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 Risk Journals
Risk-related journals are organized by topic below.  To submit a journal to this listing, contact Mary Bryant,
     Risk Assessment & Management
     Environmental & Ecological Risks
     Health Risks
Risk Assessment & Management
International Journal of Applied Management and Technology
IJAMT, sponsored by Walden University School of Management, is a peer-reviewed, online journal that addresses contemporary national and international issues related to management and technology. Scholars, practitioners, and graduate students are invited to submit their manuscripts for publication in IJAMT, including full-length empirical articles, brief empirical articles, comprehensive literature reviews, book reviews, and student research. Articles in the IJAMT are published on an as-accepted basis; articles are published online immediately upon completion of an acceptable review. (Posted September 2004, updated October 2013.))
Journal of Accident Investigation
This biannual, interdisciplinary journal published by the National Transportation Safety Board provides for the public exchange of ideas and information developed through accident investigations at the NTSB in all modes of transportation. The intended audience is professionals in safety, accident investigations, engineering, and the behavioral sciences. (See news release.) (Posted March 2005.)
Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (JESEE)
The official journal of the International Society of Exposure Science, JESEE is a peer-reviewed publication of research important to exposure assessment for toxic substances, environmental epidemiology that includes a strong exposure analysis component, and related disciplines that advance the exposure assessment process. The journal also publishes papers on exposure analysis such as measurements and modeling; mechanisms of exposure; development of molecular biomarkers; genomic, proteonomic, and metabonomics studies that assess exposure in the context of health effects; studies on chemical, biological, and physical principles required to analyze human exposure from single and multiple routes; occupational exposure studies; and population-based studies. See for more information. (Posted October 2013.)
Risk Analysis: An International Journal
Risk Analysis, the official journal received by all members of the Society for Risk Analysis, provides a focal point for new developments in the theory and practice of risk analysis for researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, including behavioral, biological, decision, economic, engineering, health, physical, and social sciences. Its research and perspective articles focus on risk assessment, management, perception, and communication in the topic areas of human health, safety, and the built and natural environment. Founded in 1981, the journal has grown remarkably during the last decade, including doubling the number of pages, publishing monthly, attracting increasing numbers of subscribers from Asia, and publishing many more papers from authors outside of Europe and North America. The impact factor has more than doubled, and while research articles are the bedrock of the journal, the journal has additional publication forms, including perspectives, book reviews, letters, biographical profiles, and editor's choices. The journal publishes several special theme issues each year on important and varied risk topics. Also, the editors have assembled past articles into themed virtual issues with introductory essays. Members have free access to virtual issues, as well as all online content. (Posted November 2000, updated October 2013.)
Risk, Decision and Policy
This unique publication is published three times per year by Cambridge University Press and includes both theoretical and applied papers on decision-making while under risk. The journal's coverage includes technical articles, comments, guest-edited symposia on current policy issues, forum pieces, commissioned surveys, book and software reviews, and news on conferences and related societies around the world. This publication will help decision and risk researchers in statistics, economics, psychology, medicine and public health, as well as policy-makers in both business and government. For further information on how to subscribe, call Cambridge University Press, telephone (914) 937-9600 ext 154, fax (914) 937-4712, e-mail, or visit 

Risk: Health, Safety & Environment

As the official journal of the Risk Assessment & Policy Association, this refereed, interdisciplinary quarterly explores public and private efforts to manage science and technology for net reduction in the probability, severity, and aversive quality of health, safety, and environmental impacts of natural and artificial hazards. A cumulative index is provided, as well as an index of book reviews and essays. (Posted August 30, 1996; updated October 2001.)
Risk Management
Risk Management aims to encourage discussion and debate on issues that arise from conventional and emerging perspectives on risk, crisis management and resilience. Risk Management publishes papers that address the range of traditional issues within risk and crisis management but also encourages multi-disciplinary perspectives on the ways in which these approaches are evolving and can be refined, refreshed and reinterpreted in light of contemporary challenges. The journal actively seeks to publish papers that move beyond the narrow disciplinary-bounded, engineering and financial frameworks of risk, and that reflect the inter-disciplinary, boundary-less and inter-connected nature of the processes around risk, crisis and disaster. Global academic and business publisher Palgrave Macmillan (United Kingdom) publishes the journal's four issues annually. (Posted May 2002, updated November 2006 and October 2013.)
Environmental & Ecological Risks
See Human and Ecological Risk Assessment Journal listed below.
Health Risks

Annals of Internal Medicine

The American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine publishes Annals of Internal Medicine, one of the most cited medical journals in the world, on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month. ACP-ASIM membership or a nonmember subscription is required to view the journal's research articles on line, but non-technical summaries of the articles are available to the public. (Posted October 1999.)
Health, Risk & Society

Social scientists, practitioners, and policy makers who have an interest in risk issues relating to health are among the readership of this international scholarly journal devoted to a theoretical and empirical understanding of the social processes that influence the ways in which risks are taken, communicated, assessed, and managed in relationship to health and health care. Published quarterly by Taylor and Francis Group Ltd., the journal welcomes contributions from a variety of social sciences disciplines that examine the issues of risk within health and health care, including economics, sociology, psychology, and management. Submission of articles that explore the ways in which risk was handled at a variety of levels--that is, in the community, within various organizations, and at national and supranational levels--is encouraged. (Posted July 2004.)
Human and Ecological Risk Assessment Journal
Editor-in-Chief: Barry L. Johnson, Assistant Surgeon General (Ret.), Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Associate Editors: Barbara G. Callahan Groundwater Technology, Inc., Peter M. Chapman EVS Environment Consultants, Mark L. Hinman Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc., and Managing Editor: Barbara A. F. DelloRusso 
Human and Ecological Risk Assessment is the first journal devoted to providing a framework for professionals researching and assessing developments in both human and ecological risk assessment. The journal was created to enhance the communication and cooperation of professionals working on human risk assessment with those in the ecological risk assessment domain. Given the rapid development in these respective disciplines and their unique potential inter-relatedness, efforts to directly enhance technical information transfer will markedly benefit each field. The journal is a bimonthly, international, peer-reviewed publication focusing on scientific and technical information and critical analysis. (Posted May 2000.)

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

This international peer-reviewed general medical journal, which began publication in 1883, promotes the science and art of medicine and the betterment of the public health. A search of the JAMA web will produce many references to health-related risk, such as the topical October 27, 1999, issue on obesity research that includes information on related disease risks. (Posted October 1999.)

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, which includes news articles, abstracts of reports, calendar of events, and job openings, is published twice a month and is available on line by subscription. The journal's table of contents and abstracts are available without charge. (Posted December 5, 1996; updated October 1999.)

Toxicological Sciences

One of the Society of Toxicology's official journals and fully owned and financed by the society, Toxicological Sciences publishes research articles 12 times a year that are broadly relevant to assessing the potential adverse health effects resulting from exposure of human or animals to chemicals, drugs, natural products, or synthetic materials. Manuscripts are published in all areas of toxicology, both descriptive and mechanistic, as well as interpretive or theoretical investigations that elucidate the risk assessment implications of exposure to toxic agents alone or in combination. Beginning January 1, 1999, Toxicological Sciences became available on line free to the public and is published by Oxford University Press. (Posted March 2000.)



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