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 News Release Archives

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First Quarter 2007

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March 2007


President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Lays Foundation for Continuing U.S. Commitment to Combating HIV/AIDS Globally; Report Suggests Improvements to Move U.S. Efforts Forward (3/30/07, The National Academies); read full report PEPFAR Implementation: Progress and Promise or opening statement at public briefing, or hear the public briefing


FDA Announces Discontinued Marketing of GI Drug, Zelnorm, for Safety Reasons (3/30/07, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)


Insomnia May Cost Less to Treat Than to Ignore (3/29/07, The National Academies); read new report Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem (2006)


Improvements In Population Data Needed To Support Humanitarian Relief And Development Efforts (3/29/07, The National Academies); read full report Tools and Methods for Estimating Populations at Risk from Natural Disasters and Complex Humanitarian Crises or report in brief (PDF file)


FSIS To Hold Series of Meetings on Risk-Based Inspection (3/27/07, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service)


U.S. EPA Announces Annual Toxicology and Risk Assessment Conference, April 23-26 (3/27/07, National Center for Environmental Assessment)


New Modeling Study Forecasts Disappearance of Existing Climate Zones (3/27/07, National Science Foundation)


U.S. Tuberculosis Cases at All-Time Low; Drug Resistance Remains a Threat (3/22/07, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Oak Ridge Nuclear Laboratory Helps Develop Next-Generation LEDs (3/19/07, ORNL)


Nuclear Energy and Safety Issues on Topical Agendas - Upcoming Conferences in Japan, France, and Czech Republic (3/12/07, International Atomic Energy Agency)


iJET Enhances Worldcue® Expatriate Risk Management Solution - iJET Expands Risk Management Solution to Further Protect Employees on Long-Term International Work Assignments (3/12/07, iJET Intelligent Risk Systems)


What They're Saying About Risk-Based Inspection in Processing Plants (3/9/07, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service); also see FSIS Proposes Timeline for Risk-Based Inspection in Processing Plants and Statement of Dr. Richard Raymond, USDA Under Secretary for Food Safety: Risk-Based Inspection at Processing Establishments (2/22/07, USDA FSIS)


FDA Update on Peanut Butter Recall (3/9/07, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)


New Framework for Assessing Metals Risks (3/8/07, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); view framework


HHS Launches New Online Toolkit for Medical Responses to Radiation Emergencies (3/8/07, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)


National Institutes of Health Partner with HBO on Groundbreaking Documentary on Addiction (3/7/07, NIH)


National Institute on Drug Abuse Launches First Large-Scale National Study to Treat Addiction to Prescription Pain Medications (3/7/07, NIH)


Counterfeit Medicines Endangering Lives Worldwide, UN-Backed Panel Warns (3/7/07, United Nations)


European Commission Establishes Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change (3/6/07, European Union)


CIRSMA Expands to Become a Comprehensive Safety Management System (3/6/07, Industrial Safety Integration)


Task Force Recommends Against Use of Aspirin and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs to Prevent Colorectal Cancer (3/5/07, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)


Public Health Alert: Medical Equipment That Uses or Displays Time (3/2/07, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)


First Harmonized Label for Pesticide Product Available (3/2/07, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


Whole-grain Breakfast Cereal Associated with Reduced Heart Failure Risk (3/2/07, American Heart Association)


Moon to Blush Red During Total Lunar Eclipse (3/2/07, New Scientist)


New Study Identifies Potential Cardiovascular Disease Risk from Carbon Nanomaterials (3/1/07, Environmental Health Perspectives)


UN Launches Climate Initiative in San Francisco as Model to Fight Global Warming (3/1/07, United Nations)


FDA Update on Peanut Butter Recall (3/1/07, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)


FDA and CDC Remind Consumers of the Dangers of Drinking Raw Milk (3/1/07, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)


February 2007


European Food Safety Authority Opinion on the Risk of Rabies Introduction into the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and Malta as a Consequence of Abandoning Serological Tests Measuring Protective Antibodies to Rabies (2/28/07, EFSA)


Nanotechnology: A Progress Report on Understanding Occupational Safety and Health Issues (2/28/07, Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars); watch for archived webcast to be available soon


Using Nanotechnology to Improve Health in Developing Countries (2/27/07, Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars); webcast video will be posted here


Neurological Disorders Affect Millions Globally: WHO Report (2/27/07, World Health Organization)


EU Emergency Veterinary Team To Be Established (2/27/07, European Union)


Strengthening Medicines Safety Monitoring (2/26/07, European Union)


Smoking Increases Risk of TB Infection, New Study Finds (2/26/07, University of California, Berkeley)


European Commission Opens Debate on Rights-based Management in Fisheries (2/26/07, European Union)


Conducting Effective Global Change Assessments (2/23/07, National Academies); read the full report Analysis of Global Change Assessments: Lessons Learned and the report in brief (PDF file)


Sleep Loss Linked to Weight Gain in Children (2/23/07, National Academies); also see Children Who Sleep Less More Likely to Weigh More (2/12/07, Northwestern University)


High Exposure to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Detected in Baltimore Bars (2/23/07, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)


FSIS Proposes Timeline for Risk-Based Inspection in Processing Plants (2/22/07, USDA FSIS); also see Statement of Dr. Richard Raymond, USDA Under Secretary for Food Safety: Risk-Based Inspection at Processing Establishments


European Commission Takes Important Step Towards a Single Market for Next Generation Wireless Devices (2/21/07, European Union); also see The European Commission’s Decision on Ultra-Wideband Technologies: Frequently Asked Questions


Meeting Today’s Wireless Communication Needs: European Commission Presents Strategy for More Flexible Use of the Radio Spectrum (2/20/07, European Union); read frequently asked questions on more flexible radio spectrum use


New Symbol Launched to Warn Public About Radiation Dangers - Supplementary Symbol Aims to Help Reduce Needless Deaths and Injuries (2/15/07, International Atomic Energy Agency)


National Institute on Drug Abuse Unveils Its First Consumer Publication to Explain the Science of Addiction - Booklet’s Release Timed to Complement Collaborative Documentary on Addiction to Air on HBO (2/13/07, National Institutes of Health)


e-VERIFILE.COM™ Leaps into Action with ActionRITE (2/13/07,



CDC Releases New Data on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) from Multiple Communities in the United States (2/8/07, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Workshop Summary on Risks of Egg Donation for Stem Cell Research (2/6/07, National Academies); read the full report Assessing the Medical Risks of Human Oocyte Donation for Stem Cell Research: Workshop Report


Evidence of Human-caused Global Warming "Unequivocal," says Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2/2/07, United Nations Environment Programme); also see editorial, Sound Science a Firm Basis for Action on Climate Change, by Achim Steiner, UN Under Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director


January 2007


Worldwide Glacier Melting Underlined in Newly Released Data (1/30/07, United Nations Environment Programme)


Physicist Recommends U.S. Develop "Portfolio of Fuels, Electricity, and Efficiency" - Expert Likens Scalability of Current Alternative Energy Technologies to Wild Animals: Fuzzy and Cute When They're Small, Impractical at a Large Scale (1/29/07, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Improving Safety at Sea in Europe (1/26/07, European Union)


A Boost for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research (1/25/07, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)



NOAA Chemical Contamination Assessment Quantifies Extent of Contamination and Toxicity in Chesapeake Bay Sediments (1/23/07, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


Folic Acid May Prevent Cleft Lip and Palate (1/22/07, National Institutes of Health)


Corps to Reduce Water Level in Lake Cumberland in Scott County, Kentucky (PDF version) (1/22/07, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District)


Identifying Variation in the U.S. Bovine Prion Gene (1/22/07, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


IT Investments Needed for Better Disaster Management (1/22/07, National Academies); read full report Improving Disaster Management: The Role of IT in Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery


TECHEXPO Job Fair at FOSE 2007, March 20-21, Washington, DC Convention Center (1/19/07, TechExpo)


Risk of Death Increases with Combined Heart and Stroke Prevention Surgery (1/15/07, American Academy of Neurology)



Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop Interactive Web Site To Improve Travel Risk Information (1/12/07, Carnegie Mellon University)


Labelmaster Sponsors Highly Successful, Industry-First Dangerous Goods Shipping Symposium For Instructors (1/11/07, Labelmaster)


Leading Cause of U.S. Food-borne Illness Makes its Own Pathway Through Cells (1/11/07, Yale University)


New Rules for Captive Bird Imports To Protect Animal Health in the EU and To Improve the Welfare of Imported Birds (1/11/07, European Union)


European Commission Proposes an Integrated Energy and Climate Change Package to Cut Emissions for the 21st Century (1/10/07, European Union); also see Questions and Answers on the European Commission Communication Limiting Global Climate Change to 2°C


European Electricity and Gas Networks: European Commission Calls for Urgent Improvements (1/10/07, European Union); also see Energy Sector Competition Inquiry – Final Report – Frequently Asked Questions and Graphics


U.S. EPA Funds Project to Tackle Household Pests in Safer Ways (1/10/07, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


UN Health Agency Plans to Boost Treatment for Rabies, Snake Bites in Developing World (1/9/07, United Nations)


A Simple Radon Test Can Help Prevent Lung Cancer -- U.S. EPA Urges Builders to Use Radon-resistant Techniques for New Construction (1/10/07, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


Nuclear Science & Technology in Africa - In Algeria, IAEA Director General Surveys the Regional Scene (1/9/07, IAEA)


FAA Changes Safety Rules for Long-Range Flights (1/8/07, Federal Aviation Administration)


U.S. EPA Rules Out Wood Preservative ACC for Residential Use (1/8/07, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


U.S. Security Leaders Call for Urgent Action Against Nuclear Dangers - International Atomic Energy Agency Role Integral to "A World Free of Nuclear Weapons" (1/5/07, IAEA)


USDA Proposes to Allow Additional Imports from BSE Minimal-Risk Countries (1/4/07, U.S. Department of Agriculture)


2006 Marked by Heat Waves, Drought, and Wildfires (1/4/07, National Academies)


New Study Examines Ramifications of Widespread Use of Tamiflu (1/3/07, Environmental Health Perspectives)



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