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Computing Consultants in RiskWorld

RiskWorld provides a list of consulting firms that deal with risk in the field of computing and links to their webs. (Posted February 2000; updated October 2009.)

Forum on Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems

A project of the Association for Computing Machinery's Committee on Computers and Public Policy (CCPP), this moderated digest--also known as the Risks Digest and RISKS Forum--has an estimated readership of 200,000 worldwide. Its USENET equivalent is comp.risks. Archives of back issues are also available at The group's moderator is Peter G. Neumann, principal scientist at SRI Computer Science Laboratory, CCPP chair, editor, and writer (see "Inside Risks" and Computer-Related Risks). (Posted February 2000.)

Illustrative Risks to the Public in the Use of Computer Systems and Related Technology

One-line summaries of cases involving problems and failures in computing systems that have been published in Software Engineering Notes, the bimonthly newsletter of the Association for Computing Machinery's SIGSOFT. (Posted February 2000.)

"Inside Risks"

Peter G. Neumann, principal scientist at SRI Computer Science Laboratory, edits and contributes to this monthly column in Communications of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), which is available by subscription. The most recent columns are available for free on Neumann's web page. (Posted February 2000.) is a technical computing portal for all scientific and engineering needs, including MATLAB, Excel, C, C++, Visual Basic, Fortran, Java resources, codes and more. The portal is provided as a free service to the scientific community and contains useful links for technical computing programmers.
Maintained by the Federal Trade Commission, this website provides practical information from the federal government and the technology industry to help consumers guard against Internet fraud, secure their computers, and protect their personal information (also read news release).

Principles of Survivability and Information Assurance

CERT Coordination Center's ten survivability and information assurance principles provide system administrators--from professionals to home computer systems owners--an educational foundation for reacting to technology changes, minimizing disruptions, and managing computer systems and network infrastructure components. CERT Coordination Center, a center of Internet security expertise, is located at the Software Engineering Institute, a federally funded research and development center operated by Carnegie Mellon University. (Posted November 2004.)


This Association for Computing Machinery special interest group on software engineering focuses on issues relating to all aspects of software development and maintenance. SIGSOFT sponsors conferences and workshops to provide a forum for computing professionals from industry, government, and academia to examine principles, practices, and new research results and also publishes the bimonthly newsletter Software Engineering Notes, which includes articles submitted by members and descriptions of software safety mishaps and concerns in the forum "Risks to the Public." (Posted February 2000.)

Software Engineering Resources

The web site of the R. S. Pressman and Associates Inc. software engineering consultants, who specialize in software process improvement, provides a collection of print and electronic sources of information on software engineering topics such as Project Planning and Management, Software Process Metrics, Risk Analysis, and Information Engineering & System Engineering. (Posted February 2000.)

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