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Society for Risk Analysis - Europe 1999 Annual Meeting

Derailment Provisions in the High Speed Train Link. ir. M.J.P. van der Meulen, Simtech Engineering BV, Oostmaaslaan 71, 3063 AN Rotterdam, The Netherlands, telephone +31-10-4244386, fax +31-10-4244352, e-mail meine.van.der.meulen@simtech.nl

The Netherlands are preparing to build their first high speed train link: from Amsterdam to the Belgian border, connecting to Antwerp, Brussels and Paris. The risk approach is an important factor in the project. Already before starting tendering, the project organisation made risk analyses of all incident types.

One of the risk analyses covers the incident type derailment. This study concludes that the risks of derailment are higher than the risk criteria. In answer to this problem, derailment provisions have been designed. These provisions guarantee that a derailed train follows the track and does not turn over. They considerably reduce the consequences of derailment and thus of the risk.

The presentation will cover:

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