Risk Assessment and Risk Management
in Regulatory Decision-Making

PDF Version of the report of the
Commission on Risk Assessment and Risk Management

When printed, this version of the Commission's report will correspond very closely to the hard-copy version of the report released to the public on June 13. In particular, the lines on each page are numbered as in the hard-copy version. It is important to the Commission that reviewers identify specific passages in the report by page and line numbers when they submit their comments and/or suggestions to the Commission. Because there may be some slight deviations between the Commission's hard-copy version and your printout, it would also be helpful if you indicate that your review is based on the PDF version (Portable Document Format).

Your comments should be received by the Commission no later than August 9, and preferably earlier. They should be mailed to:

To view and print the PDF version, you will have to obtain the PDF reader, which is available for downloading at Adobe's web site ( http://www.adobe.com/acrobat/readstep.html).

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REPORT1.PDF (532 KB)-This is a PDF version of the first half of the report - through chapter 4.

REPORT2.PDF (685 KB)-This is a PDF version of the last half of the report - chapter 5 through the references.

APPENDIX.PDF (564 KB)-This is a PDF version of the appendices in the report.

RISK-RPT.EXE (599 KB)--This file is a self-extracting archive of two files which contain the report and the appendices and will require considerably less time to download. (It will be usable directly only by those individuals who have PC's.)

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