Abstract of Meeting Paper

Society for Risk Analysis-Europe 1997 Annual Meeting

Transboundary Impacts of Nuclear Accidents . I. G. Kollas, Institute of Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection, NCSR "Demokritos," 153 10 Aghia Paraskevi, Attiki, Greece

An assessment of the transboundary environmental and health impacts that would result in Greece from postulated severe nuclear accidents in nuclear power plants of neighboring countries is performed. Besides health effects, the economic cost of the countermeasures considered are also assessed. Estimated impacts are also compared to corresponding actual impacts of the Chernobyl accident in Greece. The results of the analyses performed have shown that no early fatalities or injuries would be expected among the Greek population from any of the scenarios studied, even in the absence of countermeasures. These results suggest also the necessity of employing an emergency planning strategy, in spite of the large distances involved between reactor site and area of interest. Simple emergency response actions that would be employed, i.e. food disposal, would have the effect of reducing significantly the various impacts assessed with a relatively low cost.

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