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 News Release Archives

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Fourth Quarter 2008

October November December
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December 2008


Looking Back and Looking Forward: The Year of Environmental Challenge Makes Way for a Year of Opportunity (12/31/08, United Nations Environment Programme)


TV Ads Themselves Contribute to Child Obesity (12/31/08, National Academies)


2009 Look Ahead: Nuclear Prospects, Transitions (12/29/08, International Atomic Energy Agency)


2008 in Review: Changing Nuclear Perspectives (12/29/08, International Atomic Energy Agency)


Viruses, Start Your Engines! - Researchers Find What Drives One of Nature's Powerful, Nanoscale Motors (12/29/08, National Science Foundation)


FDA Approves Drug for Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer (12/29/08, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)


Public Comment Period Extended for Omaha Lead Site (12/29/08, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)



Geothermal Energy Rocks! (12/24/08, United Nations Environment Programme); also see Hot Prospect - Geothermal Electricity Set for Rift Valley Lift-Off in 2009 (12/8/08, United Nations Environment Programme)


First Detection of Ebola-Reston Virus in Pigs - FAO/OIE/WHO Offer Assistance to the Philippines (12/23/08, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)


New Tool Fertilizes Fields and Reduces Runoff Nutrients (12/23/08, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


20 Years After Lockerbie, Aviation Security Gaps Remain (12/22/08, Pro Publica Inc.)


Request for Voluntary Cancellation of Carbofuran Uses Published (12/19/08, U.S. EPA Pesticides Program)


Results Are In: Great Southern California ShakeOut Successful, Sets U.S. Record! (12/19/08, U.S. Geological Survey)


Quarterly Report on the Euro Area: Rapid, Forceful, and Coordinated Action Is Key to Support the Economy (12/19/08, European Union)


U.S. EPA Should Pursue Cumulative Risk Assessment of Phthalates and Other Chemicals (12/18/08, National Academies); find links to full report, Phthalates and Cumulative Risk Assessment - The Task Ahead, and report in brief


New EU Rules for Safe Toys for Our Children (12/18/08, European Union)


On the 1st Anniversary of Jane’s Country Risk Ratings IHS Jane’s Sums Up How the World’s Stability Has Changed (12/18/08, Jane's Information Group Ltd)


Arctic Ice Hits a Low as Globe Continues to Warm (12/17/08, United Nations Environment Programme)


Climate Change: Commission Welcomes Final Adoption of Europe's Climate and Energy Package (12/17/08, European Union); also see Questions and Answers on the Directive on the Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide


Stakeholders and Public Should Use 20 Specific Health Indicators to Measure and Track Health and Well-Being of Americans (12/17/08, National Academies); find links to full report, State of the USA Health Indicators:

Letter Report, and report in brief


Receive 20% Off in the PERI Online Bookstore in December (12/16/08, Public Entity Risk Institute)


European Commission Takes Steps to Promote Patient Safety in Europe (12/15/08, European Union)


Global Health Should Be Key Component of U.S. Foreign Policy (12/15/08, National Academies); read full report The U.S. Commitment to Global Health: Recommendations for the New Administration


U.S. EPA and USDA Should Create New Initiative to Better Monitor Nutrients Across the Mississippi River Basin and Northern Gulf of Mexico (12/11/08, National Academies); read full report Nutrient Control Actions for Improving Water Quality in the Mississippi River Basin and Northern Gulf of Mexico


Federal Research Plan Inadequate to Shed Light on Health and Environmental Risks Posed by Nanomaterials (12/10/08, National Academies); read full report Review of Federal Strategy for Nanotechnology-Related Environmental, Health, and Safety Research


Algorithmics Recognized for Enterprise-wide Risk Management Across All Risk Types in 2008 Risk Magazine Technology Rankings (12/10/08, Algorithmics)


Military Personnel with Traumatic Brain Injury at Risk for Serious Long-Term Health Problems; More Studies Needed on Health Effects of Blast Injuries (12/3/08, National Academies); read full report Gulf War and Health, Volume 7: Long-Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury


U.S. EPA's Risk Assessment Process Bogged Down by Unprecedented Challenges; Expansion of Current Model Could Help Meet Needs (12/3/08, National Academies); read report in brief (PDF version), executive summary (PDF version), and full report Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment


Linda S. Birnbaum Named New Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (12/3/08, National Institutes of Health)


U.S. Food and Drug Administration Teams with WebMD for New Online Consumer Health Information - New Partnership to Inform and Educate Tens of Millions of Americans (12/3/08, FDA)


PERI Data Exchange Reports Significant Growth of the Data Exchange in 2008 - Public Sector Organizations Increasingly Recognizing the Value of Performance Measurement to Control Costs (12/2/08, Public Entity Risk Institute)


New Report Recommends Strategies to Reduce Medical Resident Fatigue-related Errors and Improve Training (12/2/08, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)


November 2008


Formaldehyde Emissions from Pressed-Wood Products to Be Investigated (11/25/08, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


U.S. EPA Announces Availability of Final Report, An Exploratory Study: Assessment of Modeled Dioxin in Exposure in Ceramic Art Studies (2008) (11/25/08, National Center for Environmental Assessment)


Non-Target Insects Probably Affected More by Insecticides than by Bt Crops (11/24/08, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


Acting Surgeon General Encourages Americans to Know Health History (11/24/08, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)


Study of Ancient and Modern Plagues Finds Common Features (11/21/08, National Institutes of Health); read the full article "Emerging Infections: A Perpetual Challenge" (PDF version)


U.S. EPA Requests Comment on Pesticide Nanoscale Silver Petition (11/19/08, U.S. EPA Pesticides Program)


ADHD Medications Do Not Cause Genetic Damage in Children (11/19/08, National Institutes of Health)


Exercise May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer (11/19/08, National Academies)


Commerce and Interior Departments Announce Launch of National System of Marine Protected Areas (11/19/08, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


Proposed Guidelines to Control Pollution from Construction Sites (11/19/08, Environmental Protection Agency)


State, Local Governments Get More Say in Federal Environmental Decision Making (11/19/08, Environmental Protection Agency)


Rutgers Researcher' Study Cites Media Violence as "Critical Risk Factor" for Aggression - Paul Boxer's Large-scale Study Shows Conclusive Link Between Media Violence and Real Violence in Adolescents (11/18/08, Rutgers University)


NOAA: Second Warmest October for Global Temperatures (11/18/08, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


Changing the Climate: Looking Toward a More Cost Effective, Energy Efficient Future (11/18/08, Environmental Protection Agency)


Investing in Energy Security Risk Mitigation - Strategic Alliances Between National and International Energy Companies Offer the Key (11/18/08, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)



Nuclear Safety´s Long Horizon - Nuclear Installation Safety Takes Stage at Conference in India (11/17/08, International Atomic Energy Agency)


Spain Notches Gold in Nuclear Safety - IAEA Chief Stresses Importance of Safety Peer Review System and Culture (11/13/08, International Atomic Energy Agency)


Wide-spread and Complex Climatic Changes Outlined in New UNEP Project Atmospheric Brown Cloud Report - Cities Across Asia Get Dimmer: Impacts on Glaciers, Agriculture and the Monsoon Get Clearer (11/13/08, United Nations Environment Programme)


Urgent Call for Global Fight Against Wheat Killer - Major Wheat Producing Countries Agree on Roadmap to Battle Virulent Fungus (11/12/08, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)


DuPont Opens New Facility to Serve Growing Titanium Metals Industry (11/12/08, DuPont)



The Relative Risk of Brain Cancer (11/12/08, American Friends of Tel Aviv University)


USDA Offers Tips To Safely Handle And Prepare Stuffing This Thanksgiving Holiday (11/10/08, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service)


One-Stop Web Shop for USGS Great ShakeOut Science Resources Now Open (11/10/08, U.S. Geological Survey)


More Time to Comment on Preliminary Regulatory Determination on Perchlorate (11/10/08, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


When a Good Nanoparticle Goes Bad - Understanding How Nanoparticles Change Form May Help Solve Energy Needs (11/10/08, National Science Foundation)


Study Shows Consuming Hibiscus Tea Lowers Blood Pressure (11/10/08, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


Recap of Summit on America's Energy Future (11/10/08, National Academies)


FDIC Extends Comment Period for Portions of Proposed Rulemaking on Risk-Based Assessments (11/7/08, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)


Record Harvest but Troubles Loom Ahead - Financial Crisis Will Hurt Agricultural Markets (11/6/08, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)


FEMA Urges Citizens to Stay Ready Until Hurricane Season Ends [November 30] (11/6/08, Federal Emergency Management Agency)


Obscure Fungus Produces Diesel Fuel Components - Tiny Organism Illuminates New Path Toward Biofuel Production (11/6/08, National Science Foundation)


Using Mathematical Models to Predict Global Migration - Mathematicians Create a New Approach to Figure Out Who Will Move Where in the 21st Century (11/6/08, National Science Foundation)


What Would a Great Earthquake Do to the Buildings in Downtown Los Angeles? (11/6/08, U.S. Geological Survey); also see Earthquakes? Don’t Freak Out—ShakeOut! (released 10/28/08)



Autumn Economic Forecast 2008-2010: GDP Growth Comes Close to a Stand-still in the EU and Euro Area (11/3/08, European Union)


2008 Sees Fifth Largest Ozone Hole (11/3/08, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


Corngrass: Youthful Plant May Quicken Biofuels Research (11/3/08, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


CDC Releases First Estimate of Human Papillomavirus-Associated Cancer Data - About 25,000 Cases Occurred Annually During 1998-2003 (11/3/08, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


October 2008



Earthquakes? Don’t Freak Out—ShakeOut! (10/28/08, U.S. Geological Survey)


Energy for the Future of Europe: The Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan (10/28/08, European Union)


"Digital Dark Age" May Doom Some Data (10/27/08, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


Protecting Soils and Producing Biofuel with Corn Stover (10/27/08, USDA Agricultural Research Service)


Future of Plant Sciences Focus of New Booklet (10/27/08, National Academies); includes links to booklet and to plant genome sciences web site




"Superenzymes" Could Streamline Biofuels Refining (10/22/08, USDA Agricultural Research Service)



Second Carcass Disposal Paper Highlights Poultry (10/21/08, Council for Agricultural Science and Technology); read full paper Poultry Carcass Disposal Options for Routine and Catastrophic Mortality


Impacts of Climate Change on Lakes (10/21/08, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ))


Algorithmics Comments on Incremental Risk in Basel II and Its Implications for Future Capital Management (10/21/08, Algorithmics)


NOAA and NSF Commission National Study of Ocean Acidification (10/20/08, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


EFSA Consults on Draft Opinion on Nanotechnologies and Food and Feed Safety (10/17/08, European Food Safety Authority)


FDA Approves Updated Labeling for Psoriasis Drug Raptiva - Safety Concerns Drove Labeling Changes (10/16/08, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)



Largest Children’s Health Study in U.S. Gets Under Way (10/16/08, National Academies)


U.S. EPA's Stormwater Program Needs a Significant Overhaul to Improve Its Effectiveness and the Quality of Urban Streams (10/15/08, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); see links to full report and report in brief


U.S. Food and Drug Administration Creates Web Page with Drug Safety Information for Patients, Health Care Professionals - Consolidates Information in One Access Point (10/15/08, FDA)


Brooklyn Residents Fearful as Gang Violence Increases (10/15/08, The Ictus Initiative)


Scientists Warn of Health Risks from Exposure to Noise from Personal Music Players (10/13/08, European Union)


Americans and the Economy: Angry Feelings, Fear Exceeds Terrorism Risk (10/10/08, University of Oregon)


Expert: Flawed Corporate Watchdog Methods Helped Fuel Economic Crisis (10/9/08, News Bureau, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)



Annual Environmental Health Report Captures Efforts to Protect Children (10/9/08, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


Health Standards Exceeded by Ozone Pollution in Wildfires - Ground-level Ozone Found to Reach High Levels in States Like California, Nevada (10/9/08, National Science Foundation)


Experts Agree: To Protect the Environment, Biofuel Standards Are Needed (10/9/08, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies)


Future Risk of Hurricanes: The Role of Climate Change - Scientists Focus on Hurricane-prone Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea to Assess Likely Changes (10/8/08, National Science Foundation)


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Issues Interim Guidance for Patient Safety Organizations (10/8/08, HHS' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)


Methodware Releases Updated Version of Enterprise Risk Assessor (10/8/08, Methodware Limited)


Reviewing Biofuel Policies and Subsidies - Annual Report Weighs Opportunities and Risks of Biofuels (10/7/08, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization); see links to executive summary, full report, and related material


USDA & DOE Release National Biofuels Action Plan (10/7/08, U.S. Department of Energy); also read DOE Announces Additional Steps in Developing Sustainable Biofuels Industry - Releases Results from Preliminary Intermediate Blends Report, Continues Commitment of Commercial Scale Biorefinery, Announces $7 Million for New Biofuels Projects


FDIC Board Adopts Restoration Plan -- Proposes Higher Assessments on Insured Banks - Also, Proposes Improvements to the Risk-based Assessment System (10/7/08, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)


Industrial Safety Integration Announces Release of CIRSMA Version 4.0.0 (10/5/08, Industrial Safety Integration)


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Announces New Steps in Anthrax Preparedness (10/1/08, HHS)




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