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 Press Release Archives

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Third Quarter 2001

July August September


President George Bush's Statement on Human Cloning (7/31/01, White House)

Overseer of the Rules for Office of Management and Budget [John D. Graham] (7/31/01, Washington Post)

Federal Fuel Economy Standards Program Should Be Retooled (7/31/01, National Academies of Science)

Virtual Hurricanes: National Center for Atmospheric Research Model Pushes Frontier (7/31/01,  EurekAlert)

Study Finds No Link Between Increase in Child Marijuana Use and Baby Boom Parents (7/31/01, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Safety 1st Announce Recall of Cabinet and Drawer Spring Latches (7/31/01, CPSC); also see other July recalls 

Meridien Research: Expanding Demands for Asset Liability Management; Risk Management Applications Taking on New Problems (7/31/01, Meridian Research)

McAfee ASaP Scans 20,000 Servers and Detects More Than 1,230 Systems Vulnerable to Code Red Worm (7/31/01, PR Newswire) Sees Continued Widespread Infection of the SirCam Worm (7/30/01, PR Newswire)

EPA Lists Pesticides for Risk Management Decisions Through Fiscal Year 2002 (7/30/01, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); see lists

Adrenaline and Cigital Join Forces To Rescue At-Risk Large Tech Projects (7/30/01, PR Newswire)

A Very Real and Present Threat to the Internet: July 31 Deadline for Action (7/29/01, National Infrastructure Protection Center)

Beryllium Disease, "A Disaster Waiting To Happen," Chicago Tribune Investigation (7/28/01, PR Newswire)

Scientific Report on Starlink Corn Available (7/27/01, U.S. EPA); see final report (PDF, 115 Kb)

EPA Releases New Data for Comment on Coal Remining (7/27/01, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

European Commission Publishes Results of Pesticide Monitoring Programme 1999 and Commission Proposes a Revised Approach Towards the Evaluation of Pesticides Safety (7/27/01, European Union)

American Chemistry Council and NIEHS Agree to $4 Million Research Effort to Improve Testing Chemicals for Potential Human Developmental and Reproductive Effects (7/26/01, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)

University of California Davis Study Shows Syringe-Exchange Programs Effective in Reducing the Spread of AIDS (7/26/01, EurekAlert)

Carnegie Mellon Study Provides Conclusive Evidence that Cell Phones Distract Drivers (7/26/01, EurekAlert)

Mayo Clinic Study Shows Thalidomide Significantly Affects Early-Stage Multiple Myeloma (7/26/01, Mayo Clinic)

Strong Bones May Predict Breast Cancer Risk (7/26/01, American Cancer Society); also see Study Finds Nicotine Supports Angiogenesis and Speeds Tumor Growth

ACS Cancer Facts and Figures for Hispanics Now Available in Both English and Spanish (7/26/01, American Cancer Society)

Eating Transgenic Sausages (7/26/01, EurekAlert)

Scientists Discover Formula for Long-Life Rechargeable Batteries (7/26/01, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

New Guidance Says Company Directors Must Ensure Risks to Health and Safety Are Properly Managed (7/25/01, UK Health and Safety Executive)

NHTSA Seeks Comment on Proposed Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (7/25/01, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Strengthens Warnings for Oxycontin (7/25/01, FDA)

Tighter Controls Sought for New Ozone-Destroying Chemicals (7/24/01, United Nations Environment Programme)

Largest-Ever Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial Opens: 32,000 Men Sought to Test Vitamin E and Selenium (7/24/01, National Institutes of Health)

National Toxicology Program Plans to Look at Common Viruses, Radiation, Cooking By-Products for New Carcinogen Report (7/24/01, National Institute of Environmental Health and Science); also see call for public comments on proposed listings that was published in the Federal Register

American Heart Association Issues Cautions on Hormone Replacement Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease (7/24/01, American Heart Association); also see background and guidelines

Misperception Can Hinder Patient Participation in Clinical Trials (7/24/01, American Cancer Society)

World Trade Organisation and Agriculture: "No Disguised Protectionism via Precautionary Principle," Says European Union (7/24/01, EU); also see Questions and Answers on the Regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms in the EU

Are the Digits of Pi Random? Lab Researcher May Hold the Key (7/23/01, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Banning Animals from the Bedroom Could Reduce Chagas Disease Risk, Say Science Researchers (7/23/01, EurekAlert)

Health Groups Cite Danger of Tiny Soot Particles, Call on EPA To Adopt Tough New Short-Term Standard (7/23/01, Environmental News Network)

Yellowstone Volcano Could Alter Climate, Smother Lives (7/23/01, UniSci)

Arctic Ecosystems Being Nibbled Away (7/23/01, EurekAlert)

Detecting Alzheimer's Before Clinical Symptom Onset (7/23/01, UniSci)

Fish-Stocking May Spread Amphibian Disease (7/23/01, EurekAlert)

New Treatment Guidelines Recommend Bisphosphonates As First-Line Therapy for Prevention and Treatment of Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis (7/20/01, Aventis Pharma)

Guidelines Underscore Nutrition Choices (7/20/01, American Cancer Society)

Study to Assess Risk Factors of Vessel Collisions with Endangered Northern Right Whales (7/20/01, Environmental News Network)

Poor Reading Skills Have Both Physical, Environmental Causes (7/20/01, EurekAlert)

Sandia To Release First Risk-Based Approach to Building Management Software for Use by General Services Administration (7/19/01, Sandia National Laboratories)

Plant-Incorporated Protectant Rules Affirmed by Administration; Comment Invited on Supplemental Notice and Report (7/19/01, U.S. EPA)

FDA Approves First Drug to Treat Serious Neurological Disease in Horses (7/19/01, US Food and Drug Administration)

Experimental Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Gives Hope to Paralysis Victims (7/19/01, Nando Times)

A Way To Avoid Mine Explosions - New Report from HSE (7/19/01, Health & Safety Executive)

Powder Sucks Moisture Out of Thunderstorm (7/19/01, Nando Times)

TIGR Completes Study Providing Insight Into Infectious Strain of Bacterium That Causes Otitis, Pneumonia and Meningitis (7/19/01, EurekAlert)

State-of-the-Art Technology Chosen to Clean Up Wastewater from Swine Production (7/19/01, Agriculture Research Service)

Minor Mutations in HIV Virus Have Major Impact (7/19/01, EurekAlert)

Rutgers' Black Hole Discovery: The First Galaxy Without One or the Smallest Black Hole Yet? (7/19/01, EurekAlert)

Preventative Mastectomies Save Lives, Study Finds (7/19/01, Nando Times)

Pneumococcus Genome Sequence Completed (7/19/01, EurekAlert)

CSPI Urges USDA to Label All Fresh Meat and Poultry (7/19/01, Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI))

Scientists Identify Methane-Consuming Microbes from Ocean Depths (7/19/01, EurekAlert)

Chandra Detects Halo of Hot Gas Around Milky Way-Like Galaxy (7/19/01, Environmental News Network)

Study Finds Flaws in "Mad Cow" Detection Program (7/19/01, Environmental News Network)

Diet High in Polyunsaturated Fat Doubles Asthma Risk (7/19/01, UniSci)

Drug Destroys Only Oxygen-Starved Cells Within Tumors (7/19/01, UniSci)

Compounds in Phytoplankton May Become Skin Care Boon (7/19/01, UniSci)

Central Sprinkler Company Announce Voluntary Recall To Replace O-Ring Fire Sprinklers (7/19/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Lightning and Electric Shocks May Increase the Risk of Motor Neurone Disease (7/18/01, EurekAlert)

Ohio Firm Recalls Sliced Beef and Ham Products for Possible Salmonella Contamination (7/18/01, USDA Food and Inspection Service)

Panel Considers Risks of Genetically Engineered Corn (7/18/01, Nando Times)

State Vehicle Emissions Programs Wasting Effort, Report Finds (7/18/01, Nando Times)

Healthful Soybean Oil from the Southeast To Be Evaluated (7/18/01, Agriculture Research Service)

Experimental Lymphoma Vaccine Tested at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center (7/18/01, EurekAlert)

Digital Organisms Used to Confirm Evolutionary Process (7/18/01, EurekAlert)

New Explanation of Metal Behavior May Lead to Stronger Alloys (7/18/01, EurekAlert)

Chemicals in Frying Pan a Potential Hazard to Environment (7/18/01, EurekAlert)

New NASA Supercomputer Models Earth Climate at Warp Speed  (7/12/01, NASA)

Conservation Groups Challenge Alberta Government to Stop "Private" Negotiations to Sell Public Forests; More Parks Needed (7/18/01, Environmental News Network)

First Evidence of Gene Therapy for Abnormal Blood Vessel Growth in newborns (7/18/01, EurekAlert)

Use of Analgesics Not Associated With Kidney Damage (7/18/01, UniSci)

Eight-Hospital Consortium in Michigan Reports That New Tool Helps Predict Specific Patient Risks for Certain Heart Procedures (7/18/01, PR Newswire)

Almonds Deliver Heart-Friendly Unsaturated Fat; New Study Finds Trans Fats May Increase Cholesterol Levels and Heart Disease Risk More Than Saturated Fat; Unsaturated Fat in Almonds May Help Reduce Risk (7/18/01, PR Newswire)

House Panel Endorses Drilling in Arctic Refuge (7/18/01, Nando Times)

Successful Delivery of Apomorphine to the Brain Following Intranasal Administration Demonstrated in Clinical Study (7/18/01, PR Newswire)

Cancer Surgery Gets Much-Needed Clinical Trials (7/18/01, UniSci)

USC Scientists Look for Source of Huntington Beach Contamination (7/17/01, Sea Grant News Media Center)

U.S. Energy Research Pays Off (7/17/01, The National Academies)

Iraq at Risk from Rift Valley Fever - FAO Starts Emergency Project (7/17/01, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

Beef Industry Supports Proposed Mandatory Fresh Meat Nutrition Labeling Rule and Recommends Inclusion of Essential Nutrients (7/17/01, BEEF Newsroom)

Smoking Ups Cervical Precancer Risk in HPV-Infected Women (7/17/01, ACS News)

Solar Sail Set for First Space Test (7/17/01, The New Scientist)

Diesel Cancer Risk Dwarfs All Other Air Toxics Combined (7/12/01, Environmental Defense)

Wild Australian Soybean Relatives Hold Genes for Nematode Resistance (7/17/01, Agricultural Research Service)

Public-Private Partnership Launches Osteoarthritis Initiative (7/17/01, National Institute of Health)

Firms Announce Recall of Bicycles and Bicycle Components (7/17/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Despite Uncertainty, EPA Considers Approval of StarLink for Human Consumption (7/17/01, Environmental News Network)

Recalls: Kole Imports Announce Recall of Contact Adhesive and Kenyon International Inc. Announce Recall of Portable Butane Stoves (7/16/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Clean Electric Power from Dirty Coal (7/16/01, Ames Laboratory)

Scientists Still Finding Oil After 1989 Exxon Valdez Spill (7/16/01, Nando Times)

Japanese Beetles Here Early, More Weeks of Damage (7/16/01, Purdue University News)

As Chiggers Get Thicker, It's No Time to Snicker, Entomologist Says (7/16/01, Purdue University News)

Climate Change in Atlantic Larger Than Previously Thought (7/16/01, NASA)

Dead Crow in Georgia Was Infected with West Nile Virus, Officials Say (7/16/01, Nando Times)

Peat Moss Studied As Possible Food Preservative (7/16/01, Nando Times)

EPA's Order on Leaking Effluent Alarms Hog Industry (7/16/01, Nando Times)

CDC Releases Strategies on How to Help Prevent Illness from Heat Exposure ( 7/13/01, Center for Disease Control & Prevention)

Dangerous Climate Change Can Still Be Averted (7/13/01, Environmental News Network)

Safety of Some Yellow Fever Vaccine Questioned (7/13/01, UniSci)

Sorting Out Wheat Stem Sawfly Attractants (7/12/01, Agriculture Research Service)

BMJ Asthma Study Calls for Oxygen in Every Practice (7/13/01, UniSci)

Animal Model Created for Human Autoimmune Diseases (7/13/01, UniSci)

Report Finds Soft Bedding a Factor in Playpen Deaths - CPSC, Mattel Launch Campaign to Alert Caregivers (7/12/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Rings Around Stars Not As Rare As Had Been Thought (7/13/01, UniSci)

NYU Researchers Have Transformed a Virus Into a Better Cancer Killer (7/12/01, EurekAlert)

USGS Launches New Web Site for Nation's Water Data (7/12/01, USGS)

Scientists Say Earth Losing Historical Archives Stored in Glaciers, Coral, Trees (7/12/01, Nando Times)

Greater Solar Activity May Bring U.S. More Gray Days (7/12/01, NASA)

Cherry Tree Leaves to Blame for Mysterious Foal Deaths in Kentucky (7/12/01, Nando Times)

Vision-Saving Treatment Effective For Patients With Eye Cancer (7/12/01, Ohio State Research News)

FDA Issues Guidance on Levothyroxine Sodium Products Compliance (7/12/01, Food and Drug Administration)

MetaPhore Pharmaceuticals Completes Phase I Clinical Trial First Enzyme Mimetic Tested in Humans, Phase II Cancer Co-Therapy Trial Planned (7/12/01, EurekAlert)

Brookhaven Lab Embarks on Two Major Nanoscience Research Programs (7/12/01, EurekAlert)

Unique New Scoring System Can Predict Risk of Death from Cardiovascular Disease (7/12/01, EurekAlert)

Gladstone Researchers Discover Possible Achilles Heel in Infection by Lethal Ebola and Marburg Viruses (7/12/01, EurekAlert)

University of PIttsburgh Cancer Institute Announces New Initiatives Against Lung Cancer (7/12/01, EurekAlert)

Critical Global Warming Vote on the Agriculture Appropriations Bill (7/11/01, Environmental News Network)

CPSC, Krups Announce Recall of Coffeemakers (7/11/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

New Anti-clotting Pill Shows Early Promise (7/11/01, Nando Times)

Earliest Human Ancestors Discovered in Ethiopia (7/11/01, National Science Foundation)

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Found in California, Officials Say (7/11/01, Nando Times)

Scarring Process Plays Major Role In Kidney Rejection Following Transplant, Researchers Report (7/11/01, University of California Health Sciences)

Clues to Life May Be Found Undersea, Researchers Say (7/11/01, Nando Times)

Blocking 'Engulfment' Gives Dying Cells New Lease on Life (7/11/01, EurekAlert)

Genesis Set to Catch a Piece of the Sun (7/11/01, NASA)

Stellar Apocalypse Yields First Evidence of Water-Bearing Worlds Beyond our Solar System (7/11/01, NASA)

New Pilot Study Suggests Flaxseed and Low-Fat Diet Can Be Protective Against Prostate Cancer (7/11/01, Duke News Service)

Dry Cleaning Chemical Linked to Hundreds of Deaths, Warrants EPA Listing as Carcinogen (7/11/01, Greenpeace Media Center)

Hammering Out the Role of IDX1 in Diabetes (7/11/01, EurekAlert)

ITAA Says Davis-Moran Bill Will Protect Companies Combating Cyber Crime (7/11/01, Information Technology Association of America)

Researchers Find Human's Earliest Ancestor Yet (7/11/01, Los Alamos National Lab)

New Recommendations Proposed for Safe Use of Herbal Medications by Patients Having Surgery (7/11/01, University of Chicago Hospitals & Health System)

New TB Treatment May Arise from Mycobacteria Study (7/11/01, UniSci)

New Pain Receptor Identified; Trying To Block It Now (7/11/01, UniSci)

Recalls: Imperial Toy Corp. Announce Recall of Toy Feeding Sets; Advantage Publishers Group Announce Recall to Replace Educational Kits; Peg Perego USA Announce Recall of High Chairs; DSI Toys, Inc. Announce Recall of Toy Kittens; and Raymond Geddes & Co. Inc. Announce Recall of Velcro Wallets (7/10/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Toxic Waste Cleanup Funds Dwindling, Report Warns (7/10/01,  Nando Times)

Food Poisoning Microbe Targeted in New Studies (7/10/01, Agriculture Research Service)

World Land Database Charts a Troubling Course (7/10/01, EurekAlert)

High Tech and High Touch: Wireless Technology Enables Physicians to Access Patient Updates from Anywhere, 24/7 (7/10/01, EurekAlert)

Spices Were Originally Used To Kill Foodborne Microbes (7/10/01, UniSci)

New Report Shows "Sinks" Emphasis in Kyoto Talks Avoids Real Greenhouse Gas Reductions (7/9/01, Environmental News Network)

HACCP Guidelines Limit Aquatic Nuisance Species in Bait (7/9/01, Environmental News Network)

CPSC Announces Recall of Furnaces in California (7/9/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Staph Bacteria Are Prolific Gene Swappers, Researchers Show (7/9/01, EurekAlert)

Odd Behavior of Particles Offers Clue to Origin of Matter (7/9/01,  Nando Times)

Visiting Scientists to Test-Drive Rutgers' Advanced Coastal and Ocean Data Gathering System (7/9/01, EurekAlert) and Group C Communications Form Marketing Alliance "Compliance Connections" (7/9/01, Environ)

Cleaner Air, Fewer Exhaust Emissions May Come from Soybean Oil in Jet Fuels (7/9/01, Agriculture Research Service)

Study Shows Prolonging Treatment with LOVENOX Reduces Risk of Thromboembolic Complications in Abdominal and Pelvic Cancer Surgery Patients (7/9/01, Aventis)

Deep-Vein Thrombosis Prevention With Low-Molecular-Weight HEPARIN Can Reduce Risk and Cost of Long-Term Complications (7/9/01, Aventis)

UNEP Issues New Publication on Tailings Dams Accidents (7/9/01, Environmental News Network)

NASA Begins Countdown for Atlantis Launch (7/9/01, Nando Times)

Lawsuit Launched to Protect Fish Habitat from Destructive Draggers (7/9/01, Environmental News Network)

Spacecraft Will Attempt to Gather Bits of Solar Wind (7/9/01, Nando Times)

Directing Radiation At Tumors, Sparing Healthy Tissue (7/9/01, UniSci)

Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak Confirmed in Spain (7/9/01, Nando Times)

Sharpest View Of Mars Reveals Dynamic Rusty Planet (7/9/01, UniSci)

Codex Alimentarius Commission Discusses Safety of Discusses Safety of Genetically Modified Foods, Approves Toxin Limits and Guidelines for Organic Livestock Farming (7/9/01,WHO)

WHO and Top Publishers Announce Breakthrough on Developing Countries' Access to Leading Biomedical Journals (7/9/01,WHO)

New Screening Technique Developed for Urine Sample Testing (7/9/01, Nando Times)

Labeling Error Leads to Recall of 4.6 Million Cans of Baby Formula (7/9/01, Nando Times)

CPSC, Apple Announces Recall of AC Adapter for Prior Generation PowerBook Laptops (7/6/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Benefits from Alzheimer's Plaque-Producing Reaction? Science Study Proposes Role in Gene Expression (7/6/01, EurekAlert)

Nano-Transistor Switches with Just One Electron, May Be Ideal for Molecular Computers, Science Study Shows (7/6/01, EurekAlert)

Next Space Science Update: A Stellar Apocalypse Aids the Hunt for Life on Other Worlds (7/6/01, NASA)

Study Shows Whiskers Help Seals Find Fish (7/6/01, Nando Times)

Red Clover Silage Boasts Benefits Over Alfalfa Silage (7/6/01, Agriculture Research Service)

Scientists Find Flaws in Stem Cell Cloning (7/6/01, Nando Times)

Arctic Oscillation Has Moderated Northern Winters of 1980s and '90s (7/6/01, EurekAlert)

Patients with Advanced Cancer Willing To Accept Riskier Chemotherapy  (7/6/01, Center for Advancement of Health)

Iowa Firm Recalls Smoked Cooked Ham for Possible Listeria Contamination (7/6/01, USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service)

With First Comparative Look at Human and Mouse DNA, Joint Genome Institute Team Confirms Gene Estimate (7/6/01, EurekAlert)

Bush Administration Approves Diesel Exhaust Regulations Protecting Miners (7/6/01, Nando Times)

Government Investigates Jeep Grand Cherokees for Safety Hazard (7/6/01, Nando Times)

Emotional Support Keeps Brain Going into Old Age (7/6/01, Center for Advancement of Health)

Newly Discovered Cave Drawings May Be Oldest (7/6/01, Nando Times)

CPSC Announces New Standard for "Break-Away" Power Cords on Electric Deep Fryers (7/6/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

CPSC Helps Make Grills Safer (7/6/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

DEM: West Nile/EEE Status Update (7/6/01, Rhode Island Dept. of Environmental Management)

Energy Department Studies New Techniques to Capture and Store Greenhouse Gases (7/6/01, USDOE)

Penn State Researchers Investigate Glass Corrosion (7/5/01, EurekAlert)

Follow Up: Man Implanted with Artificial Heart Doing Well, Doctors Say (7/5/01, Nando Times)

Science Group States Dry-Cleaning Chemical Poses No Health Threat to Consumers (7/5/01, American Council on Science & Health)

World Health Leaders Call for Peace to Immunize 16 Million Children Against Polio (7/5/01, WHO)

Quantum Interference Demonstrated for First Time in Liquids As Physicists Make Superfluid Analog of Superconducting SQUID, a Potential Ultrasensitive Gyroscope (7/4/01, EurekAlert)

Bug Crust Threatens Wind Power Efficiency (7/4/01, Nando Times)

Climate Change Puts Food Production at Risk (7/3/01, Environmental News Network)

Drugs from Sea Study Finds Sponge Health Link to Bacteria (7/3/01, EurekAlert)

Better Way Found To Select Women for Bone Density Testing (7/3/01, University of Toronto News)

Rutgers-Led Researchers Discover New Plant-Like Bacteria That Appear To Be Significant Component of Ocean's Carbon Cycle (7/3/01, EurekAlert)

Recalls: Pennsylvania Firm Recalls Sausage Products for Possible Residue Contamination and Nevada Firm Recalls Ground Beef Patties for Possible E. coli O157:H7 (7/3/01, USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service)

Screening for Bowel Cancer Must Include General Population, Not Just Those at Risk (7/3/01, EurekAlert)

Discovery of Follicles Offers Hope of Babies for Turner’s Syndrome Girls (7/3/01, EurekAlert)

First Self-Contained Artificial Heart Reportedly Implanted in Kentucky (7/3/01, Nando Times)

Animal Model Developed To Study Accelerated Atherosclerosis in Diabetics (7/3/01, EurekAlert)

Standard & Poor's: Hybrid Transactions Command Flexible Analysis (7/3/01, PR Newswire)

Second Breast Cancers May Be More Difficult to Treat in Women Who Take the Drug Tamoxifen, Study Suggests (7/3/01, PR Newswire)

KETEK Highly Active In Vitro Against European Isolates of Community-Acquired Respiratory Pathogens (7/3/01, EurekAlert)

Cool Gas Makes More Than Great Fizzy Drinks - New "Koolgas" Injection Method Increases Plastic Production by 40% (7/3/01, University of Warwick, UK)

New Study Shows Smoking Lessens Chances of IVF Success (7/3/01, EurekAlert)

Researchers Determine Global Warming During the 20th Century May Be Slightly Larger Than Earlier Estimates (7/3/01, EurekAlert)

Orphan Medical Receives FDA Approvable Letter for Xyrem® (7/3/01, PR Newswire)

Ovarian Cancer and Raloxifene - US Researchers Advise Caution (7/3/01, EurekAlert)

Gout Drug Protects Kids Following Heart Defect Surgery (7/3/01, UniSci)

FAO/WHO Call for More International Collaboration to Solve Food Safety and Quality Problems (7/3/01,WHO)

Living Cells Act Consistently With Tensegrity Model (7/3/01, UniSci)

USDA Launches New Information-Based Web Site on Food Safety Research Programs (7/2/01, Agriculture Research Service)

Embargo on Importation of Dracaena Shipped in Standing Water (7/2/01, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

Recalls: The Flood Co. Announce Recall of Wood Strippers and Cleaners; Chicco USA Inc. Announce Recall of Preschool Toys; and Hallmark Creations Announce Recall of Tea Light Lamps (7/2/01, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Cutting the Risk of Coronary Disease - Start Before Birth says UK Doctor (7/2/01, EurekAlert)

U.S., Vietnam Discuss Possible Agent Orange Research (7/2/01, Nando Times)

Global Food Safety Rules Needed, Head of U.N. Health Agency Says (7/2/01, Nando Times)

Making Cyberspace Collaboration Succeed (7/2/01, EurekAlert)

Two New Dinosaurs Chiseled from 30-Million-Year Gap in Fossil Record (7/2/01, Nando Times)

Greece Confirms First Case of Mad-Cow Disease (7/2/01, Nando Times)

Family Stress a Factor in Asthma (7/2/01, EurekAlert)

Beetles Have a Big Appetite for Waterlettuce (7/2/01, Agriculture Research Service)

Third Wave Scientists Publish Advance in Gene Expression Monitoring with Revolutionary RNA Invader® Assay (7/2/01, EurekAlert)

System Senses Ice Buildup on Wings, Alerts Pilot, Protects Aircraft (7/2/01, EurekAlert)

National Study Examines Sites Where U.S. Children Drown (7/2/01, National Institutes of Health)

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization Call for More International Collaboration to Solve Food Safety and Quality Problems (7/2/01,WHO)

USDA Launches New Information-based Web Site on Food Safety Research Programs (7/2/01, USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Northern Vietnam Drinking Water Contains Dangerous Arsenic Levels (7/2/01, American Chemical Society)

Environmental Defense Opposes Opening New Areas of Gulf of Mexico to Oil Drilling (7/2/01, Environmental Defense)

Tiny Trickster Flies into the Zoological Books (7/2/01, Environmental News Network)

High Level of Air-Purifying Agent Found at South Pole (7/2/01, UniSci)

Testing Method Misses Nearly 14 Percent of Prostate Cancer Cases (7/2/01, Ohio State Research News)

MelTec GmbH Announces New Technology for High-Throughput Topological Analysis of Human Cells (7/2/01, EurekAlert)

All Earthquake Strike Slip Fault Lines Aren't Equal (7/2/01, UniSci)

Research on Extreme Environments in Gulf of Mexico Web-Cast in July; Results Could Lead to New Information on Global Warming (7/2/01, EurekAlert)

Computer Personality Faces Human Psychological Test (7/2/01, UniSci)

Brown Dwarfs Are Stellar Embryos Evicted by Siblings, According to Study (7/2/01, EurekAlert)

African Dust Transports Germs Across Atlantic (7/1/01, Nando Times)

Psychiatrist Conducts Mir Mood Surveys (7/1/01, Nando Times)

Years of Exercise Research Short on Healthy Conclusions (7/1/01, Nando Times)

Montana Firm Recalls Bratwurst for Possible Listeria Contamination (7/1/01, USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service)

Manipulating a Single Gene Dramatically Improves Regeneration in Adult Neurons: Finding May Lead to New Approaches for Treating Brain and Spinal Cord (7/1/01, EurekAlert)

Bangladesh Water: Emergency Measures Urged to Prevent Arsenic Poisoning Catastrophe (7/1/01, Environmental News Network)

Cadmium Clean Up for Australian Agriculture (7/1/01, Environmental News Network)  

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