RISK newsletter:
SRA Executive Committee To Meet in September

Source: The Society for Risk Analysis' RISK newsletter, Third Quarter 1995

The SRA Executive Committee, composed of the officers of the Society for Risk Analysis, will meet on September 8-9, 1995. One important item to address is the agenda of a strategic planning meeting, which will be held in Hawaii immediately before the opening of the 1995 SRA Annual Meeting.

The Society began its strategic planning process in March 1992, when all former SRA presidents were invited to attend the SRA Council's spring meeting to discuss the Society's mission and long-term goals, as well as strategies for realizing them. A product of that effort was the SRA mission statement drafted by former SRA President D. Warner North and adopted by SRA members at the 1993 Annual Meeting.

The strategic planning meeting in Hawaii will carry the process into a second stage, when the SRA Council and past presidents attending the annual meeting will discuss various topics, including what a risk analyst is, how the Society can draw the disciplines together with one common goal, what the future of risk analysis is, and how the SRA can improve services to its members.

SRA members who would like to suggest topics for the agenda of the strategic planning meeting, or the Executive Committee meeting preceding it, should send their ideas to: President M. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell, Society for Risk Analysis, 1313 Dolley Madison Boulevard, Suite 402, McLean, VA 22101, fax (703) 790-2672, e-mail sraburkmgt@aol.com.



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