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Second Quarter 2002

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Genome Research Can Save Millions in Developing World - World Health Organization Report Calls for Genetic Medicine Benefits for All (4/30/02, WHO)

United Kingdom's Health and Safety Executive Launches Free Internet Tool for Control of Workplace Chemicals (4/30/02, HSE

Bush Chokes Reactive Chemical Regulations (4/30/02, Environment News Service)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Issues Final Rules To Assist Compensation of Nuclear Workers for Job-related Cancers (4/30/02, HHS)

The Salt of the Earth: Hazardous for Food Production (4/30/02, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization)

What a Deal! Evaluated Ceramics Data on the Web (4/30/02, National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Odor Index: A New Tool To Help Minimize Odor Problems (4/30/02, Pennsylvania State University)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Announces Formation of National Advisory Committee on Ergonomics (4/30/02, OSHA)

Terrorism Insurance Coverage for Commercial Real Estate Becomes Critical Issue for Financial Services Industry (4/30/02, Risk Management Association)

R. W. Beck (Risk Management Consulting and Engineering Firm) Launches New Petrochemical-based Practice (4/30/02, R. W. Beck Inc.)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Report Dramatic Decrease in Chickenpox Cases and Hospitalizations in Areas with Increasing Use of Vaccine (4/30/02, CDC); also see Rubella Near Elimination in the United States (4/29/02, CDC)

European Union Reaches CO2 Stabilisation Target Despite Upturn in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (4/29/02, European Environment Agency)

Yale Researchers Report on Brain Activity Believed Related to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (4/29/02, Yale University)

New Power Plant Combustion Model Lowers Pollutant Emissions at Affordable Cost (4/29/02, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Physicians Who Are Experts on Managed Care Avoid Enrolling in HMOs When Selecting a Personal Health Insurance Plan (4/29/02, Harvard School of Public Health)

Urea Tolerance Reassessment Decision Is Issued (4/29/02, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Drug Reduces Risk of Acute Rejection in Kidney Transplantation (4/29/02, EurekAlert)

New "Life-cycle Initiative" Launched To Help Combat Environmental Impact of Rising Consumption Patterns (4/29/02, United Nations Environment Programme)

Clear Progress in Nuclear Safety Worldwide: Review Meeting of International Convention Concludes (4/26/02, International Atomic Energy Agency)

European Commission Member Responsible for Environment Speaks to European Institute on "EU and US Approaches to Environment Policy" (4/26/02, European Union); addresses issues including the use of  precautionary principle and climate change

World Trade Organization Organizes Public Symposium on Post-Doha Negotiations (4/26/02, WTO)

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Cautious on Findings of Acrylamide in Some Fried and Baked Foods (4/26/02, FAO); see earlier releases

World Health Organization To Hold Urgent Expert Consultation on Acrylamide in Food After Findings of Swedish National Food Administration (4/26/02, WHO)

Energy Secretary Abraham Praises House Energy and Commerce Committee Bipartisan Support of Yucca Mountain Resolution (4/25/02, U.S. Department of Energy)

Safe, Secure and Inexpensive Power from Newest Generations of Nuclear Reactors (4/25/02, EurekAlert); see articles at

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Proposes Revisions to Child Restraint Standard (4/25/02, NHTSA)

Industry Experts Say Basel Focus on Operational Risk and Capitalization Is Misguided; 5th Annual Risk Roundtable Shows That Lessons Learned from 9/11 Prove Regulators Should Emphasize Management, Not Measurement (4/25/02, PR Newswire)

University of Texas Southwestern Gerontologist Offers Ways To Find the Right Nursing Home (4/25/02, UT Southwestern Medical Center)

Dutch Study Links Tea Drinking to Reduced Heart Attack Risk (4/25/02, EurekAlert)

European Commission Member Responsible for Enterprise and the Information Society Addresses High Level Meeting on eSafety: "Towards a Comprehensive eSafety Action Plan for Improving Road Safety in Europe" (4/25/02, European Union)

UK Health and Safety Commission Responds to Industry Report on Train Protection Systems (4/25/02, UK Safety and Health Executive)

Scientists Deplore Latest Food-Cancer Scare (4/25/02, American Council on Science and Health)

Potential Carcinogen Revealed in French Fries (4/24/02, New Scientist)

Biodiversity Crucial to Earth's Ecosystems (4/24/02, University of Chicago Hospitals and Health System)

Mercury Ups Heart Disease Risk (4/24/02, EurekAlert)

Firstborn: First Risk for Heart Disease? (4/24/02, EurekAlert)

Non-traditional Roles May Boost Risk of Heart Disease and Death (4/24/02, EurekAlert)

Population Data for Major Hazard Accident Modelling (4/23/02, UK Health and Safety Executive)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Issues Hazard Information Bulletin for Exposure to Beryllium in Dental Labs(4/23/02, OSHA)

Growth Promoting Hormones Pose Health Risk to Consumers, Confirms EU Scientific Committee (4/23/02, European Union)

Britain's Health and Safety Commission Helps Businesses To Work Out How Much Health and Safety Failures Are Costing Them (4/23/02, Health and Safety Executive)

Mental Health: New World Health Organization Country Data Show Resources Fall Short of Needs (4/23/02, WHO)

Agencies Outline Risks of Parallel-Owned Banking Organizations (4/23/02, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

Study Observes No Association Between Cell Phone Use
and Auditory Tumors
(4/22/02, American Academy of Neurology)

Better Decisions Yield Bigger Oil Dollars (4/22/02, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)

We Can Beat AIDS, TB, and Malaria, United Nations Agencies Say (4/22/02, WHO)

Report Examines Condition of Plants and Animals in All 50 States; Southern, Western States Have Highest Diversity, Greatest Levels of Risk (4/22/02, PR Newswire)

A Green Tea Extract Could Help Alleviate Shortage of Livers Available for Transplant (4/22/02, EurekAlert)

Study Finds New Reason for Smokers To Keep This Unhealthy Habit Away from Infants/Children (4/22/02, EurekAlert)

U.S. Department of Agriculture Announces Additional Steps To Reduce Pathogens in Raw Ground Beef (4/22/02, USDA)

More Good News on the Health Benefits of Almonds (4/22/02, EurekAlert)

How the Male Beer-gut May Be a Red Flag for Cardiovascular Disease and Other Health Problems (4/22/02, EurekAlert)

First-ever Global Guidelines Adopted on Genetic Resources (4/19/02, United Nations Environment Programme)

University of California San Francisco Scientists May Have Found Link to Early Childhood Tooth Decay (4/19/02, EurekAlert)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Technology for Cleaning Up Contaminated Sites Gets Nod from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (4/19/02, ORNL)

Utility Buys Out Contaminated Ohio Town (4/19/02, Environment News Service)

Top Climate Scientist Ousted (4/19/02, New Scientist)

More Young Adults Being Diagnosed with Cancer - First Canadian Research in This Area (4/19/02, Canadian Cancer Society

United Kingdom Ministers Act Against a Range of Insecticides Containing the Chemical Dichlorvos (4/19/02, UK Health and Safety Executive)

Italian Chefs Knew It All Along: Cooking Plump Red Tomatoes Boosts Disease-fighting, Nutritional Power, Cornell Researchers Say (4/19/02, Cornell University)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Florida Department of Health Investigate a Likely Case of New Variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease in a U.K. Citizen Residing in the U.S. (4/19/02, released 4/18/02, CDC); see new variant CJD fact sheet

Global Warming Fills Glacial Lakes to Bursting (4/18/02, Environment News Service)

Selenium: An Insidious and Persistent Toxin (4/18/02, EurekAlert)

Business Partners for Development Report Reveals How Globalisation Can Benefit Both Business and Communities (4/18/02, BPD)

Health Hazard Alert: Certain Food Products May Contain Chloramphenicol (4/18/02, Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Bio-Prospecting Guidelines Finally Agreed (4/18/02, New Scientist)

A Thorn on Every Rose for Kenya's Flower Industry (4/18/02, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)

Fish Farming Plays Crucial Role in Boosting Rural Development and Reducing Poverty and Hunger (4/18/02, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)

Destruction of Experimental Genetically Modified Organism Field Trials Is Unacceptable, Says European Research Commissioner (4/17/02, European Union)

American Females at Highest Risk for Murder (4/17/02, Harvard School of Public Health)

Plutonium Could Travel to South Carolina Next Month (4/17/02, Environment News Service)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Offers International Travel Guidance To Help Business Travelers Avoid Health Risks (4/17/02, OSHA)

Environmental Software Providers To Sponsor Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Information Management (4/17/02, ESP)

Copyright Expert To Speak at Cornell on Fair Use and the Law (4/17/02, Cornell University)

NSF Certifies the Perrigo Good Sense® Products (4/16/02, NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company™)

New Guide to Britain's Health and Safety System (4/16/02, UK Health and Safety Executive)

Improving International Food Standards Work - U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization Launch Independent Evaluation with Call for Public Comment (4/16/02, WHO)

Polio Pushed to Lowest Levels in History - But Experts Warn Opportunity To Stamp Out Disease Must Be Grasped Now Due to Unstable Global Situation (4/16/02, WHO)

Flood Disaster Threatens Himalayas (4/16/02, New Scientist)

Risk Evaluation Must Grow More Detailed, More Flexible in Aftermath of Sept. 11 - Threat of Terrorism Will Mean New Models, New Risk Mechanisms (4/16/02, PR Newswire)

Entergy Will Prepare Early Site Permit at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station (4/16/02, Entergy Corporation)

Decisioneering, DATASKILL Partner on Web-based Risk Analysis Workbench ( 4/15/02, Decisioneering, Inc.)

RiskSearch® v3.1 Provides Data To Analyze Risk in a Hardening Property Insurance Market (4/15/02, Risk Management Solutions Inc.)

HNC Software Announces Decision Manager for Claims, First Decisioning Tool Specifically for Workers’ Compensation (4/15/02, HNC Software Inc.)

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Repeats Rollover Warning to Users of 15-Passenger Vans (4/15/02, NHTSA); see passenger van safety flyer in HTML or PDF

Contaminated Environment Jeopardizes Our Children’s Health (4/15/02, European Environment Agency); see environmental issue report No. 29, Children's health and environment: A review of evidence

Corn Protein Could Reduce Ethanol Production Costs (4/15/02, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Test Identifies Patients At Risk for Severe Organ Rejection, Say Universiy of Pittsburgh Researchers (4/13/02, EurekAlert)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Warns About Possible Enterobacter sakazakii Infections in Hospitalized Newborns Fed Powdered Infant Formulas (4/12/02, FDA)

Smoking Costs Nation $150 Billion Each Year in Health Costs, Lost Productivity (4/12/02, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary's Statement Regarding National Infant Immunization Week April 14-20, 2002 (4/12/02, HHS)

Medieval Black Death Not Bubonic Plague (4/12/02, Pennsylvania State University)

European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection Speaks to CIAA Congress of Food and Drink Industry in Brussels: "Towards a Quality-Driven Single Market in Foodstuffs" (4/12/02, European Union)

UK Health and Safety Executive Inspectors Focus on New Government Health and Safety Targets (4/12/02, HSE)

Environment Canada Funds Projects To Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions Related to Environment Meetings (4/12/02, Environment Canada)

Injuries Uncommon in Youth Football, Mayo Clinic Study Reports (4/11/02, Mayo Clinic)

Researchers Conclude Earth's Recent Warming Trend Is Truly Global (4/11/02, University of Michigan)

Researchers Link Gene with Kidney Stones, Bone Loss in Patients Who Absorb Too Much Calcium (4/11/02, EurekAlert)

President Bush Sends the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants to Senate for Ratification; Submits Legislation to Congress To Implement Treaty (4/11/02, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); see related documents

Testing To Continue on Imported Sheep Confiscated Last Year (4/11/02, U.S. Department of Agriculture)

President Bush Urges Ban on Human Cloning (4/11/02, National Academy of Sciences)

Would Cloning Necessarily Undermine Human Potential and Sense of Self? (4/11/02, Brown University)

Why Heart Transplant Patients Resume Smoking Revealed in University of Pittsburgh Study (4/11/02, EurekAlert)

Bush Administration Creates New Interagency Wildland Fire Leadership Council (4/10/02, U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Electro-scrap Directive: European Parliament Took Big Step for the Environment (4/10/02, European Environmental Bureau)

Meridien Predicts New Regulatory Requirements Will Force Financial Institutions to Enhance Risk Management Systems (4/10/02, Meridien Research Inc.)

Governor Vetoes Bush Decision To Bury Nuclear Waste in Nevada (4/10/02, National Academy of Sciences)

Federal Banking Agencies Issue Final Rule Lowering Risk Weighting for Claims on Securities Firms (4/9/02, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

Imagine No Restrictions on Fossil-Fuel Usage and No Global Warming! (4/9/02, Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Healthy Ageing Is Vital for Development (4/9/02, World Health Organization)

College Drinking Hazardous to Campus Communities Task Force Calls for Research-Based Prevention Programs (4/9/02, National Institutes of Health)

"Intelligent Energy for Europe": European Commission Proposes a New Energy Action Programme (4/9/02, European Union)

European Commission Approves the Community Development Venture Fund Providing Risk Capital for Enterprises in the Most Deprived Areas in the United Kingdom (4/9/02, European Union)

World Trade Organization Announces Launch of New Trade Journal (4/9/02, WTO)

Carnegie Mellon Experiment Reveals Impact of Fear, Anger on American Perceptions of Terrorism (4/9/02, EurekAlert)

Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy Can Increase Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds (4/9/02, EurekAlert)

Genetic Connection in Link Between Permanent Hair Dye Use and Bladder Cancer Risk (4/9/02, EurekAlert)

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Makes Preliminary Finding of "High Safety Significance" for Cooling System Problem at Point Beach Nuclear Power Station (4/8/02, NRC)

Polyphenols in Tea May Reduce Risk of Stomach, Esophagus Cancers (4/8/02, EurekAlert)

Fatty Acid from Fish Oil Fights Arrhythmias, Sudden Death (4/8/02, EurekAlert)

Nuclear Plant Operators Missed Warning Signs (4/8/02, Environment News Service)

Public Briefing Scheduled To Discuss Risk Assessment of Pesticide Atrazine (4/5/02, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Announces Comprehensive Plan To Reduce Ergonomic Injuries (4/5/02, OSHA)

International Atomic Energy Agency Secures Radioactive Source in Uganda (4/5/02, IAEA)

Court Restricts Coal Mines' Surface Impacts (4/5/02, Environment News Service)

Many Rural Residents Living with HIV Continue Risky Behaviors (4/5/02, EurekAlert)

Systematic U.S. Disregard of Its Treaty Obligations Jeopardizes Nuclear Nonproliferation and Global Security - New Report Concludes United States, France, Britain, Japan, Germany Appear To Violate Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Terms (4/4/02, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research)

Megavitamins May Be Useful Treatment for Many Genetic Diseases, or Just Good Insurance To Tune Up Body's Metabolism (4/4/02, University of California, Berkeley); read abstract of biochemist Bruce N. Ames' review article published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Physical Inactivity a Leading Cause of Disease and Disability, Warns World Health Organization (4/4/02, WHO)

Environment Minister Announces Tougher Emission Standards for On-Road Vehicles and Engines (4/4/02, Environment Canada)

Poor Work Design and Organisation a Contributor to Heart Disease Says Health and UK Safety Executive-Sponsored Research (4/4/02, HSE)

Important Safety Information for Patients Taking Sodium Phosphates Oral Solutions (Fleet®, Phospho-soda® and Phosphates Solution (4/4/02, Health Canada)

Radar Pushes Limits of Asteroid Impact Prediction (4/4/02, NASA's Near-Earth Objects Program); see also Asteroid Forecast Has Good and Bad News (4/4/02, New Scientist)

Vitamin C May Help "Juice Up" Metabolism in Older Adults, Offsetting Weight Gain (4/4/02, EurekAlert)

Simple Blood Test May Be Able To Predict Risk of Preeclampsia (4/4/02, EurekAlert)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Release Study on Non-traditional Risk Factors for Nearly Lethal Suicide Attempts (4/3/02, CDC)

Scientists To Discuss Climate Change on Antarctic Peninsula (4/3/02, National Science Foundation)

Elderly Patients Have a High Risk of Stroke Within Six Months of a Heart Attack (4/3/02, Yale University)

Some U.S. Coastal Waters Unfit for Human Activities or Marine Life (4/3/02, National Academy of Sciences)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Seeks Comment on Proposed Moratorium on For-Hire Permits in Gulf of Mexico (4/3/02, NOAA)

Accidental Overdose with Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Carries a Greater Risk of Death by Liver Failure (4/3/02, BioMed Central's Critical Care Forum)

A Recipe That Will Really Warm You (4/2/02, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Liver's Sieving Declines with Age (4/2/02, New Scientist)

Statins May Prevent Damage by Alzheimer's Disease Protein, University of Southern Florida Study Finds (4/2/02, USF Health Sciences Center)

Report Shows Recent Progress in Decreasing Youth Tobacco Use, But Much Work Remains (4/2/02, National Institutes of Health)

Launching of the AMMA (African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis) Project, an International Research Programme on the West African Monsoon (4/2/02, EurekAlert)

Greenhouse Gas Trading Goes Live (4/2/02, New Scientist)

Distributed Program To Translate Many Languages (4/2/02, New Scientist)

Environmental Support Solutions Acquires Assets of Leading Enterprise EHS Software Company Essential Technologies, Inc. (4/2/02,

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Federal Emergency Management Agency Strengthen Disaster Response and Research Capabilities (4/1/02, NIST)

Under One Roof: The Risks Associated with Living in Three-Generation Households (4/1/02, EurekAlert)

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