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Acorn International, LLC
Acorn International delivers environmental and social risk management consulting to global industries and investors by partnering, directing, and building capacity of local experts to promote local content and world-class quality assurance. Contact Acorn International, LLC, 701 N. Post Oak, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77024; office 1-832-900-3997; fax 1-832-320-0008. (Posted March 2012.)

Advance Engineering Sciences Corporation (AESC)
Leveraging its extensive engineering expertise and know-how, Advance Engineering Sciences Corporation (AESC) assists its clients in meeting their critical safety and risk analysis requirements. The corporation’s industry specific knowledge of reliability and safety engineering, systems engineering, and risk assessment can provide a client and its team the fastest way to pinpoint and address its mission critical system’s challenges. AESC is committed to helping and supporting an organization before and after its analysis and to making sure that the organization meets and complies with its targets or governments mandates. AESC provides services to medical device manufacture, military, defense, and aerospace companies. (Posted May 2007.)

Agricultural Engineering Associates
Agricultural Engineering Associates offers technical engineering consulting services, specializing in production agriculture. Services include practical design of animal environment systems, soil and water conservation structures, grain and feed processing and storage facilities, as well as many other specialized projects in agriculture production and research facilities. (Posted October 2000)

Ambient Engineering
Ambient Engineering, an environmental engineering and consulting firm, provides environmental services and solutions to clients throughout the Northeastern United States. Ambient provides responsiveness and cost efficiency without sacrificing quality. The company offers services in many technical areas, including hazardous waste management and waste site cleanup; Brownfields planning and consultation, geotechnical services; treatment system design and operation; stormwater management and stormwater treatment; pond and lake diagnostic studies and restoration; wetland delineations and permitting, environmental planning and permitting; and marine and coastal dredging. (Posted October 2000)

Amec Foster Wheeler
Foster Wheeler is a leading international engineering, construction and project management contractor and power equipment supplier. The Company operates through two business groups: the Global Engineering and Construction (E&C) Group and the Global Power Group. Our reputation for safely delivering quality projects on time and budget is well recognized in the industries we serve. We have proven expertise in managing large, complex projects, a global reach and longstanding international presence, strong relationships with our clients and cutting-edge processes and technologies.

A-N West Inc.
A-N West Inc. Consulting Engineers has provided civil and structural engineering services throughout the western United States and overseas for over 30 years. They offer a broad range of multidisciplinary engineering services, most notably in the fields of water resources development, flood control, transportation, wastewater reclamation, structural engineering, community development, and port/coastal facilities. The experience and capabilities of A-N West’s staff encompass the full range of consulting services from conceptual design through final design and construction supervision. Additional services and benefits to A-N West’s clients extend to preparation of reconnaissance and feasibility reports; studies and computations for funding, certifications, licenses, and permits; participation in hearings and presentations to governmental, private, and citizens’ groups. (Posted Feb. 8, 2000.)

Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C.
This multi-discipline firm offers civil engineering, land planning, land surveying, and environmental services to a variety of markets throughout the State of Connecticut. We work with local, state, and federal land use agencies as necessary. (Posted January 2011)

Bercha Group
The Bercha Group, specializing in risk analysis, engineering, and geomatics, has successfully completed hundreds of projects for industrial and government clients in Canada and worldwide since 1975. (Posted September 2000.)

Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas has been helping companies meet standards and comply with regulations since 1828. With 1,300 regional and local offices all over the world, this company has been a global leader in the Health & Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility, and Quality sectors. Whether your organization is large or small, private or public, Bureau Veritas can help you manage risks and improve performance. (Posted September 2016.)

The Cadmus Group, Inc.
Cadmus was established in 1983 as a multidisciplinary environment and energy consulting firm to provide high-quality consulting and research services to clients in the private and public sectors. The group supports firms in examining, quantifying, and mitigating risks associated with the production of atmospheric, terrestrial, and aquatic pollutants. It also supports government agencies, foundations, and research consortia concerned with protection of the environment, responsible use of energy, and sustainability of natural resources. Inc. Magazine has named Cadmus twice in the publication’s list of the 500 fastest growing, privately held companies in the country, and Engineering News-Record listed Cadmus as one of the top 200 environmental firms. For more information, contact Charles Pittinger, e-mail cpittinger@cadmusgroup.com, telephone 513-385-0379. (Posted February 2003.)

Center for Regulatory Research, LLC
Established in the fall of 2005, Center for Regulatory Research, LLC, provides products and services to the academia, government, and industry communities. Its products and services include preparation of bio-product and field release permits, microbial risk assessments, biosecurity and phytosanitary training, coordination of scientific and peer review meetings/workshops, product feasibility analysis, small business innovative research (SBIR) grant proposals, and multi-media compact disc production. (Posted July 2006.)

ChemMet, Ltd., PC
ChemMet is a licensed consulting engineering firm specializing in chemical engineering and corrosion engineering. In addition, the company has a strong mechanical & machine design capability. (Posted October 2000.)

CIMA+ is one of Canada’s multidisciplinary firms providing services in engineering, management and system integration. CIMA+ and its affiliates currently employ approximately 500 engineers, professionals and technical specialists in its offices located across major centres in Quebec and abroad. Besides doing business in Canada, CIMA+ is more and more involved on the international scene in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. CIMA+ stands out by its reputation for excellence, is dynamism and its ability to integrate new technologies in its processes and innovative solutions. The firm is also highly recognized for its global vision, encompassing domestic and international markets, human and material resources, strategic partnerships. (Posted October 2000.)

Connley Walker Pty Ltd
The website of Australian operational risk management consultant Connley Walker Pty Ltd provides information about its publication, the book Operational Risk Management – Controlling Opportunities and Threats, by Simon M. Walker; headlines linked to technological news; a list of risk management web links; and an on-line risk management discussion forum. (Posted March 2002.)

DAVID Corporation
DAVID Corporation has been providing software and services to commercial and alternative P&C insurance markets for more than 25 years. Our NavRisk® Suite administers policies, manages claims, and provides customizable management reports and intuitive business analytics. Visit www.davidcorp.com or call us at 800-55-DAVID. (Posted August 2004, updated July 2010.)

Delta-V Experts (DVE)
This leading forensic engineering and safety solutions consultancy offers a wide range of specialist services to the legal, insurance, workplaces, and transport industries and to the world at large. The services include accident investigation and reconstruction, biomechanics, injury and ergonomics, engineering consulting, vehicle and fleet services, and safety solutions. (Posted June 2009.)

design safety engineering, inc.
Bruce Main founded design safety engineering, inc., in 1995 to assist engineers and manufacturers in the process of addressing safety by eliminating hazards through design. The company strives to eliminate potential safety problems early in the design process through design evaluations, safety analyses, and proprietary engineering tools such as designsafe®. (Posted November 1999.)

EA Group Environmental, Health and Safety Consultants – Certified Laboratories
EA Group, an integrated consulting, field services, and laboratory firm based in Mentor, Ohio, has provided services to industrial, commercial and professional concerns since 1982. It has specialized in analytical laboratory services, safety and hygiene consulting, asbestos and lead-based paint hazard management, environmental compliance consulting, and environmental assessment and remediation. (Posted January 2000.)

EpiX Analytics LLC
EpiX Analytics is a leading firm specialized in probabilistic modeling. Using our analytical expertise, we help private and public institutions worldwide to make decisions in the presence of uncertainty. Formerly known as Vose Consulting, our principle has been that client satisfaction makes a successful consultant. To do this, we provide state of the art services in consulting, training, and research, while keeping in mind that communication and transparency is the key to a successful project. As one of our business development managers says, we are “geeks who can communicate effectively,” and this approach has allowed us to successfully provide our services for over 20 years. Read Vose Consulting US LLC Has Changed Its Name to EpiX Analytics LLC. (Posted January 2011.)

Firm Futures
This strategic consultancy offers to position for the future organisations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Based in the United Kingdom and having particular expertise in the international security and defence sectors, the company’s services include political risk analysis, analysing trends and drivers relevant to a client’s market, helping clients to develop new markets or to seize opportunities before competitors, introducing fresh thinking into business models, and training in futures methodologies. (Posted May 2012.)

Fronteira Global Consulting
Fronteira Global is a specialized consulting firm with a focus on the globe’s frontier markets. The firm provides political risk analysis, market strategy, trade barrier solutions, due diligence, business matchmaking, and other international business services. Primary regions of focus are Iraq (including Iraqi Kurdistan), Afghanistan, and sub-Saharan Africa. (Posted May 2009.)

Financial Industry Solutions Center (FISC) New York
FISC, a joint venture of SGI and Cornell University, addresses the challenges faced by financial services companies in risk management, financial engineering, and business intelligence. The center provides a secure, consultative environment to develop and test advanced solutions with leading practitioners and prominent academicians, which includes solving the most challenging computational and data analysis problems and offering hands-on evaluation and testing of technologies, customized solutions, and onsite consultation for software optimization. The center also publishes financial research reports and offers workshops (for a fee) and a free financial seminar series. (Posted October 2000.)

Harmsen & Associates Inc.
Harmsen & Associates Inc. offers professional services to private individuals as well as commercial and governmental groups in land surveying and mapping, construction surveying, planning and technical studies, project management, and civil public works. (Posted October 2000.)

ICF Consulting
ICF Consulting assists clients in managing the world’s natural, physical, economic, and community resources in a sustainable way. They provide services and products to help optimize energy resources, meet environmental challenges, foster economic and community development, enhance transportation projects and policies, and prepare for and respond to emergencies. ICF Consulting’s clients include energy utilities, governments, major corporations, and national and multilateral organizations throughout the world. The firm’s services are organized around five industries: energy; environment; housing, communities, and economic development; transportation; and emergency management. Within each industry, the firm offers advisory and e-business services to assist clients in strategy and policy analysis, program management, and project evaluation. (Posted June 2001.)

Kreller Business Information Group
The Kreller Business Information Group provides services that assist business executives in mitigating the risks associated with multinational trade and compliance. Serving a global client base, including Fortune 500 companies, Kreller’s team is comprised of worldwide investigators and analysts with experience in law enforcement and financial risk analysis. The company specializes in FCPA Due Diligence, Credit Risk, Business Intelligence, AML (Patriot Act) Compliance, and other investigations that are essential in uncovering fraud, managing risk, and maintaining compliance. With 20 years of experience and first-hand knowledge of the laws and political climates in each country, Kreller provides reliable, compliant, and accurate information around the world. (Posted October 2000; updated September 2010.)

Kuranga & Associates Global Consultancy
Kuranga & Associates Global Consultancy specializes in economic and political risk analysis, primarily servicing active investors in emerging economies. The primary region of focus is Africa, with an emphasis on West Africa and Nigeria. (Posted October 2010.)

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc.
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services is a firm specializing in site/civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental services, Brownfields redevelopment, and international projects. Langan provides comprehensive land development engineering services, including for difficult waterfront, and complex industrial redevelopment projects. (Posted October 2000.) http://www.langan.com

Lloyd’s Register Energy
Lloyd’s Register Energy is a division of Lloyd’s Register (LR), a global engineering, technical and business services organisation wholly owned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to research and education in science and engineering. Founded in 1760 as a marine classification society, LR now operates across many energy industry sectors, with over 9,000 employees in the Group across 78 countries. Lloyd’s Register Energy applies its expert knowledge and independence to help clients and regulators design, construct and operate their capital intensive assets and businesses to their highest levels of safety and performance. Contact Lloyd’s Register Energy, 71 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4BS, UK, Email: energy@lr.org (Posted January 2015)

Litigation Risk Analysis™
Litigation Risk Analysis™ offers training and consulting, specializing in applying decision tree analysis to law. It also provides a rigorous approach for dealing with — and quantifying — the uncertainties inherent in litigation and a logical method for arriving at conclusions about case value that properly reflect analysis of the underlying issues and evidence. (Also see related listing in RiskWorld’s software department under “Treeage software.” (Updated November 2000, posted September 2000.)

Litigation Risk Management Institute
Founded in 1988, Litigation Risk Management Institute provides consulting and training in the application of decision tree risk analysis to litigation and settlement. They provide a structured, rigorous framework that accounts for the relevant legal and factual issues, which makes it possible to understand and manage litigation risk, to determine appropriate settlement valuations, and to develop the most effective litigation and settlement strategies while accounting for any potential business consequences. This approach enables their clients to clearly communicate and defend their actions to corporate management. (Posted May 2007.)

Louis Berger Group, Inc. (Berger)
The Louis Berger Group offers professional services in the areas of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering; program management; planning; environmental sciences; cultural resources; information services; economics; policy and management analysis; and construction management and support. (Posted October 2000.)

MetricStream Inc.
MetricStream is a market leader in enterprise-wide governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and quality solutions for global corporations. MetricStream solutions are used by corporations in industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive, food, high tech manufacturing, energy, and financial services to manage their quality processes, regulatory and industry-mandated compliance, and corporate governance initiatives. In addition, MetricStream’s ComplianceOnline.com portal is used by over a million compliance professionals worldwide. MetricStream’s risk management system, which includes powerful tools for risk analysis and monitoring such as configurable risk calculators and risk heat maps, provides an integrated and flexible framework for documenting and assessing risks, defining controls, managing assessments and audits, identifying issues, and implementing recommendations and remediation plans. A library of white papers on various topics, including the risk management titles Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework and Integrated Risk and Compliance Management for Banks and Financial Services Organizations: Benefits of a Holistic Approach, is available on line. (Posted October 2010.)

Montclair Risk Advisors Inc.
This firm’s mission is to empower business owners to become better risk managers. Founded in 1997 by Douglas H. Hartman, ARM, the firm offers a wide array of risk management consulting services, including property/casualty insurance policy reviews, insurance broker selections, and claim consulting services. Useful techniques, worksheets, and advice are available for downloading in the Free Tools section of the Web site. (Posted January 2002.)

MSCI is a leading provider of investment decision support tools to over 6,000 clients worldwide, ranging from large pension plans to boutique hedge funds. We offer a range of products and services – including indexes, portfolio risk and performance analytics, and ESG data and research – from a number of internationally recognized brands such as Barra, RiskMetrics and IPD. Located in 23 countries around the world, and with over 2,600 employees, MSCI is dedicated to supporting the increasingly complex needs of the investment community with groundbreaking new products, high quality data, superior distribution and dedicated client support. (Posted February 2015.)

Panjiva, Inc.
Panjiva is an online resource for sourcing executives to gain credible and valuable knowledge about suppliers and manufacturers around the world. By providing the most comprehensive data in an easy to use format, the company informs the decisions that facilitate doing business globally. Supply chain and global production executives responsible for finding the right factories, negotiating costs, and avoiding costly supply chain disruptions have been “flying blind.” Panjiva is the first and only on-line information source designed to provide complete transparency into overseas suppliers. Leveraging a variety of public and proprietary data sources, it is bringing new levels of visibility to the management of global supply chains. Panjiva was founded by CEO Josh Green and CTO James Psota, a computer scientist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology who led the development of Panjiva’s patent-pending technologies that process huge amounts of data cleanly and quickly. Panjiva assesses aggregate risk in the global supply chain by analyzing waterborne shipments to U.S. customers, tracking changes in volume over time for manufacturers that are serving the American market. The company releases the results of its analysis on a monthly basis. (Posted April 2009.)

Natural Logic, Inc.
Natural Logic delivers Internet-based enterprise software, strategic consulting, management training, and related business services that help companies move toward zero waste and 100% product. The firm equips companies to create “more value with less stuff”™ — gaining profit, market share, customer and employee loyalty, regulatory insulation, and resilience in the face of change, while reducing environmental impacts. It succeeds Gil Friend and Associates (established 1990), a privately held strategic environmental management firm with an international reputation. (Posted January 2000.)

Nicholls Steyn & Associates (NSA)
A leader in global security services, Nicholls Steyn & Associates is a South Africa-based specialist provider of complete security solutions that include executive protection, sport and event security, security training, security consulting, threat assessment, political and investment analysis, investigation, and risk management to clients in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere. (Posted October 2012.)

Quanterion Solutions Incorporated
Formed in 2000 with the mission to provide high quality QUANTitative engineering services to be used as critERION for critical decision making (hence the name “Quanterion”), Quanterion Solutions Incorporated has expanded its technical capabilities beyond the original reliability, maintainability, and quality to now also include knowledge management, software development/engineering, materials engineering, information technology and document management services. These technical capabilities are currently being applied in the defense, commercial, health care, energy, and homeland defense markets. (Posted October 2012.)

Risk Engineering Inc.
Risk Engineering, Inc. provides consulting services in probability and statistical analysis applied to engineering problems. REI personnel have strong backgrounds in engineering analysis as well as in the mathematical fields of probability and statistics. They are in a unique position to conduct rigorous engineering analyses, substantiated by engineering judgment and evaluation of uncertainties in data, interpretations, and future events, to solve complex engineering problems. REI often works closely with clients who themselves have substantial engineering expertise, in order to take advantage of that expertise in the risk assessment and decision-making process. In this role they provide the probability theory and interpretation, and converse in engineering terms with clients personnel. In this manner REI makes use of the most knowledgeable experience in all areas to find optimum solutions to their clients problems. (Posted January 2000.)

Risk Concepts Ltd.
Risk management and loss prevention consultants RCL specialize in identifying operational risks in business activities and developing risk management strategies to minimize their frequency or severity. They work primarily with financial companies (banks, stock brokers, etc.) but also assess operational risk exposures in all types of businesses susceptible to losses arising from unauthorized trading, fraud, or robbery and analyze controls in the areas of data security, e-commerce, and disaster recovery. (Posted February 2000.)

RMRI Ltd is a risk management consultancy that provides organizations in the oil, gas, and high technology industries with practical, cost effective, and user friendly risk management tools. RMRI aims to be at the forefront of the development and application of risk management concepts for organizational decision making and seeks to achieve the highest levels of expertise in this field, focusing on practical benefits for its clients. The firm’s principal objectives are to be recognized by the quality of its work, by its innovative solutions to complex problems, and by the cost effectiveness of its risk-based decision management services and tools. (Posted March 2000.)

R. S. Pressman and Associates Inc.
Since its founding in 1981, R. S. Pressman & Associates Inc. has provided services and products for improving software engineering practices. This web provides information about the company’s video training products, consulting services, and software process improvement products, as well as a comprehensive collection of software engineering resources that includes topics such as Project Planning and Management, Software Process Metrics, Risk Analysis, and Information Engineering & System Engineering. (Posted February 2000.)

Safdoc Systems, LLC.
Safdoc Systems was founded in 1997 by Kenneth S. Weinberg, Ph.D., the director of safety at Massachusetts General Hospitals in Boston for more than ten years and author of several books on healthcare safety, OSHA, and hospital safety during construction, including The Hospital Safety Director’s Handbook. The company helps its clients in healthcare, laboratories, and the biotechnology fields to establish and to maintain a safe working environment that is in compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements and to develop safety policies and procedures. Safdoc Systems also provides training in environmental health and safety topics. Because of the nature of his company, Dr. Weinberg can provide personalized service at reasonable rates. He also provides expert witness services to attorneys whose clients have been injured or harmed by exposure to chemicals or other hazardous materials. Contact Safdoc Systems by phone/fax at (781) 341-3893 or by e-mail at safdocsys@aol.com. (Posted September 2004.)

Safety Performance Systems
This safety management consulting and training firm specializes in improving safe work performance through safety scorekeeping applications. Based in the region of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the firm has provided safety services in the chemical, petrochemical, power-generation, pharmaceutical, and construction industries since 1994. For more information, contact telephone 866-446-2396 or e-mail info@safetyperformancesystems.com. (Posted June 2002; updated February 2008.) http://src.alionscience.com

S. J. Rundt & Associates, Inc.
S. J. Rundt & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to helping multinational companies, exporters, importers, banks and investors assess risks and opportunities in their international strategies and transactions. Rundt provides an essential source of information, independent judgement and forecasts on global developments in trade & finance, economic and political trends, and government regulations. (Posted September 2000.)

SunGard Energy Systems
A member of SunGard’s information technology solutions for financial services, SunGard Energy Systems provides software solutions, professional services, and customer support to the energy industry. Its products include Epsilon™, a suite of software products for managing risks associated with energy trading and operations, and Panorama Energy, which enables the capture and risk management of energy based commodities. SunGard Energy Systems’ Professional Service Group provides process engineering consulting, risk management, and trading consulting to the energy trading and utilities industries. (Posted July 2000.)

Systems Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (SEA)
Specialised consultancy services in the field of environmental risk assessment, especially where quantitative analyses are required. A variety of numerical and statistical modelling systems are available, all utilising state of the art methodologies. SEA includes comprehensive risk assessment service to the insurance and re-insurance industry that draws upon a 20-year experience in the effects of natural hazards on the built environment. SEA’s engineering and scientific expertise and analysis tools can address the complex areas of numerical modelling, statistical modelling, data analysis, as well as building standards and strength. (Posted January 2000.)

Terracon: Consulting Engineers and Scientists
Terracon is a 100 percent employee-owned consulting engineering firm providing quality services to its clients. Since 1965, Terracon has evolved into a successful multi-discipline firm specializing in environmental consulting, facilities engineering, geotechnical engineering, and materials. Terracon provides services on thousands of projects each year. The firm’s culture, systems, and structure enables it to excel at both small and large projects. By combining its national resources with specific local area expertise, Terracon consistently overcomes obstacles and deliver the results its clients expect.
Terracon serves a diverse portfolio of private and public clients. By being responsive, resourceful, and reliable, the company strives to exceed its clients’ expectations for service, solutions, quality, and speed of delivery. Based on a deep understanding of each client’s needs, Terracon’s commitment is centered around these key objectives. (Posted July 2014.)

Tetra Tech EBA
Tetra Tech EBA is a values-based consulting engineering and sciences company with over 800 employees and 11 offices in Canada.  They serve both the public and private clients, focusing on the mining, energy, transportation and development market sectors in Canada and around the world. They create and deliver innovative and practical solutions to their clients by listening and understanding their business needs and challenges.  For more than 47 years, Tetra Tech EBA has serviced their clients with the highest quality and integrity and has completed more than 50,000 projects. Using Tetra Tech EBA resources, and where appropriate, other Tetra Tech Canadian or global resources, they can develop multi-disciplinary project teams to provide integrated, cost-effective and world-class services. Tetra Tech EBA was founded on a strong belief and alignment with their core values.  (Posted February 2015.)

William Di Meo Enterprises LLC
Based in Titusville, Florida, with more than 20 years of experience working in the aerospace industry on a variety of systems and equipment, the Di Meo Enterprises consultancy offers dependable systems analyses and consulting services. Our staff specializes in failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA and FMECA), as well as provides safety analysis and Reliability/Availability predictions and second impartial review of other parties’ analyses. (Posted November 2011.)

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