October 9–13, 2017. Epidemiology and Food Safety Risk Analysis—A Comprehensive Course in QRA, Ft. Collins, Colorado. Whether you have no prior training or work experience in quantitative risk analysis, or if you want to further improve your risk analysis skills, you will be interested in our course, Epidemiology and Food Safety Risk Analysis (formerly Animal Agriculture & Food Safety Risk Analysis and Disease Modeling).

This 5-day class covers the basic principles of risk analysis, essential probability and statistics theory, stochastic processes, core risk modeling principles, and incorporates the latest innovations in modeling methods. Thanks to the case studies that guide participants through the main steps in developing a risk assessment model, it provides participants with hands-on skills to effectively use a risk modeling software environment, while learning good practices and common mistakes to avoid. The course content is available at:

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December 10–14, 2017. Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, Virginia . Go to

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