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Press Release Archives
Fourth Quarter 2000

December 2000

Mercury Research Strategy Unveiled (12/29/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

U.S. EPA Sets First-Ever Water Quality Criteria for Nutrients, Methylmercury (12/29/00, U.S. EPA)

Broadest Guidance Ever for Economic Analysis of Environmental Regulations and Policies (12/29/00, U.S. EPA)

Canadians Access Toxics In Their Communities Through One Click of A Button (12/28/00, Environment Canada)

Thailand Bans European Beef Over Mad Cow Scare (12/28/00, Nando Times)

Top Ten Weather Stories of 2000 (12/27/00, Environment Canada)

American Society of Safety Engineers Study Urges Employers to Establish Workplace Violence Prevention, Security and Training Policies (12/27/00, PR Newswire)

Why Are Insecurities and Risks Often Erroneously Calculated? (12/27/00, EurekAlert)

Winter Storms Pose Fire Threat (12/27/00, Federal Emergency Management Agency)

U.S. Scheme to Dump Used Mercury in India Faces Strong Oppostion (12/26/00, Greenpeace USA)

EPA Announces Tough New Standards for Lead (12/26/00, U.S. EPA)

Fungal Risk Assessment Helps Clear Trade Hurdles (12/26/00, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

A New Mayo Clinic Book That Helps You Achieve and Maintain the Weight That’s Right for You Is Now Available (12/26/00, Mayo Clinic); this book is available through RiskWorld Bookstore.

Measles and Pertussis Risk Higher for Children with Personal Exemptions from Immunization (12/26/00, EurekAlert)

Giant Asteroid Just Misses Earth (12/24/00, NASA's Near-Earth Object Program)

New Mayo Clinic Study Questions Benefit of Smoking Reduction (12/22/00, Mayo Clinic)

Agencies Extend Comment Period on Improved Cleanup at Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory's Test Area North (12/22/00, INEEL)

No Association Found Between Cellular Phone Use and Risk of Brain Tumors and Questions and Answers for the National Cancer Institute Study of Brain Tumors and Use of Cellular Telephones (12/21/00, National Cancer Institute)

Voluntary Health, Safety Testing for Chemicals To Be Expanded (12/21/00, U.S. EPA)

EPA Dramatically Reduces Pollution from Heavy-Duty Trucks and Buses; Cuts Sulfur Levels in Diesel Fuel (12/21/00, U.S. EPA)

New Toxics Emission Standards Set for Gasoline (12/21/00, U.S. EPA)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Welcomes High-Tech Toy Testing Equipment from McDonald's and RAM Consulting Equipment to Help CPSC Evaluate Toy Dangers and Prevent Injuries (12/19/00, CPSC)

Poorer Half of the World Can Expect Better Health and Prosperity Within the Next Decade (12/19/00, World Health Organization)

New Financial and Banking Instruments for the Audio-Visual Media (12/19/00, European Union)

New Mobile Phone Aerial Cuts Radiation Passing Through User's Head by 97% and Doubles Phone Battery Power (12/19/00, EurekAlert)

Researchers Craft Model that Provides Reasons for Climate-Change Observations (12/19/00, EurekAlert)

Postmenopausal Women May Not Need Annual Pap Smear, University of California at San Francisco Study Finds (12/19/00, EurekAlert)

Software & Information Industry Association Heralds Web-Based Education Commission Final Report (12/19/00, SIIA)

Decisioneering Releases Open Crystal Ball 2.0 (12/19/00, PR Newswire)

Statement of European Commissioner Byrne on New BSE Cases in Germany (12/18/00, European Union)

USDA Risk Management Agency Announces Expansion of Whole Farm Insurance Pilot Program (12/18/00, USDA-RMA)

Scientific Opinion Reviews Austrian Reserve on GMO-Maize (12/18/00, European Union)

Resolving Competitive Concerns, FTC Agreement Clears $182 Billion Merger of Smithkline Beecham and Glaxo Wellcome (12/18/00, Federal Trade Commission)

Squire Sanders Attorneys Urge Employers to Begin Addressing OSHA's Ergonomics Standard (12/18/00, PR Newswire)

More Evidence that Soy May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk (12/17/00, EurekAlert)

Beer, in Moderation, Cuts Risk of Cataracts and Heart Disease (12/17/00, EurekAlert)

Los Alamos Volcanologist: Apply Lessons from Meteorology (12/15/00, Los Alamos National Laboratory)

European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection: Nutrition Policy in Europe (12/15/00, European Union)

EPA Proposes Strict New Controls to Reduce Water Pollution from Large Industrial Feedlot Operations (12/15/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

University of Texas at Austin Scientist Reports Results from Study of Yucatan Crater Linked to Mass Extinctions of Dinosaurs (12/15/00, UT Austin)

New Risk Assessment Software Available (12/14/00, U.S. EPA Office of Pesticide Programs)

Risk Management Comments Requested for Malathion (12/14/00, U.S. EPA OPP)

Government To Explore New Ways to Reduce Risks to People's Health from Chemicals (12/14/00, UK Health and Safety Executive)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Decides Mercury Emissions from Power Plants Must Be Reduced (12/14/00, U.S. EPA)

2000 Monitoring the Future Survey Released - Moderating Trend Among Teen Drug Use Continues (12/14/00, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

Shalala Names Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections; Will Hold First Meeting December 20 (12/14/00, HHS)

Skipping Stone to Offer Public Training at New Houston Training Facility (12/14/00, Skipping Stone, Inc.)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and General Electric Announce Free Repair Supplement of Rebate Program for Recalled Dishwashers: Recalled Units Still Being Used, Creating Risk of Fire (12/14/00, CPSC)

Department of Transportation Launches New Web Site on Transportation and Climate Change (12/14/00, DOT)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Commends Largest-Ever Enforcement Mobilization to Combat Impaired Driving (12/14/00, DOT)

National Cancer Institute Announces New Web Design and Usability Web Site (12/13/00, NCI)

Independent Audit Confirms Los Alamos National Laboratory Compliance with Federal Clean Air Act in 1999 (12/13/00, LANL)

Climate Change Could Cause Major Changes in U.S. Ecosystems, New Report Says (12/13/00, Pew Center on Global Climate Change); see Ecosystems & Global Climate Change: A Review of Potential Impacts on U.S. Terrestrial Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Warming May Pose Risks to Human Health, Report Finds (12/13/00, Pew Center on Global Climate Change); see Human Health & Global Climate Change: A Review of Potential Impacts in the United States

Vitamin C Shows Long List of Health Benefits, Survey Finds, from Common Cold to Heart (12/13/00, PR Newswire)

Beef: Commission Will Formally Adopt Exceptional BSE-Measures (12/13/00, European Union)

Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Geological Survey Partner to Reduce Nation's Natural Disasters (12/13/00, FEMA)

America Burning Recommissioned Issues Final Report (12/13/00, Federal Emergency Management Agency)

First-Ever Complete Plant Genome Sequence Is Announced (12/13/00, National Science Foundation) Introduces New Compliance News Service (12/12/00, Environmental Support Solutions)

Southern Energy National Power Index To Be Compiled and Distributed Daily by Dow Jones Newswires (12/12/00, Southern Energy)

"Richter Scale" for Health Risks Helps Patients Gauge Treatment Options, Reduces Odds of Malpractice Claims (12/12/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Department of Energy Selects Southern Company Site for Mercury Program (12/12/00, Southern Company)

University of California, San Francisco, Study Reveals Common Patient Group at High Risk for Stroke (12/12/00, EurekAlert)

Top Cancer Fighting Holiday Foods from the National Foundation for Cancer Research (12/12/00, PR Newswire)

Safe Diving Poses No Risk of Brain Injury (12/12/00, EurekAlert)

Crime in a Pill Only a Myth, Say Researchers (12/12/00, EurekAlert)

Effective Clinical Practice, Nov/Dec 2000 Highlights (12/12/00, EurekAlert)

Early January: The Storied Effect on Small-Cap Stocks Now Arrives in December (12/11/00, Hudson Institute)

U.S Commerce Secretary Takes Strong Actions as Alarming New Findings About Coral Reefs Are Released (12/11/00, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

Unusual Event Declared at Beaver Valley Power Station - Coolant Leak Reported Contained on Site (12/11/00, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency)

President Clinton Launches New Effort to Increase Immunization Rates Among Children Nationwide - Builds upon Unprecedented Progress to Target Children at High Risk (12/11/00, White House)

Fisheries: Applying the Precautionary Principle and Multiannual Strategies to the Setting of Total Allowable Catches (12/11/00, European Union)

OpenLink Signs Texaco as New Endur™ 5.0 Customer; Endur to Replace In-House Gas Trading & Risk Management System (12/11/00, PR Newswire)

Can a Vitamin a Day Help Keep Heart Disease Away? (12/11/00, EurekAlert)

Global Biodiversity Information Facility Is About To Be Put in Place (12/11/00, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

New Employee Benefit Research Institute Research: Policy Conflict Grows Between Health Privacy & Medical/Business Information Needs (12/11/00, PR Newswire)

Temporal Trends in Outcomes of Older Patients With Pneumonia (12/11/00, Archives of Internal Medicine)

World's Most Dangerous Chemicals To Be Banned - U.S. Gives into Pressure and Backs Landmark Treaty (12/10/00, Greenpeace USA)

National Study Finds Smoking, Hypertension, Antacid Use Associated with Macular Degeneration (12/8/00, PR Newswire)

Independent Auditor To Present Data on Los Alamos National Laboratory Air Emissions (12/8/00, LANL)

U.S. EPA Issues Final Drinking Water Standard for Radionuclides (12/8/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

EPA - Region 5: 20 Companies Agree to Investigate Sauget Area 2 Site (12/8/00, PR Newswire)

Database Makes It Easier to Buy Green Products and Services (12/8/00, U.S. EPA)

Anti-Science Activists Entertain but Don't Enlighten (12/8/00, Hudson Institute)

National Center for Toxicogenomics to Study Genetic Basis of Disease Caused by Environmental Pollution; New NIH Center at NIEHS Will Identify High-Risk Populations and Expedite Science-Based Regulatory Decision Making (12/7/00, PR Newswire)

Providing Compensation to America's Nuclear Weapons Workers (12/7/00, White House)

Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse Web Site (12/7/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Science Panel Suggests Healthy New Year's Resolutions for 2001 (12/7/00, American Council on Science and Health)

Screensavers of the World, Unite! (12/7/00, EurekAlert)

U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service To Hold Public Meeting on the Agency’s Future (12/7/00, FSIS)

In Precedent-Setting Case, Company Settles with EPA on Charges that "Mildew-Proof" Paint Is Unregistered Pesticide - Agrees to Pay $46,000 Penalty and Change Labels and Promo Material (12/7/00, U.S. EPA -- Region II)

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Remarks for National Transportation Safety Board's Child Passenger Safety Press Conference (12/7/00, U.S. DOT); see December 6 notice of press conference

National Transportation Safety Board Releases Booklet Outlining Transportation Safety Issues for Children and Youth (12/7/00, NTSB); see abstract and link to PDF document

National Transportation Safety Board Says DaimlerChrysler Corporation Is First Automaker Ever to "Exceed Expectations" on Safety Recommendation (12/7/00, PR Newswire)

Hydrodynamic Pressure Process May Make Meat Safer (12/7/00, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Kent International and Kash 'N Gold Ltd. Announce Recall of Scooters (12/7/00, CPSC); also CPSC Recall Not for Razor Scooters

Don’t Let This Grinch Steal Your Christmas: 8 Tips to Protect Your PC - Finjan Software Offers Preventive Measures to Secure PCs During the Holidays (12/7/00, Finjan Software Ltd.)

Fiderus Security & Privacy Expert to Brief Federal Trade Commission on Wireless E-Commerce in Prelude to Possible Regulations - FTC Workshop in Washington, D.C., on December 11-12 Set to Discuss Wide Variety of Wireless Concerns and Opportunities (12/7/00, PR Newswire)

The Clean Air Act Turns 30 (12/6/00, Environmental Defense)

Maritime Safety: European Commission Proposes a Second Package of Measures to Avoid a New Erika Disaster (12/6/00, European Union)

Federal and State Energy Officials Prepare for Winter Weather - Workshop with Winter Fuels Industry Examines Options and Prompt Response (12/6/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

EPA Proposes Comprehensive Plan to Clean Up Hudson River PCBs (12/6/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

EPA's Absurd Dredging Proposal Sets Course for Environmental Devastation of Hudson River (12/6/00, Hudsonvoice); see related releases

California's Proposition 65 Unlikely to Improve Public Health, Study Finds (12/6/00, American Council on Science and Health); see executive summary and link to report

New Study Links Smoking to Increased Colorectal Cancer Risk (12/6/00, American Cancer Society)

Seven Steps to Avoiding the Online Shopping Disasters of Last Holiday Season (12/6/00, PR Newswire)

Eurotech Ltd Forms a New Business Unit to Market Nuclear Waste Encapsulation Product (12/6/00, Eurotech Ltd)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Reminds Parents About Nightwear Safety - T-Shirts Cause Nearly 200 Burn Injuries to Children Each Year (12/6/00, CPSC)

CDC Issues New Report on Sexually Transmitted Disease Epidemics (12/5/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

CPSC Releases Holiday Safety Tips for Avoiding Fires and Injuries (12/5/00, CPSC)

No Evidence that Back Belts Reduce Injury Seen in Landmark Study of Retail Users (12/5/00, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health); links to the study and to more information are available at NIOSH Findings and Recommendations on Back Belts; also see editorial Back Belts in the Workplace (12/6/00, Journal of the American Medical Association)

University of Texas Southwestern Study Confirms that Substituting Regular Margarine for Butter Reduces Cholesterol Levels (12/5/00, EurekAlert)

Wood Dust, Talc, Estrogens, and Nickel Alloys Among Substances Being Reviewed for Inclusion in Report on Carcinogens (12/5/00, National Institutes of Health)

Advisory Panel Report Assesses Scientific Information Concerning Starlink Corn (12/5/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

EPA Announces Elimination of All Indoor Uses of Widely-Used Pesticide Diazinon; Begins Phase-Out of Lawn and Garden Uses (12/5/00, U.S. EPA)

Beyond Pesticides Warns Buyer Beware of Continued Sale of Pesticide To Be Phased Out (12/5/00, PR Newswire)

BSE: European Commission Evaluating Five New Tests (12/5/00, European Union)

FDA/FTC Urged to Halt Cholesterol-Lowering Claims for Garlic Supplements (12/5/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Pesticide Exposure May Increase Kids’ Risk of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (12/5/00, American Cancer Society)

AdvanceOnline Joins Forces with RHS Solutions to Launch Online Education Center (12/5/00, PR Newswire)

"Life-Saving" Scientific Information Boost via Internet to Health Researchers in Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe (12/5/00, World Health Organization)

American Society of Safety Engineers Applauds Development of Occupational Safety & Health Doctoral Degree Program (12/4/00, ASSE)

Results of Survey on Health Quality, Medical Errors, and Patient Safety To Be Released (12/4/00, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

Modelling the Short Term Consequences of Smoking Cessation in England (12/4/00, EurekAlert)

Young Healthy Smokers Take Significantly More Days Off Work than Non-Smokers (12/4/00, EurekAlert)

Low Dose Estrogen Improves Bone Health (12/4/00, EurekAlert)

Tropical Storm Risk Consortium Announces Forecast for US Hurricane Strikes in 2001 (12/4/00, PR Newswire)

Lilly's Raloxifene Use for The Heart (RUTH) Trial Expanded to Include Invasive Breast Cancer Prevention as a Primary Objective (12/4/00, PR Newswire)

Stroke Treatment Highly Variable Across U.S. Hospitals - Potential Savings from Improved Care: $117 Million Annually (12/4/00, HCIA-Sachs, L.L.C.); find information about report 100 Top Hospitals: Stroke Benchmarks for Success

President Clinton: Preserving America's Coral Reefs (12/4/00, White House); also see president's remarks on Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Reserve

American Society of Safety Engineers Recommends Lifesaving School Transportation Guidelines (12/4/00, PR Newswire)

Manganese Exposure May Speed the Emergence of Parkinson's Disease Symptoms, According to New Findings in Animals (12/4/00, EurekAlert)

Johns Hopkins Launches Information Security Institute (12/4/00, EurekAlert)

Scientists Decode Genes of Microbe That Thrives in Toxic Metals - Genetic Information May Lead to Advances in Cleaning Up Contaminated Soil (12/4/00, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Muñoz Highlights U.S. Investment Opportunities in Vietnam (12/4/00, Overseas Private Investment Corporation)

Modern Pesticides Aren't Killing Birds (12/1/00, Hudson Institute)

Job Stress May Lead to Back Injury for Some People, Study Finds (12/1/00, Ohio State University)

Safe Handling Begins on the Farm, Not in the Home (12/1/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

U.S. Department of Transportation Announces Rule to Enhance Pipeline Safety (12/1/00, U.S. DOT)

Virus Alert: McAfee Avert Places High Risk Assessment On New ProLin-Shockwave Worm (12/1/00, Network Associates, Inc.)

Eight New Superfund Sites in Eight States Added to National Priority List, 13 Proposed (12/1/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

The Impact of Genetics on Insurance: "Quality of Life Insurance" May Hold the Key (Part 2 of 2) (12/1/00, GeneLetter); also see Part 1

Ring Those Genetically-Modified Taco Bells (12/1/00, GeneLetter)

Applying Genetic Advances: Where Do We Go from Here?
A Report from GeneSage's "Genetic Issues Survey of Managed Care Executives"
(12/1/00, GeneLetter)

Gene Sequencing and Discovery Are Only the Beginning: A Public Health Perspective (12/1/00, GeneLetter)

Homeowners May Save Energy and Money with New Internet-Based Tool (12/1/00, U.S. EPA)

Rain Fears as Malaria Epidemic Hits Burundi (12/1/00, World Health Organization)

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November 2000

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) List of Canadian Species at Risk Continues to Grow (11/30/00, Environment Canada)

U.S. Agencies Announce Release of Missouri River Biological Opinion (11/30/00, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Eighteenth Issue of UK Health and Safety Executive Newsletter The Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA 18) Published (11/30/00, HSE)

Child's Exposure to Pesticides Hikes Lymphoma Risk (11/30/00, UniSci)

Living in a City Increases a Man's Risk of Death as Much as Smoking Cigarettes, University of Michigan Study Shows (11/30/00, EurekAlert)

Insulin Precursor Linked with Increased Stroke Risk; May Represent New Risk Factor (11/30/00, EurekAlert)

The Bank of New York, Prebon Yamane and Amerex Form Joint Venture to Create the First Industry Sponsored Clearinghouse for the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Energy Marketplace (11/30/00, Bank of New York)

Study Finds Substantial Genetic Basis for Risk of Periodontal Disease (11/30/00, American Academy of Periodontology)

Florida Research Shows That for Rice, Warmer Earth Brings Uncertain Future (11/30/00, EurekAlert)

Household Hazards Are Not, as Commonly Believed, the Leading Cause of Falls by the Elderly (11/30/00, EurekAlert)

"Crowd safety - the no. 1 issue" say Robbie Williams and Alan Hansen - UK Health and Safety Executive Publishes New Guidance for Crowd Safety Management (11/29/00, HSE)

Colorectal Cancer Incidence Lowered By 20 Percent with Regular Hemoccult® Screening (11/29/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Department of Agriculture Seeks Public Input on Government's Role in Biotech Marketing, Announces New Biotechnology Research (11/29/00, USDA); also see agriculture secretary's remarks at Advisory Committee on Biotechnology meeting in Washington D.C.

Allied Pilots Association Reports That Federal Aviation Administration Addresses Pilot Fatigue, Closes Loophole on Unlimited Duty (11/29/00, APA)

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Reaches Agreement to Abolish Unnecessary Animal Testing (11/29/00, OECD)

We Dodged the Bullet . . . This Year (11/29/00, PR Newswire)

Weighing "Risk and Value" in the "New, New Economy" (11/29/00, PR Newswire)

Glaxo Wellcome Decides to Withdraw Lotronex from the Market (11/28/00, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Joins UNICEF and Kiwanis International to Eliminate Iodine Deficiency Disorders - Foundation Awards $15 Million to Fight World's Leading Cause of Mental Retardation (11/28/00, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

State Farm Introduces Vehicle Safety Discount (11/28/00, State Farm Insurance Company); see 36 best-rated vehicles list and vehicle safety discount and physical damage index for all 2001 makes and models (PDF)

New Booklet Is Available to Help Consumers Understand Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (11/28/00, PR Newswire)

Professor Keeps Eye on Asteroid (11/28/00, NASA Near-Earth Object Program)

Cigital Announces Launch of SRM Magazine, a Publication Providing "Confidence for the Digital Age" - Magazine To Serve as an Industry Information Resource for Companies Addressing the Business Risks of Software Failure (11/27/00, Cigital Inc.)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Makes Draft Guidance on Bee Precautionary Labeling (Pesticide Registration Notice) Available for Public Comment (11/27/00, EPA Office of Pesticide Programs)

Cigarette Smoking Causes Genetic Damage Linked to Colon Cancer (11/27/00, American Cancer Society)

Using Finger to Clean Spray Paint Gun Can Be Risky Business (11/27/00, Radiological Society of North America)

Unnecessary Setback for Biotech Corn (11/26/00, Hudson Institute)

Meeting Ends Without Agreement – Formal Plenary Decides to Suspend COP-6, Reconvene in 2001 (11/25/00, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)

Canada Will Continue Working for an International Climate Change Agreement (11/25/00, Environment Canada)

Greenpeace Final Statement at the Closure of the UNFCCC COP6 (11/25/00, Greenpeace USA)

Turkey Basics: Safe Cooking (Posted 11/22/00, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service)

Almost Half the World's People Have No Acceptable Means of Sanitation (11/22/00, World Health Organization)

Study Links Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy to an Increased Risk for Miscarriage (11/22/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Announces Plan For Improving Child Restraint Systems (11/22/00, DOT)

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Announces $12 Million in Water Quality Improvement Grants (11/22/00, USDA)

U.S. Migratory Bird Conservation Commission Approves $25 Million for Wetlands Projects (11/22/00, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Public Stakeholder Meetings Set for Nov. 29-30 to Review Inert Pesticide Ingredients and Scientific Advisory Panel to Review Pesticide Cumulative Risk Assessment Case Study on Dec. 7-8 (11/21/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Research Insights into Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Highlighted in 10th Special Report (11/21/00, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism); see report

U.S. Energy Department Announces Preferred Alternative for Nuclear Infrastructure (11/21/00, DOE)

New Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid Helps You Lose Weight and Keep It Off! (11/21/00, Mayo Clinic)

$3.4 Million for New U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Research Projects Aimed at Putting Research to Work to Improve Health Care Quality (11/21/00, AHRQ); includes information about the project Understanding Numbers in Health: A Primer for Patients, principal investigator: Steven E. Woloshin, Dartmouth College

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Warns Against Consuming Dietary Supplements Containing Tiratricol (11/21/00, FDA)

New U.S. Food and Drug Administration Website Debuts (11/21/00, FDA)

Use Candles with Care at the Holidays, Says The Hartford; Candle Fires on the Rise (11/21/00, PR Newswire)

New Crash Test Results Available on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's World Wide Web Site (11/21/00, NHTSA)

Results of Yale Study Confirm Aspirin Helpful in Preventing a First Heart Attack (11/21/00, Yale University)

Fraser Institute Launches New Research Centre To Study the Impact of Regulation (11/21/00, Fraser Institute)

USDA Targets $25 Million to Educate Under-Served Farmers About Crop Insurance (11/21/00, U.S. Department of Agriculture); also see Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Approves Revenue Crop Insurance Products (11/20/00, USDA Risk Management Agency)

New Waste Management Training Launched Nationwide (11/20/00, Environmental Support Solutions)

Nissan Sentra CA Receives California Environmental Protection Agency Award - The Cleanest Gasoline-Powered Car in the World Lauded for Environmental Efforts (11/20/00, PR Newswire)

Nationwide Enforcement Blitz Aims at Drunk Drivers and Deadbeat Drivers Who Threaten Children's Lives (11/20/00, PR Newswire); also see U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Joins in Seventh National Mobilization To Buckle Up Children and Fight Drunk Driving and secretary's remarks (U.S. DOT)

MelTec Raises DM 38 Million (US Dollars 16 Million) in Seed Financing Round - Biochance 2000 Grant Project Also Initiated (11/20/00, PR Newswire)

Children Born to Mothers Who Go Hungry During Early Pregnancy Run Greater Risk of Heart Disease as Adults (11/19/00, EurekAlert)

Perspective on Life Can Affect Women’s Health, According to New Studies (11/19/00, EurekAlert)

Ten Metric Tons of Russian Nuclear Material Secured (11/17/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

Fitting Farming Practices to Minimize Water Pollution (11/17/00, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Remarks by the U.S. President to Vietnam National University and Fact Sheet: Expanding Cooperation Between the United States and Vietnam (11/17/00, White House)

Half of All Hospital Patients Have Coexisting Diseases (11/17/00, U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

Pennsylvania Department of Health to Issue Guidelines to Providers, Physicians Confirming PA's Abortion Control Act Applies to RU-486 (11/17/00, PR Newswire)

Keep Thanksgiving Safe: Guard Against "Left-Out" Leftovers and "Super Germs" - Leftovers Could Pose as Big a Risk as the Thanksgiving Feast (11/17/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Contaminated Corn Dumped on EPA (Posted 11/16/00, Greenpeace)

Study of Normal Women Demonstrates: There Are Few "Safe" Days in Menstrual Cycle (11/16/00, National Institutes of Health)

Fish and Wildlife Service Awards More than $15 Million for Wetlands Restoration Projects (11/16/00, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

W.A.T.C.H. Inc.'s Annual "10 Worst Toys" Conference: Child Safety Should Not Be a Game of "Hide and Seek" (11/16/00, World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc.)

ECRI to Debut "Health Devices" PACS Special Issue at Radiological Society of North America Conference (11/16/00, PR Newswire)

United States and New York Reach Agreement with Electric Utility and Reduce Air Pollution: Accord Marks a Major Step in National Enforcement Initiative (11/16/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Russia to Crash Mir Space Station into Pacific (11/16/00, Nando Times)

New Report Questions Use of Soy As an Alternative for Estrogen Replacement Therapy (11/16/00, Mayo Clinic)

Report Outlines Promising Opportunities for Addressing Climate Change (11/16/00, Oak Ridge National Laboratory); see report Scenarios for a Clean Energy Future

Global Risk Exchange's Online Commercial Insurance Platform  Enables Association for Financial Professionals Members to Purchase, Manage Risk Programs (11/15/00, PR Newswire)

New Genotyping Tool Developed by Roche Expected to Speed Practical Applications of Genomic Research (11/15/00, PR Newswire)

Researchers Identify New Genetic Risk Factor for HIV Infection (11/15/00, National Institutes of Health)

SunGard Announces the Industry's First Credit Risk Application Service Provider (11/15/00, PR Newswire)

Let Us NOT Give Thanks or Deck the Halls with Oriental Bittersweet This Holiday Season (11/15/00, U.S. Geological Survey)

Insulin Resistance Can Predict Hypertension Development, Wake Forest Researchers Report (11/15/00, EurekAlert)

Emory Reports Successes in Angioplasty to American Heart Association: Lower Risk, Lower Cost, Improved Outcomes (11/15/00, Emory University)

Study Finds Blacks Have a Higher Rate of Mortality (11/15/00, EurekAlert)

Laughter Is Good for Your Heart, According to a New University of Maryland Medical Center Study and Don't Get Mad, Get Funny  (11/15/00, EurekAlert)

American Industrial Hygiene Association Announces Top Public Policy Issues for 2000-2001 (11/15/00, PR Newswire)

ENVIRON.COM Launches Environmental Compliance Industry's First B2B Internet File Storage Service To Be Powered by Driveway (11/14/00, Environmental Support Solutions)

November Sales Closing Dates Coming for Crop Insurance (11/14/00, USDA Risk Management Agency)

UK's Health and Safety Executive Campaigns to Improve Standards in Construction Industry (11/14/00, HSE)

Report Will Help Communities and Healthcare Systems Decrease Tobacco Use and Reduce Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure (11/14/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Announces NHTSA Proposal to Upgrade Crash Fire Safety Standard (11/14/00, U.S. DOT)

Women More Vulnerable to Effects of Cigarette Smoke than Men (11/14/00, EurekAlert)

High Blood Pressure, Obesity Linked to Rise in Kidney Cancers (11/14/00, American Cancer Society)

FTC to Host a Two-Day Public Workshop on December 11-12 to Examine Emerging Wireless Internet and Data Technologies and the Privacy, Security, and Consumer Protection Issues They Raise (11/14/00, Federal Trade Commission)

Heavy Meals May Trigger Heart Attacks (11/14/00, American Heart Association)

Three-Minute Skin Test Measures Cholesterol Levels (11/14/00, American Heart Association)

Decision Resources Study Evaluates Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Drug Development Opportunities, Based on Vast Unmet Treatment Needs and a Growing Patient Population (11/14/00, Decision Resources); see abstract of report Leading Applications of Inhaled Delivery Systems for Systemically Active Drugs and Decisioneering Partner Up to Offer Decisioneering Software in Various Flexible Pricing and Distribution Models (11/14/00,

Society for Human Resource Management Files Lawsuit Over Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Ergo Regs (11/14/00, SHRM); go to Final Ergonomics Program Standard

Crucial Climate Change Talks Set for The Hague - Governments To Decide Future of Kyoto Protocol ( 11/13/00, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change); see daily summary report by Earth Negotiations Bulletin and ENB on the side through November 24.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Ergonomics Standard Is Seriously Flawed, According to Newspaper Association of America (11/13/00, PR Newswire); go to Final Ergonomics Program Standard

American Society of Safety Engineers Comment on OSHA Ergonomic Standards Being Published in the Federal Register ( 11/13/00, ASSE); also see American Industrial Hygiene Association's Statement on Final OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard (11/10/00, AIHA)

Professor Gilbert White Wins National Medal of Science ( 11/13/00, University of Colorado); also see Clinton Names a Diverse Group of Researchers to Receive the 2000 National Medals of Science (National Science Foundation)

Relationship Between Smoking, Alcohol and Coffee Consumption and Parkinson’s Disease May Identify New Risk Factor (11/13/00, Mayo Clinic)

EPA Releases Preliminary StarLink Corn Assessment (11/13/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); see links to November 28 meeting notice and preliminary assessment

Austrian Train Tragedy: The Steepness of the Tunnel Meant the Fire Was Fanned by a Powerful Updraught - 159 People Died in the Tragedy (11/13/00, New Scientist)

Introducing Science into Discourse on Climate Change (11/13/00, UniSci); also see U.S. president's statement

World Health Organization Proposal Would Raise Quality of Internet Health Information (11/13/00, World Health Organization)

South Florida Disaster Update: More Than $95 Million Approved, Applications Top 50,000 Mark (Sobre $95 Millones Aprobados y Mas de 50,000 Solicitudes de Asistencia) (11/13/00, Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Attacking the Nation's No. 1 Killer: Statin and Niacin Treatment Reduces Risk of Heart Attack by 70 Percent, Can Reverse Arterial Buildup  and Statins Seem to Work Best on the Worst Kind of Plaque; Painless Technique Credited with Findings (11/13/00, EurekAlert)

Women and Children Face the Music of the Deadly Quartet (11/13/00, EurekAlert)

Women Must Develop Healthy Lifestyles Well Before Menopause to Avoid Heart Disease in Later Years (11/13/00, PR Newswire)

New Study of North Carolina Children Suggests Upcoming Epidemic of Type II Diabetes (11/13/00, EurekAlert)

High Blood Pressure Gene also Linked to Obesity (11/13/00, American Heart Association)

New Research Finds Link Between Gum Disease, Acute Heart Attacks (11/12/00, EurekAlert)

¡Ciao! Down: Mediterranean Diet After a Heart Attack Adds Years to Life (11/12/00, EurekAlert)

Trans Fats Losers in Fat Fight (11/12/00, EurekAlert)

American Industrial Hygiene Association's Statement on Final OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard (11/10/00, AIHA)

President Clinton's Internet Address to the Nation: Meeting the Challenge of Global Warming (11/11/00, White House)

Virus Alert: McAfee AVERT Places Medium On Watch Risk Assessment on New Navidad Internet Worm (11/10/00, PR Newswire)

Mind Preservers: Some Anti-Cholesterol Drugs May Reduce the Risk of Dementia in Old Age (11/10/00, New Scientist)

Fatty Diet Not Linked to Higher Estrogen Levels Associated with Breast Cancer Risk (11/10/00, American Cancer Society)

Biosignia Awarded Two US Patents Representing Medical Technology Milestone (11/10/00, PR Newswire)

Aspirin, Even at Low Dose, Carries Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding (11/9/00, EurekAlert)

Setting the Record Straight Regarding Darkness in El Dorado (11/9/00, National Academy of Science)

Steps Taken to Strengthen Water Quality Standards (11/9/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Air Pollution Inhalation Chambers Dedicated for Human Health Research (11/9/00, U.S. EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory)

Tonsil Fear: Britain Will Not Ban Reusable Surgical Instruments for Tonsil Removal, Despite vCJD Fears (11/9/00, New Scientist)

Southern Pine Council States CCA-Treated Wood Is Safe (11/9/00, PR Newswire)

Late Nights, Long Drives Can Make Holiday Driving Deadly, Warns National Sleep Foundation - College Students, Young Adults at Special Risk, Experts Say (11/9/00, PR Newswire) Fashion Could Seriously Damage Your Health (11/9/00, PR Newswire)

IKONOS Satellite Recognized by Popular Science Magazine in Annual "Best of What's New" Issue - Popular Science Presents Space Imaging with Top Award in Aviation & Space Category (11/9/00, Space Imaging, Inc.)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome May Lead to Early Onset of Atherosclerosis, Even Among Thin Women, According to University of Pittsburgh Study (11/9/00, PR Newswire)

IBA Food Safety Division Supports FDA Petition for Improved Seafood Safety in the United States (11/8/00, PR Newswire)

Removing Ovaries Lowers Risk for Women at High Risk of Breast, Ovarian Cancer (11/8/00, American Cancer Society)

Poison Gas: The Health Risks Facing Survivors of Chemical Weapons Tests Must Be Studied, Say Politicians and Scientists (11/8/00, New Scientist)

Keeping Your Kids Asthma and Allergy Free (11/8/00, PR Newswire)

Risk Managers Are Doomed Without a Robust Data Architecture (11/8/00, Meridien Research)

Novartis Consumer Health US Announces Voluntary Withdrawal and Reformulation of Phenylpropanolamine-Containing Cold and Allergy Products (11/7/00, PR Newswire)

Mysterious Object Won't Strike Earth, Scientists Say (11/7/00, Nando Times); also see False Alarm: Asteroid Threat to Earth Rejected After New Image Uncovered (11/6/00, New Scientist) and Much Ado about 2000 SG344 (11/7/00, Near Earth Object Program)

Researchers Link Adolescent Cigarette Smoking with Anxiety Disorders During Early Adulthood (11/7/00, PR Newswire)

Community Prevention Trial Reduces Risky Drinking, Alcohol-Related Crashes and Trauma (11/7/00, National Institutes of Health); see JAMA article abstract

BSE Crisis: France Is Gripped by Fear as Health Minister Predicts Dozens of People Will Die (11/7/00, New Scientist); also see French Refuse to Ban Beef Delicacy Over Disease Worries (11/6/00, Nando Times)

Study Looks at Reasons for False-Positive Mammograms (11/7/00, American Cancer Society)

Risk Factors for Brain Tumors in Adults (revised 11/6/00, National Cancer Institute)

Exercise Thought to Cut Breast Cancer Risk (11/6/00, Nando Times)

Pesticide Problem: Long-Term Exposure to a Common Pesticide Could Cause Parkinson's Disease (11/6/00, New Scientist)

Statement by the United States President: Signing of the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (11/6/00, White House); also see American Society of Safety Engineers Applauds Signing of Major Safety Bill (11/7/00, ASSE)

The Cost of Needlestick Law Compliance: Healthcare Facilities Prepare to Manage Price and Other Training Issues (11/6/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Issues Public Health Warning on Phenylpropanolamine (11/6/00, FDA); also see Dangerous Remedies: Decongestant Linked to Strokes Is Banned in the US and Other Countries May Follow (11/7/00, Nando Times)

Report on Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedra Makes Urgent Call for Research to Develop Dose Guidelines, Safety Warnings (11/6/00, EurekAlert)

WellMed Introduces the First Wireless Application to Help Consumers Manage Their Health (11/6/00, PR Newswire)

American Analytical Testing Services Announces Breakthrough in Electronic Handling of Environmental Data (11/6/00, PR Newswire)

BASF Aktiengesellschaft Presents Exciting New Fungicide (11/6/00, BASF Aktiengesellschaft)

CyberSource® Fraud 2000 Survey Reveals Increasing Concern About Internet Fraud Among Businesses Selling Online - Results Indicate Increased Awareness of Who Bears the Most Risk for Online Fraud and Respondents Report Taking More Precautions This Holiday Season  (11/6/00, CyberSource Corporation)

New National Headache Foundation Brochure Offers Information on Caffeine and Headache (11/6/00, PR Newswire)

Twin Study Suggests Genetic Link Between Craving Alcohol, Sweets (11/6/00, EurekAlert)

Violence Is a Learned Behavior, Say Researchers at Wake Forest University (11/6/00, EurekAlert)

T. Rowe Price Introduces Online Retirement Income Calculator (11/6/00, PR Newswire)

Flu Vaccine Distribution: Frequently Asked Questions and Facts About Additional Flu Vaccine (11/3/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Study Suggests Vegetables Don’t Lower Colorectal Cancer Risk (11/3/00, American Cancer Society)

American Society of Safety Engineers Offers Warehouse Superstore Safety Tips (11/3/00, PR Newswire)

National Institutes of Health Consensus Panel Recommends a Range of Adjuvant Therapies for Women with Breast Cancer (11/3/00, NIH)

International Astronomical Union Technical Review Team Assessment on Asteroid 2000 SG344 (11/3/00, Near-Earth Object Program)

Doctors' Fear of Side Effects for Heart Failure Treatment Is Unjustified (11/2/00, EurekAlert)

Ecology of Infectious Diseases Grants Jointly Announced by National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation (11/2/00, NSF)

Congressional Leaders Urge Vietnam Veterans To Be Tested for Diabetes (11/2/00, PR Newswire)

FDA Announces Decision on Another Health Claim for Dietary Supplements (11/2/00, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

EPA to Reduce Toxic Chemicals Discharged into the Great Lakes (11/2/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

EPA Making $1 Million in Grants Available to States Under New Program to Cleanup Leaking Gas Tanks; MTBE Sites Given Priority (11/2/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Despite Progressive Recommendation from American Heart, FDA Says Science for Omega-3 Health Claim "Suggestive, Not Conclusive" (11/2/00, PR Newswire)

Respiratory Virus Poses Major Health Threat to Infants, Says Texas Children's Hospital (11/2/00, PR Newswire)

Stadium Noise May Be Affecting More than the Opponents' Offense; Societal Noise Exposure, a Not-So-Silent Epidemic, Is on the Rise (11/2/00, PR Newswire)

Small Business Market Attracts National Lenders; Community Banks Must Develop Strategies to Stay Competitive (11/2/00, PR Newswire)

Chubb Executive Risk Adds Regulatory Wrongful Acts to Health Care Directors & Officers Policy (11/2/00, PR Newswire)

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October 2000

Energy Department Issues Request for Proposals to Build Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride Conversion Plants in Ohio and Kentucky (10/31/00, U.S. DOE)

ENVIRON.COM and Neosafety Establish E-Commerce Marketing  Agreement (10/31/00, Environmental Support Solutions)

HIV Epidemic Restructuring Africa's Population (10/31/00, Worldwatch Institute)

Law Enforcers Target "Top 10" Online Scams; Consumer Protection Cops From 9 Countries, 5 U.S. Agencies, And 23 States Tackle Internet Fraud (10/31/00, Federal Trade Commission)

U.S. Energy Department Announces National Bioenergy Center (10/31/00, U.S. DOE)

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Announces $300 Million Bioenergy Program (10/31/00, USDA)

Consider Typhoid Vaccination for Short-Term Travel (10/31/00, EurekAlert)

Weight Gain Risk in Women Linked to Key Stages of Life (10/31/00, PR Newswire)

Yo-Yo Dieters Show Lower Levels of "Good" Cholesterol, Could Pose Heart Disease Risk, Say Researchers from National W.I.S.E. Study (10/31/00, PR Newswire)

Irradiation, Refrigeration Can Add to Beneficial Effects of Wine Grapes (10/31/00, EurekAlert)

Internet Integration Now Available with ENVIRON.COM's Refrigerant Compliance ManagerTM Web Comply 2000 Software (10/30/00, Environmental Support Solutions)

FTC's "Operation Protection Deception" Stops Misleading Telemarketing Scams in Their Tracks (10/30/00, Federal Trade Commission)

Conservation Group Prepares Second Lawsuit to Require TVA Compliance with Clean Air Act (10/30/00, NPCA)

EPIC/MRA: Study Shows Women - Doctors Don't Talk Enough; Silence Surrounding Menopause Can be Harmful (10/30/00, PR Newswire)

EPA Announces Scientific and Public Participation for StarLink Corn Review (10/30/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Doctors Worry About High-Risk Patients Waiting for Flu Vaccine, Says Pennsylvania Medical Society (10/30/00, PR Newswire)

Dengue Fever an Emerging Public Health Problem (10/30/00, EurekAlert)

Men Aged 40-50 at Highest Risk for Developing Gout; A Monthly Foot Fact from, the "Foot Health Network" (10/30/00, PR Newswire)

SunGard Addresses New Demands for Risk Integration; Supports Cross-Business, Cross-Industry Risk Management (10/30/00, PR Newswire)

Allergy Epidemic Is a Result of (Too) Clean Living, Chicago Tribune Report (10/28/00, PR Newswire)

Fairview Industries: Sales of Milk Hormone rBGH Must Be Suspended - Diabetes Risk; A Comment on Forbes 8/21/00 "Stepping in It" (10/27/00, PR Newswire)

EPA Investigator Refers Criminal Probe on Waste Technologies Industries Toxic Waste Incinerator (10/27/00, Greenpeace)

Blood Folate Levels Up in American Women: Potential for Reduction in Birth Defects (10/27/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Study Shows Long Trips Don't Hike Risk of Thrombosis (10/27/00, UniSci)

New Ergonomic Keyboard Relieves Wrist Pain (10/25/00, National Science Foundation)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Plans to Ban Poultry Antibiotics (10/26/00, Nando Times)

West Nile Virus Information Available on National Pesticide Telecommunications Network (10/26/00, U.S. EPA); also see U.S. Geological Survey Researchers: West Nile Moves Bird-to-Bird in Lab (10/26/00, USGS)

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to Support Centers of Excellence Under New Comprehensive Patient Safety Research Program (10/26/00, AHRQ)

Research Strategy Published on Environmental Risks to Children (10/26/00, U.S. EPA)

American Society of Safety Engineers to Hold Seminar on Controlling Health Risks in the Workplace ( 10/26/00, ASSE); go to seminar web page.

Make Them Safe: Genetically Modified Crops Are Riskier than They Should Be (10/26/00, New Scientist)

Knowledge Gap: The UK Government Misled the Public Over Mad Cow Disease, but the Epidemic Could Not Have Been Avoided, Says Inquiry Chairman (10/26/00, New Scientist)

New Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations, Providing Improved Control, Laid Before Parliament (10/25/00, UK Health and Safety Executive)

Decisioneering Named One of Colorado's 50 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies (10/25/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Surgeon General Teams with Medical Groups to Urge Priority Influenza & Pneumococcal Vaccination for High-Risk Groups (10/25/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Department of Agriculture's Risk Management Agency Program Announcement (10/25/00, RMA/USDA)

Customer Dialogue Systems Acquires Asset Sciences (10/25/00, PR Newswire) Licenses's Health Illustrated Encyclopedia (10/25/00, PR Newswire)

High Iron Levels May Speed Atherosclerosis and Increase Risk of Heart Attack (10/25/00, American Heart Association)

Preventing Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission - Technical Experts Recommend Use of Antiretroviral Regimens Beyond Pilot Projects; Experts Say Benefits Outweigh Potential Adverse Effects (10/25/00, World Health Organization)

American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine Announces Adult Immunization Initiative (10/25/00, PR Newswire)

United Kingdom's Export Credits Guarantee Department Appoints Consultants To Advise on Strengthened Risk Management Project (10/25/00, UK Central Office of Information)

Three Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality-Funded Articles Featured in Journal of the American Medical Association Health Care Access Theme Issue, including Unmet Health Needs of Uninsured Adults in the United States and Comprehensive Follow-up Care and Life-Threatening Illnesses Among High-Risk Infants: A Randomized Controlled Trial (10/24/00, AHRQ); also see Comprehensive Care for High-Risk Infants Saves Money While Improving Health, UT Southwestern Physicians Report in JAMA (EurekAlert) and  Uninsured Americans Not Receiving Necessary Care According to Newly Released JAMA Study (PR Newswire)

U.S. Senator Breaux Says Banning MTBE Is Bad Environmental and Energy Policy (10/24/00, Oxygenated Fuels Association)

Estimate of Killer Asteroids Zooms (10/24/00, Alburquerque Journal, from Near-Earth Object Program)

Department of Energy-Funded Early Lung Cancer Detection Unit Is Launched (10/23/00, PR Newswire)

President Clinton Signs Federal .08 BAC Drunk Driving Law (10/23/00, PR Newswire); also see Remarks by the President to Establish National Drunk Driving Standard

Jefferson Study Shows Women with Very Early Breast Cancer and an Inherited Breast Cancer Gene at Greater Risk for Second Breast Cancers (10/23/00, EurekAlert)

Women's Worry About Being at Risk for Certain Cancers Not as High as Expected, Study Finds (10/22/00, EurekAlert)

Mojave Water Grab: Severely Flawed Environmental Report Puts Desert at Risk (10/20/00, PR Newswire)

Mynd Unveils Browser-Based Edition of Its Risk Management Information System, RISKMASTER/World (10/20/00, PR Newswire)

Help Preventing Heart Attack and Stroke Is Now Just a Click Away (10/20/00, PR Newswire)

New Web Site Addresses Consumers' Need for Soy Protein Information, Guidance, and Product Benefits (10/20/00, PR Newswire)

DaimlerChrysler Corporation Receives the 2000 C. Everett Koop National Health Award (10/20/00, PR Newswire)

Waste Not, Want Not: The Safe Disposal of Nuclear Materials - The Century Foundation Releases New Idea Brief in Ideas 2000 Series (10/19/00, PR Newswire)

Child Welfare League of America Applauds New Measure to Help Foster Teens with Housing (10/19/00, PR Newswire)

National Cancer Institute Awards Grants for New State and Community Tobacco Control Initiative (10/19/00, NCI)

Consumer Information Ranking Cleanest Cars Available for First Time from EPA (10/19/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Major Food Companies Called On to Protect Public from Gene-Altered Corn (10/19/00, Greenpeace); also Legal Action Initiated to Protect Endangered Species from Gene-Altered Corn (10/18/00)

EPA Report Finds Biotech Crops Have Little Impact on Monarch Butterflies (10/19/00, Biotechnology Industry Organization); also see Statement by Stephen Johnson, EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Pesticides, Regarding Starlink Corn

University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University Establish Biomedical Security Institute to Address Bioterrorism, Public Health Threats (10/19/00, EurekAlert)

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Supports Anti-Bioterrorism Research and Planning (10/18/00, AHRQ)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Insurance Industry Launch National Risk Management Program (10/18/00, OSHA)

Prognosis Improves Dramatically for HIV Patients in the Intensive Care Unit (10/18/00, Mayo Clinic)

2000 Capitation Survey Shows Rates Improving Dramatically for Providers; Many Seeking More Risk Agreements (10/18/00, PR Newswire)

Study Confirms Sunscreen Use in Children May Reduce Risk of Future Skin Cancer (10/18/00, American Academy of Dermatology)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Treating America's Hidden Epidemic (10/18/00, American Academy of Dermatology)

Arthur Andersen Named First Global Participant in AlgoIntegrator™ Program (10/17/00, PR Newswire)

Rank Main Occupational Factor Associated with Ill Health Among Gulf War Veterans (10/17/00, EurekAlert)

New Data Confirms that Pravastatin Is Effective in Reducing the Rate of Coronary Heart Disease in a Wide Range of Patients Including Those with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure (10/17/00, PR Newswire)

Cairnstone Introduces Innovative Medical Stop Loss Product for Self Insured Employers; OmniRisk Offers Full Protection at Reduced Cost (10/17/00, PR Newswire)

American Cancer Society Study Finds No Association Between Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) and Breast Cancer Mortality (10/17/00, PR Newswire)

The Pathway of Estrogen Metabolism Affects Breast-Cancer Risk, University of Buffalo Research Shows (10/17/00, University of Buffalo)

Study Finds Fiber Supplements Increase Risk of Colon Polyps Returning (10/17/00, American Cancer Association)

British See Earth Between a Rock and a Hard Place (10/17/00, Washington Post)

New Report Dispels Myths About Breast Cancer and Points Out the Real Risk Factors (10/17/00, American Council on Science and Health)

Interferon Alfa 2b Extends Overall Survival and Relapse-Free Survival in Patients with High-Risk Melanoma, Reports University of Pittsburgh-Led U.S. Intergroup Study (10/16/00, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)

Keep Milk on the Menu: Experts Caution Moms Are Missing Out on Calcium Before, During and After Pregnancy (10/16/00, PR Newswire)

Goodyear Manages Tire Stress Before It Hits the Road  (10/16/00, PR Newswire)

ANGIOSONICS' ACOLYSIS(TM) Therapeutic Ultrasound Technology for Acute Myocardial Infarction Clot Ablation Selected as Highlight of Washington TCT Meeting  (10/16/00, PR Newswire)

Major National Study on Vitamin E To Be Conducted; 32,000 Males To Be Involved in Prostate Cancer Tests  (10/16/00, PR Newswire)

Watching Drugs Work Within Single Cancer Cells (10/16/00, UniSci)

Bioengineers Sort Out How We Learn What Is Learnable (10/16/00, UniSci)

New Developments in Identifying Most-at-Risk Breast Cancer Patients (10/16/00, EurekAlert)

Meteorite May Be Primitive Solar System Material, Say Science Authors (10/13/00, EurekAlert)

Putting Muscle in the Nucleus (10/13/00, EurekAlert)

Infant Immunisation: Needle Size Matters (10/13/00, EurekAlert)

Paracetamol Restrictions Reduce Overdose Severity (10/13/00, EurekAlert)

CARAT™: Better Access to Risk Assessment Practices Related to Chemical Accidents (10/12/00, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

Second Brand of Taco Shells Recalled Over Bioengineered Corn (10/12/00, Nando Times)

AHA Confirms That Soy Keeps the Heart Healthy; United Soybean Board Applauds  (10/12/00, PR Newswire)

Congress, Senate Pass Fitzgerald Child Safety Seat Plan; Bipartisan Measure Will Address Leading Cause of Child Deaths in U.S.; Bill Awaits President's Signature  (10/12/00, PR Newswire)

Lay Packing Company Announces Voluntary Recall of Weiners (10/12/00, PR Newswire)

NSF Awards $52.5 Million in Grants to Study Biocomplexity; The Interrelationship of Living Things With the Environment  (10/12/00, PR Newswire)

The Refractive Institute Is First in Pennsylvania to Offer Breakthrough Treatment of Farsightedness (10/12/00, PR Newswire)

BioMarin Initiates Phase I/II Clinical Trial of Enzyme Replacement in MPS-VI Patients (10/12/00, PR Newswire)

How Southern Ocean Polar Waters Affect Earth Climate (10/12/00, UniSci)

New Review Suggests Possible Association Between Agent Orange and Adult-Onset Diabetes (10/11/00, National Academy of Science)

Sprinkling Iron on the Ocean May Recreate the Climnate Changes Seen in Ice Ages (10/11/00, New Scientist)

Maxim Health Systems and Harris Teeter Encourage High-Risk Individuals Get Flu Shots Early (10/11/00, PR Newswire)

Coordination of Pharmaceutical Care Shown to Improve Treatment and Increase Cost Savings for Elderly and Chronic Care Patients (10/11/00, PR Newswire)

West Nile Virus Found in Mosquitoes Collected from Philadelphia and Schuylkill Counties (10/11/00, PR Newswire)

Harvard Study Links Tomato-Rich Foods and Carrots to Reduced Risk of Lung Cancer (10/11/00, PR Newswire)

University of Edinburgh Scientist Funded for Studies on Controversial Blood Borne Viruses (10/11/00, PR Newswire)

Hopkins Researchers Uncover Sinus Infection-CF Gene Link (10/10/00, EurekAlert)

Risk Management Tools and Techniques Help Power Markets Cope with Volatile Prices and Unpredictable Weather (10/10/00, PR Newswire)

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's Puget Sound Oncology Consortium to Participate in Nationwide Study to Evaluate Benefit of Herceptin Therapy (10/10/00, EurekAlert)

U.S. Department of Agriculture To Establish Four New Pest Management Centers (10/10/00, USDA)

Record Levels of UV Radiation in South American Cities Could Be Repeated in Northern Europe (10/10/00, New Scientist)

Nuclear Facility Dounreay Is To Be Closed, but the Cost Could Soar Above the £4 Billion Estimate (10/10/00, New Scientist)

Frequent Flyer - A Plan to Fly Radiation Detectors Non-Stop for Three Years Will Reveal the Risks to Aeroplane Passengers and Crew (10/10/00, New Scientist); also see Radiation Risk Within Aircraft Under Study in United Kingdom (10/9/00, UniSci)

Feeling Down Could Raise the Risk for Heart Disease (10/9/00, American Heart Association)

Marijuana Use Rises and Falls with Price and Perceived Harm, Study Shows (10/9/00, EurekAlert)

ICF Consulting Awarded U.S. Food and Drug Administration Contract to Assist in the Review of Safety Data on Food Substances (10/9/00, ICF Consulting)

Explorer Has More Accidents than Other SUVs, Newspaper Reports (10/9/00, Nando Times)

More Clinics Ban Drug Samples, Citing Cost, Safety Concerns (10/9/00, American Medical News)

Preventable Medical Injuries in Older Patients, including Why Are Older Patients More at Risk of Injury? (10/9/00, Archives of Internal Medicine)

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Study Shows ThinPrep Pap Tests Could Help Develop Markers for Risk of Cervical Cancers (10/9/00, UT Southwestern)

New Report Summarizes Current Knowledge on Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies in the United States (10/9/00, Council for Agricultural Science and Technology)

Lawrence Livermore Lab Pioneers Advanced Radiation Treatment for Cancer (10/6/00, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Condemns Congressional Hearing for Putting Children at Risk (10/6/00, NAMI)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Administrator Warns Against Using Carrying Handle on Certain Century Infant Car Seats/Carriers (10/6/00, NHTSA)

U.S. District Court Dismisses Genetically Engineered Food Law Suit Against U.S. Food and Drug Administration (10/6/00, FDA)

Lower Direct Medical Costs Associated with Physical Activity (10/6/00, Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Update: Flu Vaccine Supply (10/6/00, Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Device Is Safer than Tape or Sutures in Securing Catheters in Ill Children (10/6/00, EurekAlert)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approves Altace for Reducing Risk of Heart Problems (10/6/00, FDA)

Maternal History of Bilateral Breast Cancer Increases Risk of Several Cancer Types (10/6/00, American Cancer Society)

Water Fluoridation: Benefits Should Be Considered Alongside Risks and Water Fluoridation Reduces Risk of Bone Fractures (10/5/00, EurekAlert)

American Heart Association Dietary Recommendations Dish Out a More Individualized Approach (10/5/00, EurekAlert)

Ozone Hole Earlier, but Not Deeper in 2000 (10/5/00, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

National Model for Reducing Children's Exposure to Lead Launched in Boston (10/5/00, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

The American Academy of Dermatology Supports Education for Patients Using Accutane (10/5/00, AAD); also see American Academy of Dermatology Opposes Recommendation of Acne Drug Restrictions (9/19/00)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Unveils Product Safety Initiative - "Top Ten List" of Safety Principles Aimed at Reducing Number of Recalls (10/5/00, CPSC); also see new initiative

Miami Hispanics Facing Health Crisis Due to Lack of Access, Language/Cultural Barriers (10/5/00, American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine)

Balloons, Lasers and Plane to Help Improve Weather Forecasting and Air Quality Models (10/5/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

Health Plan Performance as Measured by Health Plan Reporting Tool Found to Vary Based on by Enrollee Ethnicity, Education (10/5/00, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

American Health Consultants Provides Hospitals an Efficient Way to Educate Staff on Emergency Treatment and Active Labor Act Changes (10/5/00, PR Newswire)

Long-term Study Revealed Low Stroke Rates Associated with Vitamin C Level in Bloodstream (10/5/00, EurekAlert)

Prostate Pointer - The First Genetic Clues to Prostate Cancer Risk May Lead to a Screening Test (10/5/00, New Scientist)

New Survey Finds that Women Are Concerned About the Symptoms Associated with Menopause but Not the Health Risks (10/5/00, PR Newswire)

Silicone Implants Not Linked to Risk of Developing Breast Cancer and Clinical Trials: An Alternative for Women with Breast Cancer (10/5/00, American Cancer Society); also see Breast Cancer and Breast Implants - What Every Woman Should Know (10/5/00, PR Newswire)

First Neurochemical Difference In Bipolar Disorder Found (10/5/00, UniSci)

Diesel Toxicity, Petrochemical Legal Risks To Be Discussed at Mealey's Conference (10/5/00, PR Newswire)

National Survey Reveals Nearly Two-Thirds of Drivers Speed in School Zones, Suggesting Neglect of Child Pedestrians Community Wide (10/4/00, PR Newswire); also see First International "Walk Our Children to School Day" Gets Families Active on the Way to School (10/4/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Energy Department Accepts Offers To Exchange Oil from Strategic Reserve (10/4/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

Obesity Continues Climb in 1999 Among American Adults (10/4/00, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Gambling with the Earth - If Physicists Create Killer Strangelets, We're All Doomed. Should We Take the Risk? (10/4/00, New Scientist)

Judge Rejects Labeling Biotech Foods (10/4/00, Nando Times); also see BIO Applauds Court Ruling on FDA Biotech Policy (10/4/00, Biotechnology Industry Organization) and Genetically Engineered Foods 'Labeled' In Greenpeace Shopping List (10/4/00, Greenpeace)

Radiation Revelation - Long Term, Low-Level Exposure to Radiation Creates Many More Mutations in Plants than Previously Thought (10/4/00, New Scientist)

Dishing the Dirt - Exposed: The Polluters Who Are Poisoning the Inuit (10/4/00, New Scientist)

Food Poisoning Bugs Thrive in Crop Sprays (10/4/00, New Scientist)

Robertson Calls Greece Gateway for Growth in Southeastern Europe, Urges U.S. Investment (10/4/00, Overseas Private Investment Corporation)

Scientists Use the Past as a Guide to Future Climate Change (10/4/00, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Outline Ten Top Public Health Challenges (10/4/00, UniSci)

Chemicals in Carpet Can Linger Long After Exposure (10/4/00, American Chemical Society)

Donor Dilemma - The Parents of a Dying Girl Screened Their IVF Embryos to Choose a Baby that Could Save Her Life (10/3/00, New Scientist)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Testing Finds No Asbestos Fibers in Children's Chalk (10/3/00, CPSC)

National Food Processors Association Calls Activist Group's Report Faulting U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Actions on Food Irradiation "Just Plain Wrong" (10/3/00, NFPA)

Quality of Medical Care Delivered to Medicare Beneficiaries - A Profile at State and National Levels (10/3/00, Journal of the American Medical Association)

New Studies Differ on Flu Vaccine's Value (10/3/00, Nando Times)

Many Housing Projects Near Toxic Pollution, Study Shows (10/3/00, Nando Times)

Landmark Announces DecisionSpace™, the Industry's First Web-Enabled, Risk-Based Decision Support System for Upstream Oil and Gas Companies (10/3/00, Landmark Graphics Corporation)

American Industrial Hygiene Association Publishes 5th Edition of The Noise Manual (10/3/00, PR Newswire)

Washington State Department of Health and Human Services Recruits Tort Law Expert to Reduce Risk of Lawsuits (10/3/00, PR Newswire)

The Impact of Genetics on Insurance and Insurability (Part 1 of 2) (10/2/00, GeneLetter)

Silicone Breast Implants Are Not Linked to Breast Cancer Risk (10/2/00, National Cancer Institute) Unveils In-Depth Guide to Living with and Beating Breast Cancer (10/2/00, PR Newswire)

Coalition of Prominent Michigan Hospitals Women's Breast Cancer Risk Study; Results of an EPIC-MRA Statewide Survey of 1,800 Michigan Adult Women; Random Stratified Sample Survey; Margin of Error Plus/Minus 2 Percentage Points (10/2/00, PR Newswire)

New Guide Shows Which Vehicles Can Help Consumers Save Money at the Pump (10/2/00, U.S. Department of Energy)

Highly Educated, Professional Women Unwilling to Take Same Investment Risks as Male Peers, Nationwide Financial Study Shows (10/2/00, Nationwide Insurance Companies)

Clotting Protein May Be Link to Heart Disease (10/2/00, American Heart Association)

Treating TB from Beyond Canada's Border (10/2/00, EurekAlert)

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