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Covering news and views on risk assessment & risk management

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Press Release Archives
First Quarter 2000

March 2000

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Accepting Proposals for $5.7 Million in Safety and Health Training Grants (3/31/00, OSHA)

Backgrounder for CDC Recommendations Regarding Selected Conditions Affecting Women’s Health (3/31/00, CDC)

Don't Let The Risk of High Cholesterol Fool You - There Is More to Heart Disease Than Meets the Eye (3/31/00, PR Newswire)

Hospital CEOs Can Go to Jail for Needlesticks! According to the Journal of Healthcare Safety, Compliance & Infection Control (3/31/00, PR Newswire)

Cerner and Announce Strategic Alliance for New Medical Error Solutions (3/31/00, PR Newswire)

Health Care Safety Net Strained by Shrinking Income and Growing Responsibility (3/30/00, NAS)

Children with Egg Allergy Can Be Safely Given Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine (3/30/00, EurekAlert)

Fewer Healthcare Providers To Take on Financial Risk, MCIC Survey Shows (3/30/00, PR Newswire)

NCAA Gives Nod to Custer Gambling Treatment Center to Provide Information on Student and Sports Gambling at the Final Four Hoop City Event (3/30/00, PR Newswire)

Consumer Product Safety Commission, Lane Urge Renewed Search for Cedar Chests; Another Death and Two Near Fatalities Reported (3/30/00, CPSC)

Biomass for Fuels Gaining Momentum Once Again (3/30/00, UniSci)

Osteoporosis Consensus Panel Findings Reveal Unaddressed Needs (3/29/00, PR Newswire)

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: A Bad Connection? (3/29/00, PR Newswire)

Consortium in Place to Advance Coach Safety (3/29/00, EurekAlert)

Turning Biomass Waste into Auto Fuel (3/29/00, EurekAlert)

China Reports Rise in AIDS Cases; More Women Infected (3/29/00, Nando Times)

Smoking During Pregnancy Found to Increase Risk of Cleft Lip and Palate (3/28/00, EurekAlert)

NASA Renames NEAR Spacecraft for Planetary Science Pioneer Gene Shoemaker  (Posted 3/28/00, released 3/14/00, NASA NEO Program)

Vice President Announces New Measures to Provide Safer Drinking Water for 40 Million Americans  (3/28/00, EPA.)

EPA Environmental News: Browner Recognizes Some of Nation's Most Energy-Efficient Buildings (3/28/00, EPA.)

Chernobyl Shelter Project Achieves Important Milestone:  EKOR radiation-resistant foam successfully applied on fuel-containing mass beneath failed reactor  (3/28/00, Eurotech, Ltd.)

National Transportation Research Center Brake Test Facility Could Make Highways Safer (3/28/00, EurekAlert)

CU-Boulder and Australian Researchers Join Forces to Study Reading in Young Twins (3/28/00, EurekAlert)

Fears Over ICSI Largely Groundless Say Fertility Experts (3/27/00, EurekAlert)

Study Will Assess ALS Among Gulf War Veterans (3/27/00, PR Newswire)

World Health Organization Calls for Public Hearings on Tobacco (3/27/00, WHO)

Smokers Face Higher Risk of Injuries, Study Finds (3/27/00, Nando Times)

Coalition of Prominent Michigan Hospitals Behavior Risk Study: Tobacco & Its Consequences - Its Prevalence and Impact on Health and Work (3/27/00, PR Newswire)

High-Tech Soybean from “Back-to-Basics” Breeding (3/27/00, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Flood Maps Are a Plus, an Editorial Opinion (3/27/00, FEMA)

New Study Shows for First Time How Thinking Can Impair Driving (3/26/00, EurekAlert)

New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Report Identifies State-by-State Gaps in Health Risk Factors for Racial and Ethnic Groups and Facts About Racial Health Risk Factors (3/24/00, CDC)

Ditches--A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Improve Surface Water Quality (3/24/00, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Nestlé Voluntarily Recalls Nestlé Carnation Liquid Concentrate Infant Formula (3/24/00, Nestlé)

NOAA Scientists Find Possible Cause for Early 20th Century Global Warming (3/23/00, NOAA)

Low Cholesterol Associated with Depressive Symptoms (3/23/00, Center for the Advancement of Health)

Depression and Anxiety Linked to Hypertension (3/23/00, Center for the Advancement of Health)

Irritability, Dominance Linked to Coronary Heart Disease (3/23/00, Center for the Advancement of Health)

End the Email That Claims Antiperspirants Cause Breast Cancer Says Breast Cancer Editor at, the Breast Health Specialists Website (3/23/00, PR Newswire)

150 Organizations in 28 Countries Tackle Internet Fraud (3/23/00, Federal Trade Commission)

NIH Consensus Development Conference Will Address Osteoporosis Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy (3/23/00, National Institutes of Health)

Alzheimer Disease Is Added to the Growing List of Diet-Related Chronic Conditions; Folic Acid Is Essential for Health Throughout the Lifespan, Says the American Society for Nutritional Sciences/American Society for Clinical Nutrition (3/23/00, PR Newswire)

New Research on Long-Term Ocean Cycles Reveals Rapid Global Warming in Near Future (3/22/00, NSF

World Ocean Has Warmed Significantly Over Past 40 Years (3/22/00, NOAA)

Alliance to Save Energy Offers Year-Round Tips to Cut Energy Bills, Pollution as Half a Billion People Focus on Energy During Countdown to Earth Day 2000 (3/22/00, Alliance to Save Energy)

American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine Releases Report on Health Risks Faced by Uninsured Latinos [ACP-ASIM Hace Público Informe Sobre los Riesgos de Salúd Enfrentados por los Latinos No-asegurados] (3/22/00, ACP-ASIM)

Method Removes Gas Additive MTBE from Tainted Water (Posted 3/22/00, Purdue News)

New Web Site Offers Businesses a Free 'Check-Up' To Help Reduce Rising Health Care Costs (3/22/00, PR Newswire)

Insurance Coverage for Children's Deformities Highlighted at Special Briefing (3/22/00, PR Newswire)

World TB Day - 24 March: Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistance in the World (Posted 3/21/00, WHO)

Stevia: Not Ready for Prime Time - More Research Needed To Answer Safety Questions About “Natural” Sweetener (3/21/00, Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Europe Won't Buy Genetically Modified Grains, For Now (Posted 3/21/00, Purdue News)

Government Can't Regulate Tobacco As Addictive Drug, Supreme Court Rules (3/21/00, Nando Times)

Statement of American Heart Association CEO M. Cass Wheeler on Supreme Court Ruling of FDA Authority of Tobacco Products (3/21/00, AHA)

American Heart Association CEO M. Cass Wheeler Applauds President Clinton's Call for Congressional Action on FDA Authority of Tobacco Products (3/21/00, AHA)

Lung-Disease Victims Seek Answers from Asbestos Makers (3/21/00, Nando Times)

NHEERL Symposium To Explore Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment Indicators (Updated 3/21/00, NHEERL)

How Safe Is the Wait? (3/20/00, EurekAlert)

Emphysema Linked to Smoking Marijuana (3/20/00, EurekAlert)

Clinton-Gore Administration Acts to Eliminate MTBE, Boost Ethanol (3/20/00, U.S. EPA) [Also see USDA Secretary's remarks.]

New Research on Long-Term Ocean Cycles Reveals Rapid Global Warming in Near Future (3/20/00, EurekAlert)

National Cancer Institute and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Collaborate on a Comprehensive Cancer Surveillance and Control System (3/17/00, National Institutes of Health)

Time Limited Exemptions and Financial Support Are Critical to Sustainable Reductions in the Use of DDT (3/17/00, WHO)

Health Risks from Impaired Drug Metabolism (3/17/00, EurekAlert)

Animal Activists' 'Got Beer?' Campaign Got It Wrong (3/17/00, Hudson Institute)

Lack of Physical Fitness Causes Higher Sports Injury Rates Among Women (3/16/00, CFAH)

Fewer Americans Suffer from Foodborne Illnesses as Food Safety Programs Take Hold (3/16/00, HHS) [Also see HHS Fact Sheet: HHS Initiatives to Reduce Foodborne Illness]

Aging Baby Boomers To Cause Health Care Havoc (3/16/00, Hudson Institute)

Medicine Could Learn Valuable Lessons from Aviation Industry (3/16/00, EurekAlert)

Pennsylvania State Farm Leader Calls on Congress to Help Farm Economy (3/16/00, PR Newswire)

Microsoft Joins Forces with Freddie Mac, Chase Manhattan, GMAC-RFC, Norwest Mortgage, and Bank of America to Form New Company (3/16/00, PR Newswire)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Places Tornado Information On Line (3/15/00, NOAA)

EPA and General Motors Agree on Flexible Cleanup at Flint Facility (3/15/00, PR Newswire)

American Society of Safety Engineers Announces Key Workplace Violence Survey Conclusions (3/15/00, PR Newswire)

Big Rig Exhausts Cause 125,000 Cancers Over a Lifetime, Study Says (3/15/00, Nando Times) [Also see "STAPPA and ALAPCO Estimate Cancers from Diesel Soot" at]

Most Older Patients with High Blood Pressure Have Uncontrolled Systolic Pressure, UC Irvine Study Shows (3/15/00, PR Newswire)

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Researchers Discover Why Some HIV-Infected People Don't Develop AIDS (3/15/00, NIAID)

General Motors Breaks with Global Warming Skeptics (3/15/00, Nando Times)

Retailers Join U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in Promoting Safe Bedding Practices for Babies - Each Year 900 SIDS Deaths May be Caused by Soft Bedding (3/15/00, CPSC)

New Quit Strategy Offers Smokers More Pleasure, Less Risk (3/15/00, EurekAlert)

Amoco Settles Most Brain Cancer Lawsuits (3/15/00, Nando Times)

Congress Debates Efforts to Streamline Asbestos Lawsuits (3/14/00, Nando Times)

Computer Crash Simulations Accurately Predict Injuries to Children in Automobile Crashes, According to Researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (3/14/00, PR Newswire)

Farmers Put Faces on Tobacco Battle (3/14/00, Nando Times)

Studies Propose That Depression Increases Risk of Dying for Heart Failure Patients (3/13/00, EurekAlert)

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Is It Right for You? Find Out at Mayo Clinic Health Oasis, (3/13/00, Mayo Clinic)

RiskWatch Announces New Pricing on Leading Risk Assessment Software (3/13/00, PR Newswire)

Occupational Safety & Health Administration's Ergonomics Hearing Opens Today (3/13/00, OSHA)

Energy Department Issues Recommendations to Help Prevent Power Outages (3/13/00, DOE)

New Beneficial Insects on the Way for Leafy Spurge Control (3/13/00, USDA/ARS)

RMA Conference Explores Enterprise-Wide Risk Management; Basel Accord Reform a Growing Issue in Banking Community (3/13/00, PR Newswire)

Heart Disease Risk Linked to Women's Menstrual Cycle (3/13/00, UniSci)

Computerized Analysis of Heart Arteries Shows No Benefits of Hormone Therapy (3/13/00, EurekAlert)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Proposes New Conservation Measures to Protect Toothfish (3/13/00, NOAA)

Labeling Modified Food Comes Up for Debate (3/10/00, Hudson Institute)

FDA Issues Nationwide Health Warning About Royal Baltic Cold-Smoked Fish Products (3/10/00, FDA)

Dairy Industry Calls for Changes in Proposed Dietary Guideline (3/10/00, PR Newswire)

For Environmental Issues, Conflicting Views Is the Natural State (3/10/00, European Environment Agency)

Coalition Urges Clinton to Scrap Old-Growth Logging (3/10/00, ENN)

U.S. Department of Transportation Calls for Additional Testing of Olympic Pipeline in Washington (3/9/00, PR Newswire)

Preventing Coronary Heart Disease by Assessing Absolute Risk (3/9/00, EurekAlert)

RMA Presents Its Fourth Annual Risk Management Conference - Capital Management: The Next Challenge (3/9/00, PR Newswire)

National Food Processors Association Calls Kucinich Bill "A Back Door Effort to Undermine Biotechnology"  (3/9/00, NFPA) [Also see Congressman Kucinich's web page on "Genetically Engineered Food"]

First Genetically Engineered Pollution Cleanup Passes Test (3/9/00, UniSci)

World Resources Institute Develops Method That Gives Investors an Edge in Picking Stocks (3/9/00, ENN)

WHO: The Major Impact of Tobacco Is on Health, Not on Small Tobacco Growers (3/8/00, WHO)

Nation's First Prevention Pavilion at Fox Chase Cancer Center (in Philadelphia) Offers Genetic Counseling and Prevention Programs for Families at Risk of Cancer (3/8/00, EurekAlert)

NHLBI Stops Part of Study -- High Blood Pressure Drug Performs No Better Than Standard Treatment (3/8/00, NHLBI)

Economist Thinks Recession Will Next Occur in Two Years (3/8/00, EurekAlert)

Night Lights Don't Lead to Nearsightedness, Study Suggests (3/8/00, EurekAlert)

Caught in the Web: UF/Cincinnati Study Shows Internet Addicts Suffer from Mental Illness (3/8/00, EurekAlert)

Glickman Announces New Proposal for National Organic Standards (3/7/00, USDA)

Organic Food Labeling Rules "Should Be Based on Science, Not Public Opinion Polls," Says National Food Processors Association (3/7/00, NFPA)

Regal Food Service Recalls Double Cheeseburgers Because of Possible Health Risk (3/7/00, FDA)

Disasters Made 1999 Second-Costliest Year in Insurance History (3/7/00, Nando Times)

Cholesterol Levels Unreliable for Heart Disease Risk (3/7/00, UniSci)

Inheriting Gene Variant Sharply Increases Alzheimer's Risk (3/7/00, UniSci)

Irregular Heartbeat Leads to Greater Complications in Older Americans Who Have Heart Attacks (3/7/00, EurekAlert)

Infections Associated with Home Health Care Focus of Health Experts (3/6/00, CDC)

National Brain Tumor Foundation - Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: A Bad Connection? (3/6/00, PR Newswire)

Study: Methane Cleans Nitric Oxide from Power Plant Emissions (3/6/00, EurekAlert)

Do Mitigated Wetlands Really Work? Only Time Will Tell (3/6/00, EurekAlert)

Lloyd's of London Faces the Risk of Its 312-Year Life (3/6/00, Nando Times)

Prostate Cancer Test Works As Well for Black Men, Study Shows (3/5/00, EurekAlert)

Today's Findings from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Annual Meeting Unveil New Research on Latex Allergy and Sensitization Risk Factors (3/5/00, PR Newswire)

Hidden History of Leaded Gasoline Reveals Industry Conspiracy to Conceal Dangers (3/4/00, The Nation)

Richardson Announces Research Project to Develop Cleaner and More Fuel Efficient Trucks (3/3/00, DOE)

U.S. EPA Fines Sunrider for Food Preparation Product Violation (3/3/00, PR Newswire)

National Colon Cancer Awareness Month; American College of Gastroenterology Offers Information About Colon Cancer (3/3/00, PR Newswire)

Two New Studies on Marijuana Use: One Finds Heart Attack Risk, Other Sees Benefits in Non-Smoked Drugs, Family Research Council Says (3/3/00, PR Newswire)

Management of Money Market Fund Risks Offers Comfort to Investors (3/3/00, PR Newswire)

Allowable Levels of Copper in Drinking Water Should Not Be Increased Until Studies Are Done (3/3/00, NAS)

McAfee AVERT Raises Risk Assessment to HIGH for Fast-Moving Internet 'Worm,' Pretty.Worm.unp, aka South Park Trojan (3/2/00, PR Newswire)

From Tornadoes to Tsunamis, NOAA Wants Nation To Be StormReady (3/2/00, NOAA)

U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Unveils Groundbreaking Plan - Will Tackle Major Risks to Economy, Consumers, Environment (3/2/00, NOAA)

Energy Department Selects Eight of Its National Labs to Conduct Research into Greenhouse Gases (3/2/00, DOE)

Lifestyle and Diet Changes Proven to Prevent Coronary Heart Disease in Women, But Obesity Hurts; American Heart Association Program Addresses Issue (3/2/00, PR Newswire)

Federal Trade Commission Conducts Review of Smokeless Tobacco Regulations (3/2/00, FTC)

Trade Politics Influence USDA's Stand on Argentine Citrus Importation Says U.S. Citrus Science Council (3/2/00, PR Newswire)

NIAID Releases The Jordan Report: Accelerated Development of Vaccines (3/2/00, NIAID)

Study Finds That Depression After Bypass Surgery Raises Risk of Future Heart Problems (3/2/00, EurekAlert)

New Company to Offer Innovative Online Financial Products and Services to Benefit Individual Investors and FOLIO(fn) Introduces FOLIO(investing), A Revolutionary New Way for Individuals to Invest (3/2/00, PR Newswire)

Spring Planting Has Never Seen Such Growth Potential; Ironite Announces Results of Plant, Safety Studies (3/2/00, PR Newswire)

Flood Insurance Claims from Hurricane Floyd Will Rank Second-Highest Ever (3/1/00, FEMA)

International Disaster Risk Management Institute Formed by Swiss and American Universities (3/1/00, EurekAlert)

Over 25,000 Chain Pharmacies Join Katie Couric in National Campaign To Promote Awareness on Colon Cancer and Preventative Screenings (3/1/00, PR Newswire)

Intervention Cuts STD Risk Rate in Military Setting (3/1/00, UniSci)

Bring On the Pecans: NMSU Researchers Find Eating Pecans Lowers Bad Cholesterol (3/1/00, EurekAlert)

February 2000

Scientists Uncover Action of a Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease (2/29/00, EurekAlert)

Increases in Global Temperature Could Accelerate Historical Rate of Sea-Level Rise (2/29/00, PR Newswire)

People Told To Learn the Warning Signs of Stroke (2/29/00, UniSci)

Risk Management Agency Program Announcement (2/29/00, RMA-USDA)

Proposal Aims to Stem Tide of Mississippi River Pollution (2/29/00, ENN)

USDA, Brazil Team Up to Fight Dengue Virus (2/29/00, USDA)

National Institutes of Health Launches "" (2/29/00, EurekAlert)

Botanist to Assess Risks of Gene-Altered Food (2/28/00, University of Toronto)

Heart Disease Rates Linked To Prevention, Treatment (2/28/00, UniSci)

Prevention and Treatment - Both Work, Says WHO Study on Hearth Disease (2/28/00, WHO)

Chemoprevention: The Latest Stategy in Reducing Breast Cancer Risk—A New Report (2/28/00, ACSH)

Additional Week Scheduled for Ergonomics Proposal Hearing (2/28/00, OSHA)

Increased Risk Factors for Diabetes and Heart Disease in African-American Children (2/28/00, EurekAlert)

New Study Shows Twice as Many Americans May Suffer from Undiagnosed Thyroid Disease (2/28/00, PR Newswire)

March Is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: Provides Patients with Personalized, Private Decision Support Information (2/28/00, PR Newswire)

Mayo Publishes New Edition of Mayo Clinic Heart Book (2/28/00, Mayo Clinic)

Leading Nordic Bank Installs Panorama (2/28/00, PR Newswire)

Medical Refugees in America (2/28/00, AMA)

Maximum Exposure (2/28/00, ENN)

Mayors of San Luis, Arizona, and San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico, Sign Border Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan (2/25/00, PR Newswire) Receives Prestigious Scripps Howard Foundation Award for Outstanding Web Reporting - First Web Site Recipient of National Journalism Award for College Community Crime Risk Study (2/25/00, PR Newswire)

Under Pressure from EU, Britain Adopts Metric System (2/25/00, Nando Times)

OSHA Formalizes Policy on Home-Based Work (2/25/00, OSHA)

Campbell Soup Company Recalls Healthy Request Vegetable Beef Condensed Soup for Possible Metal Contamination (2/25/00, FSIS)

USGS's Most Popular Maps Now Available Online (2/25/00, USGS)

Securities Firms to Invest Nearly $1 Billion to Price Equities in Decimals (2/24/00, SIA)

Energy Department Announces Actions to Improve Safety Management at Y-12 Plant (2/24/00, DOE)

NIAID Researchers Identify New Drugs to Treat "Mad Cow"-like Disease in Mice (2/24/00, NIH)

Results of First Independent Study of Radioactive Contamination from Soviet Weapons Program Announced (2/24/00, EurekAlert)

Up to One-third of All Cancer Cases May Be Prevented by Healthy Diets and Exercise, Notes FANSA (2/24/00, EurekAlert)

National Food Processors Association Faults Introduction of Biotech Labeling Bill, Saying Legislation "Puts Politics Ahead of Science (2/23/00, NFPA)

Significant Technological Barriers Remain for Providing Health Care on the Internet (2/23/00, NAS)

New Air Cleaning Device Cuts Salmonella in Poultry Houses (2/23/00, USDA)

Natural Food Doesn't Always Mean Safe Food (2/22/00, Hudson Institute)

Agriculture Secretary Glickman to Host The Great Nutrition Debate - USDA site to webcast event on February 24 beginning at 10:00 AM, EST. (2/22/00, USDA)

Record Breaking Temperatures Seen as Evidence of Faster Rate of Global Warming (2/22/00, EurekAlert)

Toxicologists Discover Traces of Diesel Exhaust in the Body (2/22/00, EurekAlert)

Trend Micro Supports Formation of Warlab, an Independent Antivirus Research Center Founded by Joe Wells (2/22/00, PR Newswire)

Heart Health Is Most Promising Benefit of Soy, Experts Say; Soy Diet Cuts Cholesterol, Heart Risk (2/22/00, PR Newswire)

Public Service Company of New Mexico Subsidiary Announces Technology Partnership with Sandia National Labs (2/22/00, PR Newswire)

WHO and UNAIDS Join Forces to Launch HIV Vaccine Initiative (2/21/00, WHO)

Genetically Engineered Food Could Be Lifeline for Developing World, Cornell Researcher Suggests (2/19/00, Cornell University)

National Food Processors Association Says New Rule Allowing Red Meat Irradiation "Begins a New Era in U.S. Food Safety" (2/18/00, NFPA)

No Link Found Between PCBs and DDE and Breast Cancer Risk in Women (2/18/00, EurekAlert)

Death by Global Warming?: Climate Change, Pollution and Malnutrition (2/18/00, EurekAlert)

All Young Women with Breast Cancer Should Receive Chemotherapy (2/17/00, EurekAlert)

High Rates of Skin Cancer Among Airline Pilots (2/17/00, EurekAlert)

First Pneumococcal Vaccine Approved for Infants and Toddlers (2/17/00, HHS)

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Funds Asthma Coalitions to Improve Care Among High-Risk Populations (2/17/00, NHLBI)

Germany Bans Novartis Bt Corn in Move to Protect Public Health, Environment (2/16/00, Greenpeace)

Awareness of Air Bag Risks Falls as Number of Air Bag Equipped Vehicles Rises (2/16/00, PR Newswire)

The Bond Market Association and an International Consortium of Global Financial Industry Associations Release Cross-Product Master Agreement to Help Curtail Systemic Risk in the Marketplace (2/16/00, PR Newswire)

Cigars Increase Lung Cancer Risk Five-Fold, Study Finds (Posted 2/16/00, ACS)

Veterans Affairs Study Finds Annual Retinal Screenings for Diabetic Patients Provide Only Marginal Benefits (2/15/00, PR Newswire)

Recent Studies on Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Cause Concern; The American Medical Women's Association States That Women Need to Speak with Their Physicians About HRT and Breast Cancer (2/15/00, PR Newswire)

Grocery Manufacturers of America: Food Safety Strategy Needs Sharper Focus on Educating Consumers, Medical Providers; Federal Strategic Plan Remains 'Broad, Vague' (2/15/00, PR Newswire)

Screen Yourself for Kidney Disease: Simple Home Test Could Save Your Life; African-Americans at Especially High Risk for This Silent Killer (2/15/00, PR Newswire)

The Future of Planet Earth: Scientific Challenges in the Coming Century (2/14/00, USGS)

Playing the Odds: Can You Stop Abusing Alcohol at 10 years and Be OK? (2/14/00, EurekAlert)

This Is Your Adolescent Brain on Alcohol (2/14/00, EurekAlert)

Free Stroke Screenings May Pay Off by Revealing Hidden Risk (2/11/00, EurekAlert)

Energy Department Issues Final Paducah Safety and Health Investigation Report (2/10/00, DOE)

Basel Proposals Would Reduce Risk to Global Banking System, Says Duff & Phelps Credit Rating Co. (2/10/00, PR Newswire)

EPA Responds to New York Times Advertisement Regarding the Pesticide Dursban (2/10/00, OPP)

Institute of Medicine Policy Report: State Programs Can Reduce Tobacco Use (2/10/00, National Cancer Policy Board)

New England Journal of Medicine Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of Implantable Defibrillators in Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death in Young People (2/10/00, PR Newswire)

Tuberculosis Situation in Ingushetia Critical (2/9/00, WHO)

"Shared Ideas and Goals" Reflected in FDA Priorities for 2000, Says National Food Processors Association (2/9/00, NFPA)

Lung Ailments Come with the Paycheck for Wide Swath of Workers (2/9/00, EurekAlert)

Even Fancy Ergonomic Chairs Might Not Protect Computer Users from Wrist Injuries, Cornell Study Finds (2/9/00, EurekAlert)

Look for Lutein to Reduce the Risk of Cataracts (2/8/00, PR Newswire)

Cervical Cancer Link Between FHIT Gene Functioning and Smoking (2/8/00, PR Newswire)

Exposures to Second-hand Smoke Lower than Believed, ORNL Study Finds (2/8/00, EurekAlert) ( - New Trial Sheds Light on Vitamin E and Heart Disease (2/8/00, PR Newswire)

Consumer Product Safety Commission, Distributors Announce Recall of "FIRE CAP" Fire and Smoke Suppressants (2/8/00, CPSC)

Life Expectancy for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis Has Not Improved in Four Decades (2/8/00, EurekAlert)

Quality of Life After Hip Fracture Repair May Depend on the Type of Anesthesia Used, UM Medical Center Researchers Find (2/8/00, EurekAlert)

Medical Evidence and the Internet; see article's full text at CMAJ (2/7/00, EurekAlert)

Next Year's Budget Request for FDA (2/7/00, FDA)

Glickman Outlines 2001 Budget Proposal for U.S. Department of Agriculture; see Glickman's remarks about budget and FY 2001Budget Summary (2/7/00, USDA)

National Food Processors Association "Dismayed" That Administration's Proposed FY 2001 Budget Again Contains Regulatory Taxes to Fund Food Safety Activities (2/7/00, NFPA)

News Coverage About Smoking Dangers Was Significant, Historian Testifies (2/7/00, Nando Media)

Oxygen Restrictions Can Be Eased for Premature Infants with Blinding Eye Disease (2/7/00, EurekAlert)

Care Management Science Condemns Privacy Invasions on Consumer Health Care Web Sites (2/7/00,

Contract Risk Management for the Oil & Gas Industry (2/7/00, PR Newswire)

New Findings Support Estrogen Replacement Therapy for Endometrial Cancer Survivors (2/6/00, PR Newswire)

Test Provides Accurate, Noninvasive Method to Determine Fetal Lung Development, University of Florida Researchers Find (2/5/00, EurekAlert)

Oil Price Shock Hits Planes, Trains, Trucks, and Homeowners (2/4/00, PR Newswire)

Risk Factors for Chronic Disease and Injury Vary Greatly by Region and Sex Among American Indians and Alaska Natives (2/4/00, CDC)

Hackers Make House Calls, Experts Remind Computer Users (2/4/00, Nando Media)

Antenatal Screening for Haemoglobin Disorders Is Inadequate and Inequitable (2/3/00, EurekAlert)

Citing Higher Priority Species, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Will Not List Black-Tailed Prairie Dog at This Time (2/3/00, USFW)

Center for Science in the Public Interest Urges USDA to Determine if U.S. Beef Is Tainted with the Hormone DES (2/2/00, CSPI)

FDA Launches "Cyber" Letters Against Potentially Illegal, Foreign-based Online Drug Sites (2/2/00, FDA)

Polio Should Be Eradicated by 2005. Or Will It? (2/2/00, EurekAlert)

Doctors Converge on Sacramento To Lobby for Universal Health Coverage (2/2/00, ACP-ASIM)

AIDS Drugs During Pregnancy and Cesarean Delivery May Lower Maternal HIV Transmission (2/2/00, EurekAlert)

Another Virus, CMV, May Increase Death Risk in AIDS Patients (2/2/00, EurekAlert)

AIDS Can Be Spread Through Oral Sex, Study Finds (2/1/00, Nando Media)

Study Says Surgery May Aid Breast Cancer Survivors (2/1/00, Nando Media)

Unfiltered Coffee May Increase Heart Attack Risk (2/1/00, EurekAlert)

January 2000

ACP-ASIM Applauds Health Insurance Tax Credit Proposal As Presented by Jeffords, Breaux, Frist and Armey (1/31/00, ACP-ASIM)

Energy Department Establishes Internet Database on Waste, Contaminated Materials and Facilities (1/31/00, DOE)

GREENPEACE Calls Historic Adoption of Biosafety Protocol a Win for Consumers, the Environment (1/31/00, Greenpeace)

Formosan Termite May Be Top Concern of Entomologists of the New Millenium, According to Report (1/31/00, EurekAlert)

USDA Research May Combat Invasive Pests (1/31/00, USDA)

Researchers Find Low Blood Pressure May Be To Blame for Alcohol Related Blackouts (1/31/00, Mayo Clinic)

More Evidence Links Hostility with Cardiovascular Disease (1/31/00, EurekAlert)

Common Anti-inflammatory Drug Rescues Low-growth Fetuses in Mouse Study (1/31/00, EurekAlert)

Better Detection and Tracking Can Help Protect Military Troops from Hazardous Agents (1/27/00, NAS)

In Wake of Second Death, CPSC and Burger King Again Urge Consumers to Destroy and Discard Pokemon Balls (1/27/00, CPSC)

Think Tank Warns Clintonization Is Canadianization of Health Care (1/27/00, Fraser Institute)

All Juices Should Receive Pasteurization or an Equivalent Treatment, National Food Processors Association Tells FDA (1/27/00, NFPA)

First Clinical Trial Launched to Study Morbidity and Mortality Benefits of Omapatrilat in Treating Patients at Risk Because of Systolic Hypertension (1/27/00, PR Newswire)

American Academy of Ophthalmology: Study Says Long-Term Contact Lens Wear May Cause Complications for Refractive Surgery Patients (1/27/00, PR Newswire)

International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER) Database Expands (1/26/00, TERA)

Interest High in Super Bowl Betting; Help for Problem Gamblers Available (1/26/00, PR Newswire)

Lutheran General Hospital Opens Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Center (1/26/00, PR Newswire)

Science Still Scanty on Supplements, Health Group Finds (1/26/00, ACSH)

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk (1/26/00, JAMA)

High Risk Diabetes Patients Benefit from Landmark Discovery in Heart Disease Treatment (1/25/00, PR Newswire)

People from Large Families May Have Greater Risk of Alzheimer's (1/25/00, EurekAlert)

The Technical Group Launches for Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Professionals (1/25/00, E-Wire)

Most Americans Don't Eat Enough Fish to Reap Omega-3 Benefits, Ocean Essentials Survey Says (1/25/00, PR Newswire)

High Fibre Diet Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer: Study (1/25/00, EurekAlert)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lists Southwestern Oregon Flower as Endangered (1/25/00, USFWS

Statement from FEMA Director James Lee Witt on Protecting the Environment and Reducing Disaster Risk (1/24/00, FEMA)

Update: Flu Season 1999-2000 (1/24/00, CDC)

Children with Egg Allergy Not at Increased Risk of Severe Reactions to Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine (1/24/00, EurekAlert)

FDA Updates Warnings for Cisapride (1/24/00, FDA)

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: Florida's Sterile Medfly Release Program Proves Successful (1/24/00, PR Newswire)

Licensing Procedure for Genetically Modified Organisms Turns Out To Be Fallible (1/24/00, EurekAlert)

Have You Checked the Color of Your Drinking Water Lately? (1/24/00, EurekAlert)

Engineer Fine Tunes Use of Microorganisms to Reduce Pollution Contamination (1/24/00, EurekAlert)

Study: Commercial Disinfectants Effective, Natural Products Less So (1/24/00, EurekAlert)

Giant Earthquake, 300 Years Ago This Week (1/24/00, USGS)

Glickman Names Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology (1/21/00, USDA)

Teen Smokers Need More Than Patches to Quit (1/21/00, Mayo Clinic)

2000 Childhood Immunization Schedule (1/21/00, CDC)

Four Routine Childbirth Procedures That Don't Help and Can Hurt (1/21/00, PR Newswire)

Online Privacy Committee Members Named (1/21/00, FTC)

Warming Babies' Bottles in Boiling Water Increases Risk of Scalding in Young Children (1/20/00, EurekAlert)

Parents' Group Urges Physicians to Return Existing Supplies of Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV), Adopt New Polio Vaccine Schedule (1/20/00, PR Newswire)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Urges Caution to Protect Trumpeter Swans (1/20/00, USFWS)

Wake Forest University School of Medicine Launches Major Research Initiative (1/20/00, WFUBMC)

Online Survey Reveals Health and Managed Care Executives' Thoughts on Capitated Reimbursement (1/20/00, PR Newswire)

Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling of Imported Fresh Muscle Cuts of Beef and Lamb (1/20/00, FSIS)

Study Finds Strong Evidence That Exposure to Some Indoor Substances Can Lead to or Worsen Asthma (1/19/00, NAS)

President's Council on Food Safety Outlines Bold Strategic Plan (1/19/00, NFPA)

Greenpeace Wins First Round in EPA Lawsuit to Ban Bt Crops (1/19/00, Greenpeace)

Cocaine Goes Straight to the Heart (1/19/00, EurekAlert)

Milk Found Safe from Toxic Algae (1/19/00, EurekAlert)

Preventing Workplace Violence in the New Millennium (1/19/00, EurekAlert)

Physicians Recommend Learning from Letterman; Risk Factors Cited on LaurusHealth (1/18/00, PR Newswire)

FDA's Report on New Health Care Products Approved in 1999 (1/18/00, FDA)

Avandel Healthcare and FutureHealth Partnership Provides Complete Management of Catastrophic Medical Conditions (1/18/00, PR Newswire)

International Panel Announces New Treatment Guidelines for HIV (1/18/00, EurekAlert)

First HPV Hotline Answers America's Questions; American Social Health Association Launches National HPV & Cervical Cancer Prevention Resource Center (1/18/00, PR Newswire)

New Super Computer Helps NOAA'S Weather Service Improve Speed and Accuracy of Weather Forecasts (1/18/00, NOAA)

New Web Site Provides Access to Information on Sleep and Sleep Disorders (1/18/00, NIH)

The Brain Tumor Society's Frontiers of Hope '99 Symposium Now Available for Internet Viewing on (1/18/00, PR Newswire)

Calgon Carbon Provides Solutions to MTBE Contamination (1/17/00, PR Newswire)

New York Well Owners File MTBE Class Action Lawsuit and Efforts to Protect Well Water from Gasoline Additive MTBE Put in National Spotlight by CBS '60 Minutes' (1/17/00, PR Newswire)

New USDA Recall Policy "Counterproductive" (1/17/00, GMA)

Great-West Life and New England Financial Announce a New Alliance with Financial Engines (1/17/00, PR Newswire)

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service To Hold Public Meeting To Discuss the Future Role of FSIS Veterinarians (1/14/00, FSIS)

National Food Processors Association Questions Changes to USDA Recall Policy (1/14/00, NFPA)

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Announces AAPS PharmSciTech, the Association's Second Online Journal (1/14/00, EurekAlert)

Miscarriage, Birth Defects “Too High a Price to Pay” for Tainted Food Charge Victims and Health Group (1/13/00, CSPI)

New Strategies, Not New Mandates, Will Be Most Effective in Combatting Listeria, Says National Food Processors Association (1/13/00, NFPA)

Meridien Research, CMRA: Dependence on Risk Models Must Be Mitigated to Avoid Increased Losses (1/13/00, PR Newswire)

New Technique Predicts Wet Pavement Accidents, Suggests Corrective Options (1/13/00, EurekAlert)

Study Shows That Managed Care Plans Can Do More to Help Enrollees Change Unhealthy Behaviors (1/13/00, EurekAlert)

Any Benefits Associated with Alcohol Intake Are Negated by Dependence (1/13/00, EurekAlert)

Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dementia Linked in WWII Vets (1/13/00, EurekAlert)

New Evidence Helps Reconcile Global Warming Discrepancies; Confirms That Earth's Surface Temperature Is Rising (1/12/00, NAS)

Expert Panel Identifies Major Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Medical Implant Retrieval and Analysis (1/12/00, NIH) Provides Web Access to Its CORE Loss Database(TM); Tool Offers Advanced Methods to Identify, Measure and Control Operational Risks That Have Caused Over $200 Billion in Financial Services Losses (1/12/00, PR Newswire)

Exfoliation Syndrome (XFS), the Leading Cause of Glaucoma; New Areas of Research, Diagnosis and Treatment (1/12/00, PR Newswire)

Audit Committees Should Focus on Key Business Risks (1/12/00, PR Newswire)

ICF Consulting Wins Contract to Manage the Building a Disaster-Resistant Asia Conference (1/12/00, PR Newswire)

Flu Season 1999-2000? Questions and Answers (1/12/00, CDC)

Top Ten Flu Facts: A Guide to Surviving the Flu Season from (1/12/00, PR Newswire)

Bayer Settles FTC Charges/The Million Dollar Question for Consumers: Aspirin Regimen Therapy - Is It Right For You? (1/11/00, FTC)

Consumer Products Safety Commission, Reckitt & Colman Inc. Announce Recall of EASY-OFF Oven Cleaner (1/11/00, CPSC)

Draft Food Safety Strategic Plan "Appropriately Focuses on Risk," Says National Food Processors Association (1/10/00, NFPA)

Draft Preliminary Food Safety Strategic Plan for Public Review (1/7/00) 

RiskWorld Opens On-line Bookstore Featuring Topical Index (1/06/00, RiskWorld)

FEMA Urges Consumers To Keep Y2K Preparedness Items (1/06/00, FEMA)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Complete Successful Y2K Transition (1/06/00, CDC)

NIH Conference to Assess State of Medical Implants (1/05/00, NIH)

National Group Encourages Women to Protect Themselves from Cervical Cancer; Free Pap Tests Offered (1/05/00, PR Newswire)

Free Service Helps Consumers Find Dentists (1/05/00, PR Newswire)

University of Pittsburgh-Led Team Finds Biological Reason for Women's Increased Risk of Smoking-Related Lung Cancer (1/04/00, PR Newswire)

Major Y2K Successes Permit Reduced Monitoring Says International Y2K Cooperation Center Steering Committee (1/04/00,

EPA Reports Show PCBs from Upper Hudson River May Affect Human Health in Mid-Hudson; Threaten Fish and Wildlife in Lower Hudson for Decades (1/04/00, U.S. EPA Region 2)

Start of First Work Week of the Millennium Brings No Y2K Problems at Environmentally Sensitive Sites (1/04/00, U.S. EPA Region 2)

Natural Gas Industry Passes Y2K Test with Flying Colors; "Hard Work Paid Off," Richard Says (1/03/00,

First Day of Trading in Y2K Is 'Business As Usual' (1/03/00, Securities Industry Association)

Environment Health Institute's Centers to Breed Mice with Human-Like Gene Variants That Modify Their Responses to Environmental Factors and the Repair of Damaged DNA (1/03/00, National Institutes of Health)

Do Insurance Policies Discourage Doctors from Counseling Patients on Alcoholism? (1/03/00, EurekAlert)

International Y2K Center News Advisory: Update on Gambia - All Is Normal: 130 Countries Reporting All Normal in All Sectors (1/02/00,

International Y2K Center News Advisory: 118 Countries Report Normal Y2K Status In All Sectors (1/01/00,

Country Status Chart at the International Y2K Cooperation Center (1/01/00,

Press Releases from the International Y2K Cooperation Center (1/01/00,

Press Briefings from the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion Information Coordination Center (ICC) (1/01/00,

Press Releases from the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion Information Coordination Center (ICC) (1/01/00,

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