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Network Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: NETA) today announced that it will be providing Y2K virus information and support for the CyberAssurance National Information Center, part of the President's Council on the Year 2000 Conversion Information Coordination Center (ICC), during the most critical virus security days of the Y2K changeover for American businesses. While "Y2K viruses" may be released on or around New Year's Eve, only after they have had time to spread will any new viruses pose a significant threat to corporate and consumer users. As the worldwide market share leader in anti-virus software and sponsor of the world's largest computer virus research team, Network Associates AVERT (Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team) has volunteered to support the ICC's CyberAssurance National Information Center for these critical days at the start of the new millennium.


"For a new virus to spread rapidly, users have to be at their computers, which is the last place most people want to be on New Year's Eve," said Chengi Jimmy Kuo, director of anti-virus research for Network Associates "While it's possible there may be increased activity around Y2K, any new virus that is released around the changeover will most likely not begin to affect businesses until January 4th, when most of the world's workforce has had a day to come in, read their email, and click on attachments. Because of this, Network Associates will be providing information and support from its worldwide locations for the ICC on those critical days."

Network Associates released the following tips to avoid getting a computer virus over the holidays on December 15th, 1999. Fuller descriptions of the tips and risks are available at

Network Associates Top Ten Tips to Avoiding Computer Viruses Over the Holidays:

1. Be wary of emails from unfamiliar senders.

2. Don't double-click on email attachments -- save and scan them first.

3. Keep your antivirus software current.

4. Turn on Macro Virus Protection.

5. Be cautious with free downloads.

6. Guard your personal and financial information.

7. Protect your personal computer.

8. Protect your passwords.

9. Teach children online safety tips.

10. Protect online transactions by using a secure browser.

11. Bonus tip: Be careful -- but don't believe everything you hear.

Mr. Kuo, who will be leading the onsite support effort for Network Associates in Washington, DC, has been working in anti-virus security since 1992. He has over a decade of experience in computer systems security, and graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a degree in Engineering and Applied Sciences in 1982.

The ICC was established by the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, and will offer 24 hour coordination and dissemination of information on Y2K changeover activities worldwide. The ICC began operations on Tuesday, December 28, 1999 and will actively monitor for information until February 29, 2000, with other activities running until June 2000.

AVERT, the anti-virus research division of Network Associates' NAI Labs, currently employs more than 90 virus researchers and maintains labs on five continents worldwide. In addition to studying new and existing security threats, AVERT serves as a global resource for virus information and provides rapid, follow-the-sun support for virus emergencies worldwide. AVERT introduced the world's first Risk Assessment system for ranking the relative danger posed by new viruses discovered "in the wild," to help network administrators respond appropriately to new virus outbreaks. AVERT information on new viruses, hoaxes and response measures as well as the Top 10

Tips to avoid virus infection can be found at

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Posted December 31, 1999.

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