumor Growth, Impairs Anti-Tumor Defenses (6/20/00, National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Virus Alert: McAfee Avert Raises Assessment on Life Stages Worm from Medium to High Risk (6/20/00, PR Newswire)

Suncor Plans to Pursue Landfill Gas Opportunities (6/20/00, PR Newswire)

Despite Fire Risks, Colorado Residents Reluctant to Cut Trees (6/19/00, Nando Times)

Bill to Regulate Sale of Irradiated Food in New Jersey 'Not Scientifically Justified,' Says National Food Processors Association (6/19/00, PR Newswire)

Securities Industry Association Investor Brochure Explains the Ins and Outs of Margin Borrowing (6/19/00, SIA)

Survey Finds Youth Need to Improve Sun Protection Habits and Sunscreen May Keep Kids from Getting Moles, Lower Later Melanoma Risk (6/19/00, American Cancer Society)

High Risk of Heart Disease Found in Families with Elevated Blood Triglycerides (6/19/00, EurekAlert)

New Studies Document Need for Public Education About Key Indicator of Weight-Related Health Risk (6/19/00, PR Newswire)

Physicians and Scientists Agree that Moderate Alcohol Use,
Unlike Tobacco Use, Can Benefit Health
(Posted 6/19/00, American Council on Science and Health)

Wells Fargo Offers Five Steps to Help Investors Master Stock Market Turbulence (6/19/00, PR Newswire)

American College of Gastroenterology: Study Confirms Colonoscopy as Preferred, Most Reliable Test for Colorectal Cancer Screening (6/16/00, PR Newswire)

'Green' Ford Dealership a World First (6/16/00, Ford Motor Company)

'Too Little Too Late?': International Survey Shows Bone Loss Not Being Detected Early Enough to Protect Women from Osteoporotic Fractures (6/16/00, PR Newswire)

Awareness, Perception, and Knowledge of Heart Disease Risk and Prevention Among Women in the United States (Posted 6/16/00, Archives of Family Medicine)

Nation's Immunization Program Must Be Revitalized
To Maintain Strength and Prevent Future Disease Outbreaks
(6/15/00, National Academy of Science)

10% Flight Attendant Injury Rate Higher Than Construction (8.8%), Mining (4.8%) (6/15/00, PR Newswire)

National Soft Drink Association: Harvard, NIH and NAS Reports Contradict New Study on Soft Drink Consumption and Bone Fractures (6/15/00, PR Newswire)

Hepatitis C Is Next Major Public Health Threat, Coalition Says; More than 60 Massachusetts Organizations Join to Raise Awareness about Disease (6/15/00, PR Newswire)

RiskWorld Posts Online Over 250 Risk Abstracts from the Society for Risk Analysis - Europe’s 1998 Conference (6/15/00)

Research Indicates Global Warming Could Impact Songbird Populations (6/15/00, EurekAlert)

Canada and the United States Resume Negotiations to Reduce Transboundary Smog (6/14/00, Green Lane)

Discussion by American Medical Association a Boon to Bacteria, A Bust for Consumers, Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association/Soap and Detergent Association Say (6/14/00, PR Newswire)

Reliable Software Technologies Releases Optimized Solution for Stopping Outlook Viruses; JustBeFriends Stops Viruses Such as 'I Love You' from Spreading (6/14/00, PR Newswire)

Angioplasty After Heart Attack: The Quicker the Better (6/14/00, UniSci)

CPSC, Graco Announce Recall to Repair Tot Wheels® Entertainer® Infant Walkers (6/14/00, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

WHO Issues New Recommendations to Protect Human Health from Antimicrobial Use in Food Animals (6/13/00, World Health Organization)

CPSC Releases Test Results on Crayons (6/13/00, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

U.S. EPA OPPT Makes Screening-level Exposure Tool Available on Web Site (6/13/00, U.S. EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics)

Take the Sting Out of Summer: National Jewish Medical and Research Center Physician Warns Bee, Wasp and Hornet Season Is Here (6/13/00, PR Newswire)

Physical Activity, Including Walking, Associated with Substantial Reduction in Risk for Stroke in Women (6/13/00, EurekAlert)

NOAA Releases Report on Nutrient Related Water Quality Conditions in U.S. Estuaries (6/12/00, NOAA)

Scientists Take to the Florida Skies to Find Everglades Mercury Source (6/12/00, NOAA)

USGS Releases World Petroleum Assessment 2000 (6/12/00, EurekAlert)

Scared Smokeless: Study Finds Smokers Kick the Habit After Diabetes Diagnosis (6/12/00, EurekAlert)

Draft Dioxin Reassessment Chapters Released for Scientific Review and Public Comment (6/12/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Sound Science Takes Backseat to Administration Trade Politics Ahead of this Week's U.S. Visit by Argentina's President (6/12/00, PR Newswire)

Drug Resistance Threatens to Reverse Medical Progress (6/12/00, World Health Organization)

GoRisk To Offer First End-to-End Corporate Risk Management Solution Via the Internet (6/12/00, PR Newswire)

Reliable Software Technologies Establishes Market for Software Risk Management(SM); Company Assists Businesses with Identifying Software Risks and Developing Solutions to Manage Them (6/12/00, PR Newswire)

FEMA Director Addresses Emergency Management's Role in Economic Development (6/12/00, Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Sweeping the District, FTC Staff and D.C. Investigators Check Used Car Dealers for Required "Buyers Guides" (6/12/00, Federal Trade Commission)

Diabetes Breakthrough: Unlimited Source of Healthy Beta Cells (6/11/00, PR Newswire)

Researchers Suggest Five Servings a Week of Tomato-Rich Products May Decrease Risk of Prostate and Other Cancers (6/9/00, PR Newswire)

Company Offers Safe Alternatives to EPA-Banned Pesticide (6/9/00, PR Newswire); see earlier releases about ban.

OSHA and Joint Commission Extend Efforts To Promote Health and Safety for Healthcare Workers (6/9/00, OSHA)

Energy Department To Help Advance Cancer Research: Plan Encourages Use of Leftover Radioactive Materials in Cancer Research (6/9/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance -- United States, 1999 and Facts About: Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance -- United States, 1999 (6/9/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Male Circumcision Protects Against HIV Infection (6/9/00, EurekAlert)

U.S. Department of Transportation Forms Partnership with Washington State To Participate in Interstate Pipeline Inspections (6/8/00, U.S. Department of Transportation)

University of Florida Research Shows Antarctic Ice Sheet Was Unstable in Past Warming Periods (6/8/00, EurekAlert)

Clinton-Gore Administration Acts to Eliminate Major Uses of the Pesticide Dursban to Protect Children and Public Health (6/8/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); and Government Bans Common Garden Pesticide as Risk to Children (6/8/00, Nando Times)

FDA and Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association To Collaborate on Cell Phone Research (6/8/00, Food and Drug Administration)

New Transportation Department Report Shows How European Practices Could Improve Commercial Vehicle Safety in U.S. (6/8/00, U.S. Department of Transportation)

Geomagnetic Storm Alert (6/8/00, U.S. Geological Survey)

Consumer Product Safety Commission, Ace Hardware Corp. Announce Recall of Vinyl Window Blinds (6/8/00, CPSC)

ANALYSIS: Society's Yardsticks Don't Really Measure Up (6/8/00, Nando Times)

Florida's Risk of Encephalitis Epidemic Almost Nil (6/8/00, UniSci)

Risk Map Will Help Predict Encephalitis Outbreaks (6/7/00, EurekAlert)

Effectiveness of Automatic Shoulder Belt Systems in Motor Vehicle Crashes (6/7/00, Journal of the American Medical Association); also see Shoulder Belts Without Seat Belts Hike Driver Risk (6/7/00, UniSci)

Health Care Works at Greater Risk of Attack by Patients, According to the Journal of Healthcare Safety, Compliance & Infection Control (6/7/00, PR Newswire)

States Unite in Opposition to Health Care Financing Administration Proposal on Physician Supervision (6/7/00, PR Newswire)

The Cancer Prevention Coalition and Public Citizen Charge Congress with Proposing Deceptive Labeling of Irradiated Food, Besides Ignoring Its Risks to Health and the Environment (6/6/00, Cancer Prevention Coalition and Public Citizen)

As Work at Home Numbers Continue to Rise, Group Warns of Hidden Risks (6/6/00, American Society of Safety Engineers)

As Virus Attacks Intensify, PC Magazine Examines Multiple Defense Options (6/6/00, PR Newswire)

Reliable Software Technologies Announces the Software Risk Management Conference - ISACC 2000 (6/6/00, PR Newswire)

Bt Corn Variety Found To Be Safe to Illinois Butterfly (Posted 6/6/00, released 6/5/00, EurekAlert)

Biodiversity May Reduce Lyme Disease (6/5/00, EurekAlert)

Seat Belts Riskier than Boosters for Children 4-8, Study Says (6/5/00, Nando Times)

Clinton Administration Record on HIV/AIDS (6/5/00, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

High-Fiber Diet Keeps People from Chewing the Fat (6/5/00, American Heart Association)

New Report Finds Margarine Industry the Leader in Reducing Trans Fats; Total Fat is Down 30%; Trans Fats Have Been Reduced by 50% Overall (6/5/00, PR Newswire)

Court Refuses to Dismiss Lawsuits Against Three Mile Island Plant Owners (6/5/00, Nando Times)

Ecology and Environment, Inc. Awarded Regional EPA Superfund Contract Worth up to $17 Million (6/5/00, PR Newswire)

E-Services Corporation Launches Knowledge Digest Website (6/5/00, PR Newswire)

Once-Deadly Glass Harmonica Returns as Instrument of Healing (6/5/00, Nando Times)

WHO Issues New Healthy Life Expectancy Rankings (6/4/00, World Health Organization)

British Power Station Makes Juice from Mad Cow Remains (6/4/00, Nando Times)

Walking--at Any Speed--Cuts Heart Disease Risk (6/2/00, National Women's Health Resource Center)

All Flights to and from the United States To Be Smoke-Free (6/2/00, U.S. Department of Transportation)

Now Is Good Time to Buy Flood Insurance, FEMA Says (6/2/00, Federal Emergency Management Agency)

U.S. Department of Transportation Seeks $3.05 Million Penalty Against Olympic Pipeline for Safety Violations in Pipeline Failure (6/2/00, U.S. Department of Transportation)

Facts About Heart Disease and Stroke Among American Indians and Alaska Natives (6/2/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

The Gelsinger Story: Aftermath (Part 2 of 2, released 6/1/00, GeneLetter); also see The Gelsinger Story (Part 1)

Major Advances in Biology Should Be Used to Assess Birth Defects from Toxic Chemicals (6/1/00, National Academies of Science)

Lloyd's Chairman Issues Wake-Up Call to US Healthcare Industry on Electronic Risks (6/1/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marines Fisheries Service Unveil New Five-Point Policy on Habitat Conservation Plans (6/1/00, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Tax Soda and Snacks to Promote Health (6/1/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Early Aspirin Provides Quick Benefits for Acute Stroke Patients (6/1/00, EurekAlert)

EPA Proposes Revoking Methyl Parathion Tolerances (6/1/00, EPA)

Dehydration and Heat Stroke Pose Serious Risks to Seniors and Children in Summer Months (6/1/00, PR Newswire)

Dow AgroSciences Response to Recent News Coverage on Chlorpyrifos (Dursban) Products (6/1/00, PR Newswire)

A&WMA / EPA Symposium Tackles Indoor Air Quality Problems: Source Characterization, Exposure, Risk Management, Children's Issues (Posted 6/1/00, Air & Waste Management Association)

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May 2000

Unprecedented Partnership Protects California Sanctuaries from Catastrophic Oil Spills (5/31/00, NOAA)

Media Coverage of New Drugs Is Often Misleading (5/31/00, EurekAlert)

Summer Travel Alert: New Survey Shows International Travelers May Be Placing Themselves at Risk for Serious Infections (5/30/00, PR Newswire)

The Glycemic Index: Rethinking Diet and Cardiovascular Risk (5/30/00, EurekAlert)

Study Names 100 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals in the Nation (5/30/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Health and Human Services Release Updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans (5/27/00, USDA)

Wine Institute Provides Grant to National Stroke Association To Disseminate New Federal Dietary Guidelines to 50,000 U.S. Physicians (5/27/00, PR Newswire)

Process Begins To Develop Long Term Agenda To Reduce Air Pollution from Vehicles and Fuels (5/26/00, Environment Canada)

NASA-Goddard Scientists to Highlight New Earth Science Insights at Spring 2000 AGU Meeting (5/26/00, EurekAlert)

Physicians and Researchers Convene to Discuss Transplant Issues (5/26/00, PR Newswire)

TechKnowLaw Service to Offer Risk Prevention Analysis for Businesses Relying on Technology (5/26/00, PR Newswire)

Discussion Paper on Compensation Under Proposed Species at Risk Act (5/25/00, Environment Canada)

First-Ever Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health Finds Profound Disparities in Nation's Population (5/25/00, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

Job Strain as Important as Smoking and Lifestyle on Ill Health (5/25/00, EurekAlert)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Announces Proposal to Add Rollover Ratings to Auto Safety Consumer Information Program (5/25/00, NHTSA)

Computer Associates Warns of New Cybernet Virus (5/25/00, PR Newswire)

University of Iowa College of Public Health Study Finds Residential Radon Exposure Poses a Significant Lung Cancer Risk (5/25/00, EurekAlert)

CPSC and National Electrical Safety Foundation Urge Consumers to "Plug Into Electrical Safety" More Than 41,000 Electrical-Related House Fires, 350 Deaths Occur Each Year (5/25/00, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Brain Scans of Gulf War Veterans Show Brain Damage (5/25/00, EurekAlert)

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Daley Inaugurates New Environmental Partnership Between Industry, Government (5/25/00, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

FEMA Signs Landmark Agreement with Korea to Share Disaster Preparedness, Prevention Information (5/25/00, Federal Emergency Management Agency)

New University of Florida Study Shows Value of Folate for Older Women (5/25/00, PR Newswire)

KPMG Survey: Soaring Legal Costs to Spur More Efficient Corporate Law Business Model (5/25/00, PR Newswire)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Reminds Young Americans to “Choose Your Cover” When Having Fun in the Sun (5/24/00, CDC)

EPA To Reduce Arsenic in Drinking Water (5/24/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Stores Accused of ‘Price Gouging’ on Irradiated Meat (5/24/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Project Reality: 'Reducing The Risk' Doesn't Comply with State Law (5/24/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Announces Partnership with Ford Motor Company, Inova Fairfax Hospital in Establishing Crash Injury Research Center (5/24/00, U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Health Care Compliance Association Symposium Focuses on Clinical Research Compliance (5/24/00, PR Newswire)

False E-mail Report About "Klingerman Virus" (Posted 5/24/00, National Center for Infectious Diseases)

Association of Coffee and Caffeine Intake with the Risk of Parkinson Disease (5/24/00, Journal of the American Medical Association)

Supplier of Talc Used in Crayons Confirms No Asbestos Is Used; Products Not Health Hazard (5/24/00, PR Newswire)

Maker of Crayola Products Responds to Article on Asbestos in Crayons (5/23/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Bolsters Protections for Human Research Subjects (5/23/00, HHS)

Keep Safe This Summer: Use Caution When Filling Portable Fuel Containers (5/23/00, PR Newswire)

Vitamin E Has 'Longest List of Potential Benefits,' Cornell University Special Report on Vitamins Says (Posted 5/23/00, released 5/22/00, PR Newswire) and Vitamin E Is Most Common Antioxidant Taken by Cardiologists To Protect Their Hearts, Report Says (Posted 5/24/00, released 5/23/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Launches Memorial Day National Effort To Enforce Seat Belt, Child Seat Laws (5/22/00, NHTSA)

Stress Hormone Linked to Increased Alcohol Consumption in Animal Model (5/22/00, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

OSHA Seeks Comments on Impact of Ergonomics Proposal on State and Local Governments, Postal Service, Railroads (5/22/00, U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

Research Confirms High Alcohol Intake Increases Breast Cancer Risk (5/22/00, American Cancer Society)

Gene Mutation Doubles Risk of Brain Vessel Clogging in Women but Not Men (5/22/00, American Heart Association)

Study Suggests Older, Preteen Children May Not Be Getting Enough Sleep to Meet Their Daily Physical and Mental Needs (5/21/00, EurekAlert)

Obesity Has Reached Epidemic Proportions - Urgent Need for Research (5/19/00, EurekAlert)

Virus Alert: Network Associates Avert Gives VBS/NewLove High Risk Virus Assessment (5/19/00, PR Newswire)

Poliomyelitis Prevention in the United States: Updated Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (5/19/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Environment Minister David Anderson Announces Immediate and Long Term Actions to Bring Cleaner Air to Canadians (5/19/00, Environment Canada)

U.S. Has Its Warmest January-April on Record, NOAA Reports (5/19/00, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Initiative Prepares for Possible Bioterrorism Threat (5/18/00, HHS)

Under-Treatment of High Cholesterol in the Elderly Identified as Serious Health Problem (5/18/00, PR Newswire)

Recent Tragedy Underscores Need for Protection from Carbon Monoxide (CO), Says Carbon Monoxide Safety and Health Association (5/18/00, PR Newswire)

New Biochemical Pesticide Registered as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide (5/18/00, U.S. EPA)

Dolphin Feeding and Harassment Is Harmful and Illegal, Federal Agency Reminds Public and Boaters (5/18/00, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

U.S. EPA Moves to Make Diesel Trucks and Buses Cleaner (5/17/00, U.S. EPA); also see Administrator Browner's remarks.

Securities Industry Association Outlines Principles to Ensure a Sound Future for Social Security (5/17/00, SIA)

Cancer Risk from Dioxins May Be Greater than Thought, Draft EPA Report Says (5/17/00, Nando Times)

Dioxin Report Means ‘Eat Less Meat, Cheese’ (5/17/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Nicotine Helps Nervous System Ignore Distractions (5/17/00, UniSci News)

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Study Shows Large Blood Pressure Benefit from Reduced Dietary Sodium (5/17/00, NIH)

TERA Organizes Independent Peer Review of Assessment of Skin Cancer Risk from Use of Coal Tar-Containing Shampoos (5/17/00, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment)

Twentieth Anniversary of Mount St. Helens Eruption (5/16/00, Federal Emergency Management Agency); also see commentary.

National Industry Leaders to Discuss Workplace Safety (5/16/00, PR Newswire)

Science Academies Discuss Water and Energy Needs (5/16/00, InterAcademy Panel on International Issues)

Seniors Must Be Wary of False Claims in Rx Drug Bill (5/15/00, Hudson Institute)

World Science Academies Announce Creation of New International Body to Address Issues of Global Concern (5/15/00, InterAcademy Panel on International Issues)

Fact Sheet: The "Report on Carcinogens" - 9th edition (5/15/00, National Institutes of Health)

U.S. Department of Transportation Grants Request for Testing of Olympic Pipeline in Washington (5/15/00, PR Newswire)

Up in Smoke: Smokers Blow Away Antioxidants that Protect Against Heart Disease (5/15/00, EurekAlert)

Clot-busting Drugs Don't Benefit Older Heart Attack Patients (5/15/00, EurekAlert)

American Society of Transplant Surgeons Announces Creation of National Registry to Help Assess Risk to Donors in Adult-to-Adult Living Donor Transplants (5/15/00, PR Newswire)

Social Security Privatization: Eleven Myths (5/15/00, PR Newswire)

Twelve Weeks to a Healthier You!; Debbie Allen Encourages Women to Increase Their Physical Activity Through the American Heart Association's National Program (5/15/00, PR Newswire)

Meeting Highlights:  American Academy of Pediatrics and the Pediatric Academic Societies Boston, Mass., May 12-16, 2000 (5/15/00, PR Newswire)

For Adults Only: Put Down That Phone, Kid, It'll Scramble Your Brain (5/15/00, New Scientist)

Annual Report Shows Continuing Decline in U.S. Cancer Incidence and Death Rates (5/14/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology -- Okay to Spray: Researchers Find No Connection Between Nasal Sprays (5/12/00, PR Newswire)

Chiropractic: Safer than Common Pain Medications, Studies Show (5/12/00, PR Newswire)

"The Perfect Storm" Fans See Movie Sets over the Internet with IPIX (5/12/00, PR Newswire)

EPA Seeks Public Comment on Preliminary Risk Assessment for Malathion (5/11/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

NIOSH Notes Safeguards to Prevent Explosion Risk in Industrial Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Processes (5/11/00, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

Secretary Richardson Orders Series of Actions To Keep Nuclear Safety on Track at Energy Department Sites - Study of U.S. Nuclear Sites Finds No Similarities to Situations Surrounding Japanese Accident; also see report. (5/11/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

EPA Should Improve Methods for Estimating Pollutants in Vehicle Emissions (5/11/00, National Academy of Sciences)

Baltimore Gas and Electric Supports Community Right-to-Know Act (5/11/00, PR Newswire)

National Patient Safety Foundation and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations Call for Solutions to Medical Errors (5/11/00, PR Newswire)

Johns Hopkins Launches Digestive Disease Website (5/11/00, UniSci)

U.S. Geological Survey Measures a Century of Floods New Fact Sheet Describes Significant Floods of the 20th Century (5/10/00, USGS)

Secretary Richardson Announces New Commitments for Hanford Tank Cleanup (5/10/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

FDA Inaction on Raw Oysters Means More “Deaths on the Half Shell” (5/10/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Federal Emergency Management Agency Concerned About Poll That Shows Lack of Hurricane Preparedness in the U.S. (5/10/00, FEMA)

Uric Acid Linked to Risk of Heart Disease Death (5/10/00, UniSci)

Mount St. Helens 20th Anniversary (5/10/00, U.S. Geological Survey)

OSHA Recommends Protective Measures To Help Prevent Violence Against Taxi Drivers (5/9/00, Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

Home and Garden Pesticides Increase Parkinson's Risk (5/9/00, UniSci)

U.S. Geological Survey Scientists Develop "Robowell" to Automatically Monitor Ground Water (5/9/00, USGS)

Exposure to Tobacco in the Womb May Lead to Early Tobacco Experimentation (5/9/00, EurekAlert)

Zap Early-Stage Prostate Cancer with High-Dose Radiation? Yes, in Some Cases (5/9/00, American Cancer Society)

First National Survey Shows Americans' Bedding Can Make Them Sick; Allergens the Culprit (5/9/00, EurekAlert)

Energy Department Recognizes Efforts To Expand Use of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (5/9/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada Releases Updated List of Species at Risk in Canada (5/8/00, The Green Lane)

Overseas Private Investment Corporation Launches Interactive Training Program To Help Small Business (5/8/00, OPIC)

Tobacco Smoke Flavoring Contains Hazardous Chemicals - Compounds May Pose Additional Health Risk to Smokers (5/8/00, EurekAlert)

Richardson To Terminate BNFL Hanford Contract (5/8/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

Ethanol Contaminating Ground Water in Lake Tahoe; Detections Prove That Fuel Storage Tanks - Not MTBE - Are to Blame for Tainted Water (5/8/00, PR Newswire)

New United States Geological Survey Map Shows Arsenic in Nation's Ground Water (5/8/00, USGS)

New United States Geological Survey Map Shows Arsenic in Nation's Ground Water (5/8/00, USGS)

The Birth Control Pill Celebrates Forty Years of Fame (5/8/00, PR Newswire)

Mayo Clinic Study Finds Natural Progesterone Offers More Health Benefits to Post-Menopausal Women (5/8/00, EurekAlert)

Depression Associated with Increased Risk for Heart Disease in Men and Women; Depressed Men Also Have Increased Risk of Death (5/7/00, EurekAlert) and Depression as an Antecedent to Heart Disease Among Women and Men in the NHANES I Study (5/8/00, Archives of Internal Medicine)

President Clinton Announces Aggressive Food Safety Strategy To Combat Listeria in Hot Dogs and Other Ready-to-Eat Foods (5/5/00, White House)

Use of Smokeless Tobacco May Lead to Breast Cancer, Wake Forest Team Reports (5/5/00, EurekAlert)

Reducing Methane Emissions from Rice (5/5/00, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Tennessee Valley Authority Sues EPA to Block Pollution Regulation (5/5/00, Nando Times)

New Regulations Ask More of Air Bag Safety Tests (5/5/00, Nando Times)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Announces Advanced Air Bag Regulation that Improve Benefits and Reduce Risks (5/5/00, NHTSA)

Remarks by Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Rich Rominger First Meeting at National Research Council Standing Committee on Biotechnology, Food and Fiber Production, and the Environment ( 5/4/00, USDA)

Cancer Risk Dramatically Reduced in San Francisco Bay Area Due to MTBE; New Study Shows Cancer Causing Air Toxins Down 40% (5/4/00, PR Newswire)

New European Environment Agency Report Gauges Eco-Friendliness of Main Economic Sectors (5/4/00, EEA)

Aggressive Campaign Needed To Prevent Resurgence of Tuberculosis (5/4/00, National Academy of Sciences)

Major Virus Outbreak Alert from Trend Micro - VBS-LOVELETTER Hits Users Worldwide (5/4/00, PR Newswire)

Researchers Report 3 Breakthroughs in Alzheimer's (5/4/00, PR Newswire); also, On-the-Job Lead Exposure Could Increase Alzheimer's Risk and An Active Life Helps to Ward Off Alzheimer's (5/4/00, EurekAlert)

Addictive Behavior Cause Linked to Lower Parkinson's Risk (5/4/00, EurekAlert)

Freedom of Information - The Impact of Free Access on Biomedical Science (5/4/00, EurekAlert)

Consumer Product Safety Commission, Weed Wizard Acquisition Corp. Announce Recall of Weed Trimmer Heads with Metal Chains (5/3/00, CPSC)

Lockheed Martin JSF Team Wins Government Modeling and Simulation Award; 'This Degree of Modeling Accuracy Was Previously Thought Impossible' (5/3/00, PR Newswire)

Federal Trade Commission Staff Issues Guidelines on Internet Advertising (5/3/00, FTC)

FDA To Strengthen Pre-Market Review of Bioengineered Foods (5/3/00, U.S Food and Drug Administration)

BIO Supportive of FDA Announcement on Biotech Policies (5/3/00, Biotechnology Industry Organization)

FDA Announcement "A Win for Consumer Confidence in Biotechnology," Says National Food Processors Association (5/3/00, NFPA)

FDA Announcement on Bioengineered Foods “Step Forward but Not Enough” (5/3/00, Center for Science In the Public Interest)

FDA Policy on 'Frankenfood' Goes from Bad to Worse (5/3/00, Greenpeace)

Tune in to for American Cancer Society Webcast on Skin Cancer (5/3/00, PR Newswire)

Women Who Gave Birth Before 1992 May Be at Risk for Hep C (5/3/00, PR Newswire)

Mother's Day Advice That Could Save Her Life (5/3/00, American Stroke Association)

Gene Therapy Death Under Review (5/3/00, PR Newswire)

KPMG: Chief Risk Officers Occupy the Newest Seat in Corporate Executive Suites (5/3/00, PR Newswire)

VA Raises Standard for Protecting Human Research Participants (5/2/00, PR Newswire)

Experts Demand Better Asteroid Alert (5/2/00,

Citrus Flavonoids Show Promise Against Some Cancers (5/2/00, American Cancer Society)

Radiation-Resistant EKOR Demonstrated at Department of Energy Hanford Site (5/2/00, EUROTECH Ltd.)

Xenotransplantation: The Benefits and Risks of Special Organ Transplantation  (5/1/00, Biotechnology Industry Organization)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Announces Safety Recall of Evenflo Child Seats (5/1/00, DOT)

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Offers Free Public Lecture on the Relationship of Vitamins, Diet and Cancer Risk (5/1/00, PR Newswire)

Day Trading Advisors Targeted by Federal Law Enforcers (5/1/00, Federal Trade Commission)

Use of the Internet to Purchase Commercial Insurance and Risk Products Will Increase Significantly (5/1/00, PR Newswire)

National Mental Health Association Launches (5/1/00, PR Newswire)

Skin Self-Exams: Tips on Spotting Cancers Early (5/1/00, American Cancer Society) Joins Project Impact Effort (5/1/00, Federal Emergency Management Agency)

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April 2000

Anniversary of Deadly Tornadoes Brings New Guidelines to Protect Children, Communities - Project Impact: Building Disaster Resistant Communities Says Time to Act (4/28/00, FEMA)

Learn to Protect Your Skin to Lower Risk of Skin Cancer (4/28/00, American Cancer Society)

Physicists Find More Precise Gravity Number -- and Weigh the Earth (4/28/00, EurekAlert)

Hostility, Anger Linked to Chemical that May Cause Heart Disease (4/28/00, EurekAlert)

No Apparent Increase in Cancer Deaths Among Three Mile Island Residents, Report University of Pittsburgh Researchers (4/28/00, PR Newswire)

Vanguard Founder John C. Bogle Suggests Ways of Tempering Risk in Today's Volatile Stock Market (4/28/00, PR Newswire)

Surveillance for Lyme Disease - United States, 1992-1998 (4/28/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

SIA Applauds Creation of Risk Disclosure Working Group ( 4/27/00, Securities Industry Association)

Turkish Earthquake Report Reminds U.S. of Need to Prepare ( 4/27/00, U.S. Geological Survey)

Eight Flame-Retardant Chemicals Can Safely Be Used on Upholstered Furniture (4/27/00, National Academy of Sciences' NRC)

Arctic Overexposure of Pollutants Sparks Interest of Scientists Worldwide; Reports Show That High-Tech Tactics and Grass-Roots Dialogue Can Help Heal an Environment Wounded by Pollution (4/27/00, PR Newswire)

May: Melanoma Awareness Month - Launches Personalized Decision Tools for Melanoma, Ovarian Cancer, and Bladder Cancer (4/27/00, PR Newswire)

Federal Trade Commission Accepts Settlements of Charges that "Alternative" Cigarette Ads Are Deceptive (4/27/00, FTC)

Melanoma Research Foundation Sponsors Nationwide Events for Melanoma Awareness (4/27/00, EurekAlert)

Risk Management Experts to Meet in New York City in May (4/27/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Department of Agriculture Report Estimates Child Born in 1999 Will Cost $160,140 To Raise (4/27/00, USDA)

Emory Researchers Help Develop New Way to Identify Prostate Cancer Patients at High Risk of Recurrence (4/27/00, EurekAlert)

Consumer Product Safety Commission, Healthtex Announce Recall of Baby Garments (4/27/00, CPSC)

Cancer-Protective Regimen Demonstrated, for First Time, to Prevent Tobacco Smoke-Related Lung Tumors -- in Mice (4/26/00, National Institutes of Health NIEHS)

Bigger Telescopes Seek Killer Asteroids (4/26/00, Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Near-Earth Object Program)

Long-Term Safety of Concrete for Holding Nuclear Waste Is Focus of MIT Study (4/26/00, EurekAlert)

African-American Alcoholics: At Greater Risk for Immune Disorders? (4/26/00, EurekAlert)

OERR Virtual Earth Day 2000 Forum Opens Today (4/26/00)

Study Finds Rising Long-Term Care Costs, Demographics Will Make "Aging in Place" Harder Than Boomers Think (4/26/00, American Council of Life Insurers)

Building Systems That Do No Harm: Advancing Patient Safety Through Partnership and Shared Knowledge Conference June 28-30, 2000, Dallas, Texas (4/26/00, PR Newswire)

EPA and Department of Justice Propose Regulations for Public Access to Risk Management Plans (4/26/00, U.S. EPA)

President's Clean Water Action Plan Accomplishments/Agenda Released (4/26/00, U.S. EPA)

EPA Issues Compliance Record of Federal Government Facilities (4/26/00, U.S. EPA)

New Report Shows Increasing Smog in Many Rural Areas (4/26/00, U.S. EPA)

Economic Costs of Malaria Are Many Times Higher than Previously Estimated (4/25/00, WHO)

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration Issues Hazard Information Bulletin for Lyme Disease (4/25/00, OSHA)

New Safety Agenda Targets Major Causes of Preventable Death and Injury in the U.S. - National Safety Council Initiative Offers Blueprint for Effective Action (4/25/00, NSC)

To Reduce SIDS Risk, Doctor's Advice Most Important in Choice of Placing Infants to Sleep on Their Backs (4/25/00, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

Stansbury Holdings Corporation Announces That It Has Engaged Behre Dolbear & Co. to Review the Asbestos Health Risk for Its Dillon Vermiculite Project (4/25/00, PR Newswire)

Economic Costs of Malaria Are Many Times Higher than Previously Estimated (4/25/00, WHO)

RESOLVE Publishes Patient Guide on Infertility Treatment and Multiple Births (4/25/00, PR Newswire)

April 24 - 28 Designated National Playground Safety Week - International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association Takes Leadership Role in Promoting Playground Safety (4/25/00, PR Newswire)

Health Risk Management/Institute for Healthcare Quality Receives Additional Patent for QualityFIRST® Evidence-Based Guidelines Software (4/25/00, PR Newswire)

Pulse Pressure Not Mean Pressure Determines Cardiovascular Risk in Older Hypertensive Patients (4/24/00, Archives of Internal Medicine)

The Mystery of Listeria: How Ultrahigh-Pressure from Flow International Corporation Is Combating a Sometimes-Fatal Bacteria (4/24/00, PR Newswire)

Study Finds Children Are Exposed to Pesticides (4/24/00, EurekAlert)

Counter-Advertising May Change Smokers' Beliefs (4/24/00, EurekAlert) and Form Alliance To Bring Environmental Compliance and Career Information to HVAC Professionals (4/24/00,

Earth Day Letter from President Clinton and Vice President Gore (posted 4/21/00, Whitehouse CEQ)

Press Releases from Earthday.Net  (posted 4/21/00, Earthday.Net.)

Press Releases from Earthday Canada  (posted 4/21/00, Earth Day Canada)

A Privileged Few Protest Food Technology (4/20/00, Hudson Institute)

NationsHealth Incorporates County-Level Behavioral Risk Data (4/20/00, PR Newswire)

Flaws Found in Research Linking Infant Illnesses to Indoor Air Pollutant Stachybotrys (4/20/00, RiskWorld)

Risk Expert Questions EPA’s Failure to Seek Advice on Applicability of Atrazine Report Results (4/20/00, RiskWorld)

Energy Investment Opportunities in Newly Liberalizing Economics Fraught with Risks (4/20/00, RiskWorld)

Department of Energy Joins Countdown to Earth Day 2000 (Posted 4/20/00, released 4/19/00, DOE)

Sen. Robb Joins Top Federal Scientists on Earth Day Visit to Urban Natural Oasis (4/20/00, USGS)

New Rule to Protect Children's Online Privacy Takes Effect April 21, 2000 (4/20/00, Federal Trade Commission)

Global Risk Exchange Launches Trading Hub for Complex Commercial Insurance Transactions (4/20/00, PR Newswire)

Current Guidance Doesn't Help Doctors Treat Young Patients at Risk of Heart Disease (4/20/00, EurekAlert)

American Cancer Society Offers Three New Research Grant Programs; Beginning Investigators, Psychosocial/Behavioral Scientists and Health Services/Health Policy Researchers Encouraged to Apply (4/20/00, PR Newswire)

ACS Takes Fight Against Cancer to Poor and Underserved Communities (4/20/00, American Cancer Society)

New American Thoracic Society/CDC Statement Revises Treatment and Testing for Latent Tuberculosis Infection (4/20/00, EurekAlert)

F-Secure Warns: CIH Virus About to Activate Again (4/19/00, PR Newswire)

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid Nears Market (4/19/00, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Breast Removal Reduces Risk of Cancer for High-Risk Women (4/19/00, American Cancer Society)

Don’t Toss Out the Fiber and Veggies Yet, Say Experts Responding to Colon Polyp Studies (4/19/00, American Cancer Society)

Study of America's Playgrounds Reveals Safety Flaws in Majority of Playgrounds (4/19/00, National Program for Playground Safety)

Reynolds Tobacco's Risk-Reduction Methodology Demonstrates Eclipse Cigarettes May Present Less Risk (4/19/00, PR Newswire)

Statement by Donna E. Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Regarding R. J. Reynolds' New Product, Eclipse (4/19/00, HHS)

Brazil's Atlantic Forests at More Risk than Amazon, Ecologists Say (4/19/00, Nando Times)

University of Pittsburgh Researchers Develop Computer System to Predict Impending Arrhythmia and Sudden Death (4/19/00, EurekAlert)

The Environment Is Improving - Eight Reasons to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Earth Day (4/18/00, Fraser Institute)

USDA Marks Earth Day with 11 Clean Water Projects (Also see Waste Water Project List.) (4/18/00, USDA)

New Study Shows WIC Program Gives Children the Nutrients They Need (Also see report.) (4/18/00, USDA)

More People with Barrett's Esophagus at High Risk of Developing Esophageal Cancer than Previously Thought (4/18/00, EurekAlert)

Consumer Product Safety Commission and U.S. Postal Service Announce Recall Round-up to Get Hazardous Products Out of Consumers' Homes or La CPSC y el Servicio Postal de los Estados Unidos anuncian una campaña de retirada de productos a fin de sacar los productos peligrosos de los hogares de los consumidores (4/18/00, CPSC)

NOAA and FEMA Discuss Impacts of Climate Change to Coastal Communities (4/18/00, FEMA)

New USDA Study Shows Plant Sterols Lower Cholesterol (4/18/00, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

World's Largest Astronomical Observatories Now Accessible Over Internet2 (Posted 4/18/00, EurekAlert)

FDA Approves Zyvox, the First Antimicrobial Drug in a New Class (Posted 4/18/00, FDA)

Angioplasty Improving in Low-Volume Hospitals, but Gap Still Exists (Posted 4/18/00, EurekAlert)

Department of Energy Announces World's First "Hybrid" Fuel Cell-Turbine (4/17/00, DOE)

Review Process for Biotech Products Should Be More Formal, National Food Processors Association's President Tells Food Policy Conference (4/17/00, NFPA)

Environment Minister Anderson's Earth Day Challenge to Canadians: Choose What You Use (4/17/00, Environment Canada)

U.S. Classrooms Receive Important Air Bag Safety Course Courtesy of DaimlerChrysler Corporation (4/17/00, PR Newswire)

Currency Risk: A Constant Companion If You Do Business Abroad (4/17/00, Business Week Online)

Gene Activation May Be Early Sign of Gastric Cancer (4/17/00, UniSci)

U.S. Geological Survey Hosts National Seminar on GIS and Public Health(4/17/00, USGS)

Praising the Gas Engine on Earth Day (4/14/00, Hudson Institute)

Energy Department Updates Cost and Schedule Estimates for Cleanup of Nuclear Weapons Complex (4/14/00, DOE)

Scientists Find Environmental Group's Report on DBCP Lacks Scientific Basis(4/14/00, American Council on Science and Health)

Gulf War Syndrome Dizziness Linked to Nerve Gas (4/13/00, EurekAlert)

Gulf War Vets Share Symptoms of Nerve-Gas Victims (4/13/00, UniSci)

Stream Pollution Underestimated as Much as 20 Percent (4/13/00, UniSci)

A Point-and-Click Revolution in Health and Demographic Research - New Software Developed by Population Council Facilitates Field Research, Available Free on the Internet (4/13/00, EurekAlert)

CPSC, Graco Announce Recall of Infant Swings (4/13/00, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

CBS Newsmagazine 60 Minutes Not Making the Grade, Says Study (4/13/00, American Council on Science and Health)

Austin, TX Surgeon Groups Agree to Settle FTC Charges of Price-Fixing and Concerted Refusals to Deal with Health Plans (4/13/00, Federal Trade Commission)

U.S. Secretary of Energy Announces Proposal to Compensate Thousands of Sick Workers (4/12/00, DOE)

Spinosad Zaps Crop Pests (4/12/00, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Strict Diets Required for Chronic Disease Management May Increase Risk of Unhealthy Eating Behaviors (4/12/00, Center for the Advancement of Health

Toasters Recalled by Proctor-Silex (also see Homelite® Handheld Power Blowers/Vacuums Recalled by John Deere and Lawnmowers Recalled by American Honda Motor) (4/12/00, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Cancer Prevention Crusader Wins 'Alternative Pulitzer Prize' (4/12/00, UniSci)

U.S. Department of Transportation Hosts Intermodal Safety Data Conference (4/11/00, DOT)

Task Force Report on Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project Recommends Strengthened Oversight, More Fiscal Responsibility (4/11/00, DOT)

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Study Shows Association Between Sleep Apnea and Hypertension (4/11/00, NHLBI)

'Science in the Supermarket: Consumer Issues with Genetically Modified Organisms' Is Topic of April 18 Symposium at Cornell (4/11/00, Cornell University)

Nutrition Experts and Diet-book Authors Urge Government to Test Weight-loss Plans (4/11/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

New Report Gives Ethanol a Clean Bill of Health to Replace MTBE in Gasoline (4/11/00, PR Newswire)

Government of Canada Tables Species at Risk Act to Protect Wildlife from Extinction or Le Gouvernement du Canada dépose la
Loi sur les espèces en péril dans le but de protéger les espèces sauvages contre la disparition
(4/11/00, Environment Canada)

Is Your Drinking Water Safe? Take a Six-Step Test to See If Your Water's at Risk (4/11/00, PR Newswire)

New Herpes Information Resource (4/11/00, PR Newswire)

Government Today Increases Vitamin C Recommendation (4/11/00, PR Newswire)

New Antioxidant Vitamin "RDAs" Better, But Not Good Enough (4/11/00, Oregon State University)

Surgery and Anesthesia Increase Risk for Ischemic Stroke (4/11/00, EurekAlert)

Device or Drug? Study Answers Questions About Treating Dangerous Heart Irregularities (4/10/00, American Heart Association)

Antioxidants' Role in Chronic Disease Prevention Still Uncertain; Huge Doses Considered Risky (4/10/00, National Academy of Science)

Temple Psychiatrists Discover New Findings About Substance Abuse in Sons of Fathers with Addiction Problems (4/10/00, PR Newswire)

Starch-Based Adhesive Holds Promise for Healthier Indoors (4/10/00, USDA-ARS)

American Cancer Society's Science Writers Seminar Goes on the Web for All to See at (4/10/00, PR Newswire)

UCSF Researchers Find Link Between Vitamin C and Gallbladder Disease (4/10/00, EurekAlert)

New Study Finds Multiple Myeloma Linked to Radiation Exposures of Nuclear Workers (4/9/00, EurekAlert)

Federal Emergency Management Agency Awards First-Ever Risk Reduction Planning Fellowships (4/7/00, FEMA)

The Hector Mine Earthquake Came at the Right Time for Scientists Studying the Earth Beneath Los Angeles (4/7/00, U.S. Geological Survey)

Scientists Debate When and How to Stop Polio Vaccination After the Disease Is Eradicated (4/7/00, WHO)

Blood Safety…for Too Few (4/7/00, WHO)

Government Warns of Asbestos in Lawn and Garden Products (4/7/00, Nando Times)

Consumer Product Safety Commission Reports Sports-Related Injuries Boom Among Baby Boomers (4/7/00, CPSC)

Grazing Cows Produce More Cancer-Fighting Compound in Milk (4/7/00, USDA-ARS)

High-Tech Research to Prevent Mine Injuries, Deaths Spotlighted in NIOSH Research Guide (4/6/00, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

HIV Infection Increases Smokers' Risk of Emphysema (4/6/00, Ohio State University)

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Richardson Receives Interim Reports on Pantex Groundwater Contamination - Energy Department Seeking Public Input (4/6/00, DOE)

Ergonomics Proposal Hearing To Open April 24 in Portland, Oregon (4/6/00, OSHA)

EPA Publishes Revised Science Policy Paper on Non-Detected and Non-Quantified Pesticide Residues (4/3/00, EPA Office of Pesticide Programs)

New IRC Study Shows Most Firms Favor Deregulation of Commercial Insurance (4/6/0, PR Newswire)

DaimlerChrysler Offers First Fuel Cell Vehicles for Customers (4/6/0, DaimlerChrysler)

Department of Energy Schedules Demo for EUROTECH, Ltd's Radiation-Resistant EKOR at Hanford Site (4/6/0, EUROTECH, Ltd)

Agricultural Research Service Posts Latest Edition of Nutrition Briefs (4/5/00, USDA-ARS)

U.S. Regulatory System Needs Adjustment as Volume and Mix of Transgenic Plants Increase in Marketplace (4/5/00, National Academies of Science)

WHO/UNAIDS Hail Consensus on Use of Cotrimoxazole for Prevention of HIV-Related Infections in Africa (4/5/00, WHO)

Federal Trade Commission Hits Internet Health Fraud in Continuation of Operation Cure.All: New Cases Target Deceptive Hi-Tech Marketing Techniques (4/5/00, FTC)

Soy Protects Heart Without Disrupting Hormones: Study (4/5/00, EurekAlert)

National Strategy Needed to Protect Coastal Areas from Dangerous Levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus (4/4/00, National Academies of Science)

Finding Carotid Plaque on a Standard Dental X-Ray May Predict Fatal Heart Attack or Stroke, University at Buffalo Study Finds (4/4/00, University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine)

Consumer Group Applauds Bill Requiring Nutrition Labeling on Fresh Meat and Poultry (4/4/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

EPA Publishes Revised Science Policy Paper on Non-Detected and Non-Quantified Pesticide Residues ( 4/3/00, EPA Office of Pesticide Programs)

World's Soils Can Store Carbon to Benefit the Environment Finds Paper by the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (4/3/00, CAST)

Will a Killer Asteroid Hit the Earth? (April 2000, Time)

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