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 News Release Archives

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Fourth Quarter 2007

October November December
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December 2007


U.S. EPA Concludes Special Review of DDVP (12/21/07, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Pesticides Program)


U.S. EPA Authorizes Critical Uses of Methyl Bromide for 2008 (12/20/07, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Pesticides Program)


DOE Releases Filing Instructions for Federal Risk Insurance for New Nuclear Power Plants - Outlines Five Steps for New Nuclear Plant Sponsors to Enter Into a Conditional Agreement for Risk Insurance (12/19/07, U.S. Department of Energy)


America Receives a National Solution for Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions (12/19/07, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Acting Chairman Applauds House Vote on Landmark Consumer Product Safety Legislation (12/19/07, CPSC); also see Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Congratulates House on Passage of CPSC Reauthorization Legislation (12/19/07, AHAM)


Centers for Disease Control Statement on Release of Genetic Testing Recommendations (12/19/07, CDC)



New Swine Flu Has Avian Flu Genes (12/19/07, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


Where Medical Errors Occur and Steps You Can Take to Avoid Them (12/18/07, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality); from advice column series Navigating the Health Care System by Dr. Carolyn Clancy


Deadly Danger: CPSC Urges Parents To Not Place Infants on Air Mattresses (12/18/07, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)


Assessing and Planning for Adverse Liquidity Risk Events in a Global Context (12/18/07, Algorithmics); also see Liquidity Risk Regulations - Establishing the Foundation for Global Collaboration


Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) Launches New Air Safety Website (12/17/07, Federal Aviation Administration)


187 Countries Agree on Climate Change Roadmap (12/17/07, International Atomic Energy Agency)


Portion Size, Energy Density Are Key Components in Kids' Caloric Intake (12/14/07, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


Portion Size, Energy Density Are Key Components in Kids' Caloric Intake (12/14/07, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


NOAA: 2007 a Top Ten Warm Year for U.S. and Globe (12/13/07, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Study Finds 5.5 Percent Increase in Injury Mortality from 1999 to 2004 - Increases in Deaths Among 20-to-29 and 45-to-54 Year Olds Contribute to First Overall Increase in Years (12/13/07, CDC)


New CAST Paper Addresses the Implications of Gene Flow Related to Commercial Use of Biotech Crops (12/12/07, Council for Agricultural Science and Technology)


New EIA Outlook Reflects Ongoing Transition in Energy Markets (12/12/07, Energy Information Administration); also read

U.S. Secretary of Energy Statement Regarding Energy Information Administration's Updated Annual Energy Outlook (12/12/07, U.S. Department of Energy)


Red Sea Mega-dam Would Be "Irresponsible" (12/7/07, New Scientist)


NOAA: Approaching Storm Will Make Burn Areas Vulnerable to Flash Flooding and Debris Flows (12/6/07, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


Scientists Issue Bali Climate Change Warning - Five University of East Anglia Scientists Have Joined More than 200 Leading Climate Experts to Urge the UN Climate Conference in Bali to Act Immediately to Cut Greenhouse Gases (12/6/07, University of East Anglia)


Algorithmics Announces "Right Time" - Credit Risk Management and Decision Support for Treasury & Capital Markets (12/6/07, Algorithmics)


New Direction for Chance Discovery? (12/5/07, IOS Press)


Global Approach to Migration (12/5/07, European Union)


World's Poor Need Action on Climate Change, UN Official Tells Bali Meeting (12/5/07, United Nations)


Communities Across the Globe Getting to Grips with Adapting to Climate Change - UN Environment Programme/Global Environment Facility Report Points to Real Possibilities for Climate Proofing Economies, Livelihoods and Infrastructure (12/4/07, United Nations Environment Programme)


Scientists Set to Release New Disease-Resistant Wheat (12/4/07, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


Bird Flu Continues to Threaten Humans, FAO Director-General Warns - Globalization and Climate Change Favor the Spread of Animal-borne Diseases (12/4/07, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)


Avian Influenza: Member States Endorse Measures for Poland, Romania, and UK (12/3/07, European Union)


UN Climate Change Conference Opens in Bali with Call for Breakthrough (12/3/07, United Nations)


Climate Action for a Low Carbon Economy - Platform by UNEP and Sustainable Development International Will Assist Business, Governments, and NGOs to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint (12/3/07, United Nations Environment Programme)


Nearly One in Five Americans Say They Can't Afford Needed Health Care (12/3/07, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


NOAA Helps Prepare East Coast Communities for Tsunami, Storm-Driven Flood Threats (12/3/07, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


November 2007


Pittcon Announces Invited Symposia for 2008 (PDF version) (released 11/30/07, posted 12/14/07, Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Inc.)


Regulatory Attention To Focus on Property Valuations, Mortgage Issuance and Other Consumer Issues (11/30/07, Algorithmics)


National Institutes of Health Draft Report Does Not Adequately Analyze Risks of Biocontainment Laboratory Proposed in Boston (11/29/07, National Academies); find links to full report and draft supplementary risk assessments and site suitability analyses


PERI Symposium to Explore Infrastructure Policy and the Apparent Conflict Between Homeland Security and Environmental Sustainability (released 11/20/07, posted 12/14/07, Public Entity Risk Institute)


Heart Attacks in Non-Smokers Decreased with Smoking Ban (11/19/07, Indiana University)


Military Personnel Who Serve in War Zones Face Increased Risk for Alcohol Abuse, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, and Marital and Family Conflict, IOM Report Confirms (11/14/07, National Academies); read full report Gulf War and Health: Volume 6. Physiologic, Psychologic, and Psychosocial Effects of Deployment-Related Stress


Prevention Web: A New Tool to Increase Knowledge on Disaster Risk Reduction (PDF file) (11/13/07, International Strategy for Disaster Reduction)


Now Available: New U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Guidance on Labeling Revisions Required by the Pesticide Container and Containment Rule (11/13/07, U.S. EPA Pesticides Program)


Bioenergy Growth Must Be Carefully Managed - Global Bioenergy Partnership Publishes Report on Bioenergy in G8 plus Five Countries (11/13/07, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)


Global Agreement on Mercury Pollution Focus of International Meeting - Litmus Test for Governmental Ambitions to Curb Toxic Pollutant Says UN Environment Head (11/12/07, United Nations Environment Programme)


Indonesia to Ban CFCs and Methyl Bromide from 2008 (11/9/07, United Nations Environment Programme)


CAST Releases New Commentary Evaluating Potential Risks of Biofuel Crops Becoming Invasive Species  (11/5/07, Council for Agricultural Science and Technology)


U.S. Food and Drug Administration Selects Members for Risk Communication Advisory Committee (11/5/07, FDA)


October 2007


DOE's Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing R&D Program Should Be Scaled Back; Boosted Efforts to Get New Nuclear Power Plants Online Needed(10/29/07, National Academies); find links to full report and report brief


The Science of Wildfires—Listen to a U.S. Geological Survey Podcast on How Science Is Applied to This Natural Hazard (10/29/07, USGS)


Fast-Acting Carbs May Hasten Vision Loss Over Time (10/29/07, USDA Agricultural Research Service)



Drug-Resistant Germ More Widespread, Deadly than Thought (10/25/07, National Academies)



Microbes Plus Sugars Equals Hydrogen Fuel? (10/25/07, USDA Agricultural Research Service)



Projected Supply of Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Sharply Increases (10/23/07, World Health Organization)


WHO Calls for Global Action to "Protect Health from Climate Change" (10/23/07, World Health Organization)


STARYS-Manager V1.27 Released! (10/22/07, STARYS SOLUTIONS Pty Limited)


Cohesion Policy: Positive Assessment of National Strategic Reference Frameworks for 2007-2013 (10/22/07, European Union)


iJET Enhances Worldcue Asset Risk Management - Compliance Reporting Enhanced, Notification Extended to Multiple Stakeholders (10/22/07, iJET Intelligent Risk Systems)


Genetic Clue for Fighting Swine Virus (10/18/07, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


Effectiveness of Most Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Therapies Is Uncertain; Research Urgently Needed to Determine Which Therapies Work (10/18/07, National Academies); find links to opening statement, full report, and audio webcast


Third U.S. Climate Change Science Program Report Issued - Report Details Effects of Climate Change on Energy Production and Use in the United States (10/18/07, U.S. Department of Energy); read report and find more information at U.S. Climate Change Science Program website


To Maintain National Security, U.S. Policies Should Continue to Promote Open Exchange of Research (10/18/07, National Academies); read Science and Security in a Post 9/11 World: A Report Based on Regional Discussions Between the Science and Security Communities and listen to audio webcast


Richard Fleischman & Associates and Risk Control Strategies Partner to Deliver Best-in-Class Threat Management and Security Services (10/17/07, Richard Fleischman & Associates)


Preparing for Real-Life Disasters in the Virtual World - Clark School Develops Online Training Environment for Emergency Responders (10/16/07, A. James Clark School of Engineering)


Stronger EPA Leadership Needed to Improve Water Quality in Mississippi River (10/16/07, National Academies); find links to opening statement, full report, report in brief


Annual Report to the Nation Finds Cancer Death Rate Decline Doubling (10/15/07, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


On International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, Panel Highlights a Frontline Defense Against Climate Change (10/10/07, InterAction)


Increase in Ethanol Production from Corn Could Significantly Impact
Water Quality and Availability If New Practices and Techniques Are Not Employed
(10/10/07, National Academies); see report in brief (PDF version) and read full report Water Implications of Biofuels Production in the United States


Extending the Operational Life Span of Nuclear Plants - Major International Conference on Nuclear Plant Life Managements Opens in Shanghai (10/10/07, International Atomic Energy Agency)


Report Urges Development of Genomic Technologies for Identifying Toxic Chemicals and Understanding Individual Vulnerabilities (10/9/07, National Academies); see report in brief (PDF version) and read full report Applications of Toxicogenomic Technologies to Predictive Toxicology and Risk Assessment


U.S. Lacks Data on Supply of Minerals Critical to Economy, National Security; Defense Stockpile Is "Ineffective" (10/5/07, National Academies); see links to managing materials and critical materials briefs and reports


Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Testimony Supports Increased Federal Safety Funding and Authority but Opposes Onerous and Unnecessary Provisions (PDF version) (10/5/07, AHAM)


Cholera Continues to Spread in Iraq, UN Health Agency Reports (10/4/07, United Nations)


U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Receives First Application in Nearly Two Decades for New Uranium Recovery Operation (10/4/07, NRC)


U.S. Secretary of Energy Addresses the Howard Baker Center for Public Policy Nuclear Power Conference (10/4/07, U.S. DOE)


Causal Analysis/Diagnosis Decision Information System (CADDIS) 2007 Is Now Online (10/4/07, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); read notice in Federal Register and go to CADDIS 2007 update webpage


Momentum in Euro-area Economy Still Strong but Downside Risks on the Rise (10/4/07, European Union)



African Swine Fever Spreads from Georgia to Armenia - United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Warns Virus Could Reach Other Regions and Calls for More Vigorous Control Measures (10/3/07, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)


Ukraine Ready to Host Conference on Chemical Weapons Pact, Official Tells UN (10/3/07, United Nations)


U.S. Department of Energy Launches Change a Light, Change the World Campaign - Encourages Americans to Pledge to Change One Light to an Efficient Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (10/3/07, U.S. DOE)


U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Publishes Final Rule on Expanded Definition of Radioactive Byproduct Material (10/1/07, NRC)


Research and Development Bolsters U.S. Economic Growth - National Science Foundation and Bureau of Economic Analysis Study Underscores Importance of Research and Development on U.S. Economy (10/1/07, National Science Foundation)


Converting Wood Waste into Pellets to Reduce Greenhouse Gases (10/1/07, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)


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