RISK newsletter:
SRA President Elected to Academy

Source: The Society for Risk Analysis' RISK newsletter, Second Quarter 1995

SRA President M. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell was among 77 engineers who were recently elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering. The academy's president Robert M. White announced the election of the new members and eight foreign associates on February 9, which brings the total U.S. membership to 1,790 and the number of foreign associates to 151.

The academy elected Paté-Cornell "for contributions to the field of engineering risk management, enabling effective inclusion of technical, economic, and organizational factors in safety policies and regulations." She is a professor in the department of industrial engineering and engineering management at Stanford University in Stanford, California.

Academy membership is one of the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer and honors those who have made "important contributions to engineering theory and practice, including significant contributions to the literature of engineering theory and practice," and those who have demonstrated "unusual accomplishment in the pioneering of new and developing fields of technology."

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