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 News Release Archives

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Third Quarter 2011

July August September
Current Month


September 2011


Federal Register Notice: Exposure Factors Handbook: 2011 Edition; Release of Final Report (9/30/11, National Center for Environmental Assessment); see links to full report


Community Storage of Anthrax-Preventing Antibiotics Should Be Determined by State, Local Agencies on Basis of Risk Level and Dispensing Capabilities, Says New Report (9/30/11, National Academies); see links to full report and project page


U.S. EPA Releases Final Health Assessment for TCE (9/28/11, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)


Saving 100,000 Lives After a Nuclear Detonation - Fallout Preparedness Checklist Helps Cities Plan Wisely (9/27/11, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC)


Say No to the "Trojan Hose": No SPICE in Our Skies, Say Environmental Justice Groups (9/27/11, ETC Group)


New Report Reviews Risk Assessment Plans for Proposed Fort Detrick Facility (9/27/11, National Academies); read full report Review of Risk Assessment Work Plan for the Medical Countermeasures Test and Evaluation Facility at Fort Detrick: A Letter Report


Go "From Good to Great" at the Active Risk Manager User Conference, October 18-19, 2011, Dulles, Virginia (9/27/11, Active Risk (formerly Strategic Thought Group)


RiskMeter Releases Its Top Ten Hail Prone Metro Areas (9/15/11, RiskMeter)


Smokers Are Smoking Less - Fewer Heavy Smokers While Light Smokers on the Rise, but Even Occasional Smoking Can Cause Harm (9/6/11, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Famine Spreads Further in Somalia (9/5/11, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)


August 2011


No Health Threat from Eating Plants and Animals Found Near the Savannah River Site (8/31/11, Agency for Toxic Substances & Diseases Registry)


The Brittleness of Aging Bones – More Than a Loss of Bone Mass; Berkeley Lab Researchers Show How Loss of Bone Quality Also a Major Factor (8/29/11, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)


New Forum Will Study Economic Capital Modelingg (8/29/11, Department of Risk Management and Insurance at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business)


NIH-funded Researchers Discover Genetic Link to Mesothelioma; Identified Gene Mutation May Underlie Other Cancer Types

Vaccines Cause Few Health Problems, Institute of Medicine Report Says (8/25/11, National Academies); read the full report Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality and visit the project website


Newly Discovered Icelandic Current Could Change Climate Picture - Current Called North Icelandic Jet Contributes to Key Component of Ocean Circulation (8/23/11, National Science Foundation)


Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry Releases Final Health Consultation on Asbestos Exposure in El Dorado Hills, California (8/16/11, ATSDR)


Report Offers Framework to Guide EPA on Incorporating Sustainability in Its Decision Making (8/2/11, National Academies)


July 2011


NRC Publishes Final Policy Statement on Protection of Chloride Radiation Sources (PDF version) (7/25/11, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)


CDC Urges: Stay Cool to Stay Healthy as Temperatures Soar (7/25/11, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Steps Needed to Ensure That Home Medical Devices Are Easy-to-Use and Caregivers Are Well-Trained (7/18/11, National Academies)


WHO Urges More Countries to Require Large, Graphic Health Warnings on Tobacco Packaging - The WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2011 Examines Anti-tobacco Mass-media Campaigns (7/7/11, World Health Organization)


What Is the Best Way to Respond to Major Electricity Shortfalls? Plan Now! - IEA Report Draws on Recent Cases to Show How Countries Can Save Electricity in a Hurry (7/5/11, International Energy Agency)


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