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Contact Mary Bryant, RiskWorld staff, e-mail bryant@tec-com.com.
Since 1989, Algorithmics software has helped transform the way banks, asset managers, and corporations measure their risk and manage their capital. The company develops and markets enterprise risk management solutions that address the ever-increasing complexity in financial markets and growing regulatory pressures. At the heart of Algorithmics risk management software, Algo Suite Solutions, is a new approach to risk management called Mark-to-Future, the first truly forward-looking risk/reward framework that allows many different outcomes between the present and some future time horizon to be considered and provides a more realistic assessment of long-term risk. (Posted August 2000.)
Books on Risk Management
Browse RiskWorld's listing of risk management books that can be ordered on-line.  An overview of each book is provided for most titles.
Center for Risk Analysis and Management (C-RAM)
C-RAM was formed to improve risk analysis and communication for the State of Florida and surrounding states. The Center provides education, training, research and resources for management of chemical risks for the protection of public health. The Center strives to identify, characterize and evaluate public health risks associated with environmental, occupational and agricultural exposure to chemicals and environmental agents. The Center is part of the Florida Center for Environmental Studies. (Posted September 2000.)
Consultants in Risk Management
RiskWorld provides a growing list of risk management consulting firms with links to their webs. (Posted March 2000; updated May 2003.)
Crisisnavigator (Krisennavigator)
This international Internet guide to crisis management, crisis communications, issues management, risk management and disaster management is an open platform for researchers, executives, journalists, and other people searching for information about these topics. A German version (Deutsch) of this web site is also available. (Posted September 2000.)
http://www.crisisnavigator.org/ (http://www.krisennavigator.de/)
Disaster Time Line: Selected Milestone Events and U.S. Outcomes, 1965-2001
The Disaster Time Line chart, 11-by- 32 inches in size, provides a computer-graphic chronology of both natural and industrial/technological major disasters that have affected emergency management policies in the United States and of the resulting reports, policies, legislation and organizational changes over the last 35 years. A great tool for teaching emergency management or conducting briefings, the time line shows not only major milestone events and the year each occurred but also the influences each event had on major after-action reports and analyses; federal statutes, regulations, and executive orders; federal response plans; and major federal organizational changes. Download for free a portable document format (PDF) file of Disaster Time Line version 2.0, which was released in May 2001, or order a hard copy at a nominal cost for postage and handling. (Posted November 2001.)
The Energy & Power Risk Management Glossary
The staff of the publication Energy & Power Risk Management, with assistance from Enron Capital & Trade Resources and the New York Mercantile Exchange, has written this update of the Energy Risk Management 1997 Glossary. The updated glossary introduces new terms relating to the newer markets in weather derivatives, U.S. forward power, and emission trading, as well as to the longer-established oil and gas markets in the light of market developments. The new edition also includes a listing of all exchange-traded energy derivatives listed by exchange. (Posted January 2000.)
Environmental Support Solutions Inc.
Formed in 1993, Environmental Support Solutions, Inc., helps organizations--including businesses, government agencies, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and commercial properties--develop and maintain world class regulatory compliance programs. The delivery platform for the company's environmental compliance solutions is its website, ENVIRON.COM, which offers information on software applications (with some free software downloads) for health and safety management, indoor air quality management, refrigerant management, and waste management, as well as information about the company's consulting and training services, industry information, and on-line forums. Contact ENVIRON.COM, Environmental Support Solutions, Inc., 1620 W. Fountainhead Parkway, Suite 100, Tempe, AZ 85282; sales (800) 289-6116; voice (480) 346-5500; fax (480) 346-5599; e-mail info@environ.com; or see http://www.environ.com/contactus.htm. (Posted September 2000.)
Envision Technology Solutions
Envision Technology Solutions has developed advanced risk management information systems software for a wide variety of businesses, including self-insured and self-administered corporations; insurance agencies, brokerages, and companies; third party claims administrators; and other financial intermediaries. Their products include: RiskEnvision, a fully integrated risk management information system that assists with claim data management for property and casualty lines of insurance; WebEnvision, a web enabling product featuring elaborate browser technology for RiskEnvision; and CompVision, a risk management information system for workers compensation claim management and cost containment. Contact the company at 6975 Union Park Center, Suite 120, Midvale, UT 84047, telephone (801) 568-1818, e-mail sales-info@envision-ts.com. (Posted June 2000; updated July 2000.)
Enterprise Risk Solutions (ERS), a subsidiary of the financial services consulting firm Oliver, Wyman & Company, has launched eRisks.com, the first integrated online resource for risk management professionals. The web site provides an array of information and analytical services, such as education, case studies, trends, tools, news, benchmarks and best practices. Many of the site's features eventually will be available by subscription only. (Posted October 1999, updated February 2000.)
EQE International 
EQE International is one of the leading independent risk management companies offering all-risk services to businesses, industries, and governments. What sets EQE apart is its approach, built on a solid foundation of engineering, science and technology, not found at traditional risk management companies. EQE helps companies identify, assess and manage their risks in a balanced and proactive way to protect and enhance their profitability and improve safety and security. This is achieved through value-added consulting, state-of-the-art software, and effective risk information services -- the three key elements for a comprehensive risk management program. (Posted September 2000.)
FinanceWise Risk Management Special Report
The FinanceWise search engine's special report on risk management provides quick access to selected information on the Internet in the field of financial risk management, including links to articles and reports, relevant web sites, books, conferences, news and discussion groups, foreign exchange volatilities, and an on-line risk calculator. (Posted January 2000.)

Financial Industry Solutions Center (FISC) New York

FISC, a joint venture of SGI and Cornell University, addresses the challenges faced by financial services companies in risk management, financial engineering, and business intelligence. The center provides a secure, consultative environment to develop and test advanced solutions with leading practitioners and prominent academicians, which includes solving the most challenging computational and data analysis problems and offering hands-on evaluation and testing of technologies, customized solutions, and onsite consultation for software optimization. The center also publishes financial research reports and offers workshops (for a fee) and a free financial seminar series. (Posted October 2000.)
Global Association of Risk Professionals
GARP, a not-for-profit, independent organization of financial risk management practitioners and researchers, was founded by a group of risk managers from banks who felt that the financial risk management profession should extend beyond the risk control departments of financial institutions. GARP serves its members by facilitating the exchange of information, developing educational programs, and promoting standards in the area of financial risk management. Membership in GARP is free. (Posted January 2000.)
The first business continuity management portal on the Internet, this site provides daily global news and updates, knowledge, reviews, and web links covering the subjects of business risk, continuity planning, and disaster recovery. Registration, which is required to use the site but is free of charge, enables users to customize the site's first page with their preference of topics. The site also operates a global business continuity consulting and training service. (Posted July 2000.)
IFCI Risk Watch
International Finance and Commodities Institute, based in Geneva, Switzerland, produced this on-line introduction and guide to the most important official documents in the area of financial risk management. This web provides an overview of the main issues in risk management in Introduction to Risk Management, a framework for understanding risk in financial markets in Key Risk Concepts, carefully selected regulatory documents going back to 1988 in Risk Library, a searchable Document Index, a Glossary of some 3,000 risk-related terms, and a Search tool for locating key words in all texts on the web site. (Posted February 2000.)
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

INFORMS serves the scientific and professional needs of investigators, scientists, students, educators, managers, and institutions in the fields of operations research and the management sciences (OR/MS) and in related fields such as information technology. OR/MS professionals aim to provide rational bases for decision making by seeking to: (1) understand and structure complex situations using analytical and numerical techniques to develop and manipulate mathematical and computer models of organizational systems and (2) use this understanding to predict system behavior and improve system performance. The INFORMS web includes searchable databases of bibliographies based on the journal International Abstracts in Operations Research, of information about conference papers, and of links to members' web sites and to working papers. (Posted July 2000.)

International Risk Management Institute, Inc.
International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), was founded in 1978 to research important risk and insurance issues and to provide information to business, legal, risk management, and insurance professionals. To maintain objectivity and avoid conflicts of interest in its research, IRMI does not offer insurance sales, consulting, expert witness, underwriting, or similar services.

IRMI's product line addresses virtually all facets of risk management and commercial lines insurance. The Commercial Lines Library analyzes general liability, umbrella liability, business auto, motor carrier, commercial property, inland marine, commercial crime, D&O liability, E&O liability, employment practices liability, and malpractice liability insurance. The IRMI Risk Management Library addresses risk financing and the alternative market, contractual risk transfer, workers compensation law, safety, and claims management. Other IRMI books and references focus on insurance coverage case law developments, specific risk management techniques and practices, risk and insurance developments and trends, and risk management for specific industries. The references comprising these libraries are available in various printed and electronic formats, both individually and in sets. (Posted August 2000.)

ISEC, Inc.
ISEC, Inc., established in 1979 has its main offices in downtown San Francisco, California, U.S.A. It's comprised of three major groups. The Advanced Engineering Technology Group performs analyses and risk assessments. In addition to developing software, the Research and Software Development Group focuses on developing theoretical, numerical and analytical techniques for nonlinear dynamics and risk assessment applications. The Engineering Design Group addresses new design concepts and retrofit design concepts for environmental loads including earthquakes. (Posted September 2000.)
Measurisk is the leading full service provider (FSP) in the risk management industry. The company's web-based risk measurement service provides interactive risk analysis and reporting capabilities for the investment community. Measurisk products provide robust valuation and modeling techniques consistent with regulatory requirements, accounting standards, disclosure and market best practices. All risk techniques were developed in the sell-side sector and customized by Measurisk for a wide array of investors. The company draws on the deep capital markets, risk measurement and investment management capabilities of their management and development teams as well as the strength of premier market participant investors and strategic partners. (Posted September 2000; updated January 2002.)
MetricStream is the leading provider of solutions for Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), and Quality Management. Organizations today need a systematic approach to defining and managing GRC initiatives and quality management programs through a sustainable and integrated process that is aligned with the corporate strategy instead of a series of unrelated tactical projects. MetricStream has enabled leading corporations in diverse industries to make the shift from isolated compliance initiatives and departmental silos of risk-related information to integrated enterprise-wide strategy for GRC and quality management. (Posted November 2010.)

Mynd Corporation

For more than 25 years, Mynd has provided technology solutions to the insurance and financial services industries: from mainframe to client/server to e-business applications and web-based systems. Its solutions include the RISKMASTER software family for risk management claims; RISKMASTER/World™, a Windows-based risk management information system, and its new browser-based system RISKMASTER.net™; and Global Risk Systems, a tool for implementing and optimizing business risk strategies that covers traditional insurance and loss data, as well as enterprise risk management data. Contact Mynd's corporate headquarters at P.O. Box Ten, Columbia, SC 29202, USA, telephone (803) 333-4000, or at numerous locations worldwide. (Posted October 2000.)
National Ag Risk Education Library
The National Ag Risk Education Library is a major component of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's risk management education initiative. Its intent is to help both producers and agricultural professionals quickly locate information, tools, and assistance  relevant to specific risk management topics. (Posted January 2000.)
Public Entity Risk Institute
This not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization serves public, private, and nonprofit organizations as a dynamic, forward thinking resource for the practical enhancement of risk management. Its web site includes the Clearinghouse database, which provides information and links to hundreds of risk management, safety, disaster management, and other resources; a news center that includes PERIscope, the institute's quarterly newsletter; and information about the PERI Grant and Research Program, with descriptions of the projects it has funded or is funding. (Posted September 2000.)
Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.
RIMS, a leading association for risk management founded in 1950, serves its member entities by proactively providing the highest quality products, services, and information to manage all forms of business risk. The RIMS web site includes selected articles from the society's magazine, Risk Management, and a message board for posting requests and comments concerning risk management. (Posted March 2000.)
Risk Assessment and Management Program Area, Argonne National Laboratory Environmental Assessment Division
Risk Assessment and Management Program Area is an integrated risk assessment program that encompasses human health risk, facility risk, ecological risk, and risk communication, as well as the assessment of hazardous and radioactive materials transport. The Web site lists the program area's projects and links to project summaries and more detailed project information. (Posted November 12, 1997.)
Risk Management Agency, U.S. Department of Agriculture
The USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) administers the federal crop insurance program, which helps farmers survive a major crop loss. The agency also provides training to farmers to help them acquire the risk management skills needed to compete and win in the global marketplace. RMA also helps makes information on risk management more accessible to farmers and educators by funding the National Ag Risk Education Library, a powerful resource developed by the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota. (Posted January 2000.)
RMA - The Risk Management Association
This trade association promotes effective and prudent risk management best practice for institutions of all sizes across the entire financial services industry. It also specializes in lending and credit risk information, research, and training. Founded in 1914, RMA was Robert Morris Associates until its name change in July 2000 (see press release). (Posted March 2000; updated July 2000.)
State of the Environment Reporting Information System (SERIS)
SERIS is an Internet-based documentation of state of the environment (SoE) reports in European countries. The system aims at providing an overview of SoE documents (paper reports, internet versions, and policy-related products) per country and of the key organizations involved in/being responsible for SoE reporting. The SERIS system also provides an overview of environmental issues and sectors treated in SoE reports, including risk management, with links to information that is available on line. (Posted March 2000.)
SunGard Energy Systems
A member of SunGard's information technology solutions for financial services, SunGard Energy Systems provides software solutions, professional services, and customer support to the energy industry. Its products include Epsilon™, a suite of software products for managing risks associated with energy trading and operations, and Panorama Energy, which enables the capture and risk management of energy based commodities. SunGard Energy Systems' Professional Service Group provides process engineering consulting, risk management, and trading consulting to the energy trading and utilities industries. (Posted July 2000.)
SunGard Trading and Risk Systems (formerly Infinity)
This member of SunGard--a leader in information technology solutions for financial services--provides enterprise-wide financial trading and risk management solutions, including asset liability management and financial planning and forecasting. The company's product portfolio includes Panorama™, an enterprise solution for market, credit, and operational risk and Opus®, an advanced interest rate derivative trading and risk management solution. (Posted February 2000; updated July 2000.)
Systems Analysis Department at Risø National Laboratory
Risø is a national laboratory under the Danish Ministry of Research and Information Technology. The research at Risø's Systems Analysis Department supports the development of technical-economic optimization and risk management methods for complex industrial systems and energy systems, with emphasis on environmental considerations and human factors. The department's four research programmes include Energy Systems Analysis, United Nations Environment Programme Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment (UCCEE), Safety, Reliability and Human Factors, and Technology Scenarios. (Posted September 4, 1996; updated March 2000.)

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